Comment Rules

For the past twenty years, I maintained a set of “rules” governing the comment section. They served to manage the comments mainly of pro-Israel commenters. Recently, I deliberated whether I should stop commenting altogether to focus readers’ attention on the blog posts themselves; and in order to relieve the burden of monitoring and editing.

But instead, I’ve decided to eliminate the rules. I’m tired of explaining the rules, justifying them, explaining why commenters violated them. I spend too much time doing this. It’s annoying and stressful dealing with such negativity, especially considering nearly 100,000 comments here. I read most of them and respond to many of them.

My new rule is: I make decisions based on my own judgment. I will continue responding to comments as I choose. I will delete, moderate or ban commenters as I choose. No warnings or explanations offered or given.

No, it does not mean that comments disagreeing with my point of view will not be published.  They will, and I will continue responding.  In some ways, this is better for those who disagree with my views.  They can write what they want and not worry about violating the former comment rules.  But the flip side is that I can and will ignore, delete or ban comments.    So for anyone out there having strong disagreements with content here, comment at your own risk.

You may (or may not) dislike this system. Don’t like it? Not my problem. Don’t complain. It won’t help.

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