14 thoughts on “Bushnell Charged US Troops Fighting in Gaza – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. One can’t look back and think he could have, should have or why did he? He knew what he was doing. He made a statement on how millions feel about biden and his genociding Gazans.
    Your conclusions detract from his bold and heroic act against our inhumane congress and administration. Why not end it with that and don’t implant other ideas into people’s heads. This can add to the emotional distress of his family. You are overstretching and being presumptuous. Let him rest in peace. He acted courageously on his convictions. He is a hero. The end.

    1. @Roger: I’ll be the judge of what’s appropriate for me to write and what I have to say.

      Nothing I said detracts from what he did or stood for. It is clear that I think he made an enormous sacrifice for a worthy cause. I want to know more than that, because the media are shirking their duty to report on this and on him. That’s what a good journalist does and what I’m trying to do.

      If that bothers you, so be it.

  2. Aaron Bushnell had apparently witnessed or came across information in his U.S. Air Force military assignment that verified American boots were on the ground in Israel and fighting with IDF in Gaza while killing Palestinians, which probably did include young children and defenseless women in a society that does not allow any of them to engage in combat as do the Israelis.
    Although we were aware American troops are being deployed in Israel for several months, Bushnell’s information about them fighting with the IDF in Gaza killing so many Palestinians is very disturbing and shocking and must be shared with as many patriots in the United States as soon as possible.
    Because Aaron Bushnell did not share information to the public before an apparent suicide, strongly suggests the possibility of foul play caused by an unknown type of mind control developed in Dresden, Germany during the Cold War that was then considered to be the cruelest and most dangerous form of brainwashing ever used on an individual human. According to my extensive research after I was set up to observe it being administered to an innocent and vulnerable victim for nearly an entire hour by a 62-year-old male coworker who was the manipulator able to have control of her subconscious mind indefinitely and radically alter behavior as she remained in a trance with kinesthetic gestures with his arms and hands while also giving verbal commands under duress and fear of serious consequences without the victim being aware of the mental torture. This type of mind control will also cause permanent severe damage to the brain. Because, it can enable to completely change and control the victim’s subconscious mind indefinitely, the manipulator can make an individual commit illicit or illegal acts such as prostitution, murder, and suicide.
    After the Cold War had ended, the Russians were planning to ban its use, however when Vladimir V. Putin became Director of the FSB, because of being assigned to Dresden in 1985 when East German scientists with Stasi were “experimenting” on girls and very young women with this developing form of mind control, he ordered it to be reinstated where it was “experimented” on or administered to thousands of individual prisoners confined to labor camps along the Gulag in Siberia of Russia.
    Because the individual victim is completely unaware of becoming a Zombie, he or she may believe his or her life is still normal except for him or her experiencing so many headaches that will probably be misdiagnosed as a bipolar or schizophrenic condition and wrongly prescribed medication making matters worse. Although I have made several attempts to contact law enforcement agencies to report invisible crimes committed against a minor with physical beatings, deep cuts, and torture as well as a brain tumor diagnosed after an MRI exam, she may no longer be able to function. This technique is used on children and young adults in America now!
    Whether or not this type of mind control from Russia was ever administered on Aaron Bushnell, the information divulged by his close and trusted friend probably is very accurate and credible to the extent that we must question America’s moral compass and where our nation is now really headed as what many Russians are also questioning about the atrocities their troops are committing in Ukraine. Keep in mind Netanyahu and Putin have been close friends for many years.
    Why were no border security guards on duty and the alarm system turned off in the early morning of October 7 in 2023 at the time of the Massacre? Who arranged for the training of the Hamas terrorists by professional soldiers? Who was responsible for ordering Hezbollah to attack the U.S. Marines and American military personnel in their barracks at Beirut, Lebanon during 1983?

    1. @John: I am moderating you. YOu may publish short succinct comments. But I will not publish long comments. I assure you few if any readers will bother reading them.

      Also, your comment MUST be on-topic.

      1. Richard: Your comments are fair and accepted. However, I was expecting to see a rather strong comment from you for the cold and heartless comment, if I understand correctly, made by Yankel. If this person was expressing concern for the unwarranted shipments of half-ton aerial bombs and artillery shells to Israel that are killing so many Palestinians in crowded or high-density areas, then I would tend to agree, but I interpret the comment as advocating the ongoing genocide being committed by the IDF in Gaza with logistical help from the Biden administration and U.S. Congress. Aaron Bushnell may have been ordered to dispatch U.S. troops and deploy munitions to Tel Aviv. If I am wrong, please accept my apology.

        1. @ John: You misunderstood him. Yankel has been commenting here for years. He’s a good man. Read the comment again.

          Please don’t post comments twice. I will approve your comment myself. You will have to wait for me to do that before you will see it yourself.

  3. Bushnell may have reacted to the immorality and unlawfulness of US actions that Bushnell was powerless to stop or to impede except by self-immolation.

    Since Palestinians began to outnumber Zionist colonial settlers in territory under Zionist control, the Zionist colonial settlers have become crazed and frantic. Since Dec 2022, the attacks of Zionist colonial settlers on Palestinians, on Palestinian property, and on Palestinian communities have been steeply increasing. Zionist colonial settlers have kidnapped and imprisoned thousands of Palestinians. Zionist colonial settlers have been terrorizing Palestinian children and schools. Zionist colonial settlers have besieged Palestinian religious sites. Zionist colonial settlers have stepped up efforts of Judaization of Jerusalem and of Hebron.

    Hamas is a native resistance movement within stolen Palestine and hardly differs from a native resistance movement in Nazi-occupied Europe. Just as the Nazis called the native resistance terrorist, the Zionists and their supporters call Hamas terrorist even though Hamas like the French or Polish resistance to the Nazis is heroic. On Oct 7, 2023, Hamas reacted to the unspeakable barbarism of the Zionist regime.

    The kibbutzim of the Gaza Envelope are military bases
    1. that are intended to make irreversible the ongoing genocide, which started in Dec 1947 and
    2. that have been been camouflaged with civilians that have the role of human shields.

    A native resistance movement like Hamas is fully justified in attacking such military bases. The civilian residents of such military bases are not protected noncombatants.

    Hamas broke out of Gaza to seize Zionist colonial settlers so that they could be traded for kidnapped Palestinians and for a cessation of attacks on Palestinian religious sites. The US federal code defines such hostage taking for exchange to be a legitimate non-criminal act during a war. See 18 U.S. Code § 2441 – War crimes.

    When Zionist forces understood the actions of Hamas fighters, the Zionist military perpetrated unspeakably heinous and random slaughter in accord with the Hannibal Directive. Zionist military seems to have caused practically all civilian casualties and deaths during Oct 7.

    The incompetent but depraved, murderous, and genocidal Golani Brigade collapsed.

    In response, the Zionist regime has revenged itself on the Palestinian population by destroying Gaza just as Nazi forces destroyed Warsaw. Even though genocide is not a legal or legitimate response to any act, the Zionist regime has achieved the grand slam of crimes of genocide:
    • mass murder genocide (Gen. Con. Art. IIa),
    • physical and psychological maiming genocide (Gen. Con. Art. IIb),
    • hostile conditions genocide (Gen. Con. Art. IIc),
    • birth prevention genocide (Gen. Con. Art. IId), and
    • child-kidnapping genocide (Gen. Con. Art. IIe, mostly in the West Bank).

    1. @Jonathan: I will not publish interminably long comments here. I’ve warned you about this numerous times. You will be moderated. If your comments are short and on-topic I will publish them. If not, I won’t.

  4. The question whether or not American boots are indeed on the ground in the Gazan inferno, has relatively little to do with the ongoing effort to Finally Solve the Palestinian Problem, compared with the everlasting sacrosanct commitment to supply Israel with the means to carry it out.

  5. President Andrew Jackson’s Message to Congress ‘On Indian Removal’ (1830)

    In the period 2004-2006 I compared Palestine with the indigenous people of the America’s and the Trail of Tears … the comparison even more apt today as the brutality and massacre know no bounds. Immoral.

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