14 thoughts on “BREAKING: Israel Expects ICC Arrest Warrants Next Month – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ICC Karim Khan …

    New appointments gave me some hope:

    The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (“ICC” or the “Court”), Mr Karim A.A. Khan KC, is pleased to announce the appointment of new Special Advisers pursuant to article 42.9 of the Rome Statute:

    Prof. Rene Fernando Urueña Hernandez – Special Adviser on Complementarity (Bio); Prof. Valerie Oosterveld – Special Adviser on Crimes Against Humanity (Bio); and

    Further to previously announced appointments (see here and here), the selection of the new Special Advisers is intended to create a network of experts representing different regions of the world with cultural, linguistic, and gender diversity.

    ICC Prosecutor Mr Karim A.A. Khan QC appoints Seventeen Special Advisers

    1. You are citing an older list. Some additional appointments were made during the Gaza war in November of 2023.

      The ICC Prosecutor’s appointments are a mixed bag. The appointment of Kevin Jon Heller as an advisor on War Crimes bodes well, since he has been an outspoken critic of the government of Israel and the IDF. But the retention of US-Israeli citizen Theodor Meron as the advisor on International Humanitarian Law is outrageous.

      He was the Israeli Foreign Ministry Legal Counsel who famously wrote the classified 1967 memo stating that establishment of civilian settlements in the occupied territories would violate the Geneva Conventions, but went on to advise the tactics and hasbara that the Israeli government has employed ever since. He also served as the Israeli government representative to UN Human Rights Council where he employed the bias and antisemitism charges to challenge fact finding mission reports. He served as a President of the of the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia, where he was accused by a Danish jurist of acting to acquit Serb and Croat leaders convicted of war crimes lest the same standard of complicity is applied to American and Israeli leaders.

  2. Si la procédure des mandats d’arrêt aboutit, l’intervention du 7 octobre aura réussi quelque chose d’exceptionnel. Ce ne sera que justice pour les populations brisées de Gaza.

  3. The irony and shame: that Israeli leaders in the name of the “Jewish state” would be held accountable for genocide. 33, 000 deaths, Gaza mostly destroyed, and apparently more to come, no end. And we are still waiting for our government to hold off military aid; we are complicit in this crime.

    1. 34k confirmed killed plus 8k officially missing and most likely dead as well.

      So that’s 42k total, and we have to consider the fact that since Gaza’s medical system has broken down entirely, there are most likely hundreds to thousands of deaths that we don’t know about.

      So it’s not a stretch to say that the real death toll at this point is around the 50k mark if not higher. 85-90% of these are civilians also.

  4. It is not true that the Prosecutor has not tried to enter Gaza. He has made repeated efforts over the past few months. Israel has rejected his requests every time.

    1. @ Kevin Jon Heller: I read the statements he made at Rafah and he made no mention that he’d attempted to enter Gaza. I did find a Guardian article from last month which said this:

      It is understood Khan has attempted to arrange visits to Gaza but Israel has refused him entry.

      This is an exceedingly vague statement. How is it “understood?” Why hasn’t Khan or someone on ICC staff made a clearer statement? I don’t doubt it’s true. But this is an opaque way to address the issue.

  5. I find the possibility that warrants for Netanyahu and his generals be issued by the iCC, literally impossible but I hope I am wrong. We constantly hear from Western leaders how they are committed to support Israel, it’s right to defend itself, etc… Biden even went to Israel to give Netanyahu, his and the U.S.’s unconditional support at the start of the war. I just can’t imagine these leaders’ spin on why they supported a war criminal. Democratic countries are supposed to be so human and compassionate. The fact we are letting a genocide happen AND we are supporting the perpetrators, is horrible.

    1. From one war criminal to another … Iraq Abu Ghraib … roots ISIS … destruction Libya … Syria … impunity … the long arc of justice … decisions by ICC and ICJ will be refuted and rejected … Biden’s NWO presides … US Congress is horrible … EP moving is same direction … right-wing, populism in politics … disinformation at the top … war narrative.

  6. In international law war crime + dolus specialis of physical group destruction becomes genocide.

    In US federal law, probably the lesser standard of express malice is required for a war crime (18 U.S. Code § 2441) to become genocide (18 U.S. Code § 1091).

    Israel has become the gold standard for genocide and has replaced the genocide gold standard of Nazi Germany.

    Too many people have a problem with a fact that should be obvious.

    A group subjected to genocide at the hands of a first set of genocide-perpetrators (e.g., Nazis) can later themselves form a second set of genocide-perpetrators (e.g., post-Judaism Zionists) just as evil as the first set of genocide-perpetrators.


  7. Germany America’s Model for Europe

    A London surgeon who has provided testimony over the current war in Gaza after operating during the conflict has been denied entry to France, where he was due to speak in the French senate later on Saturday.

    After arriving at Charles de Gaulle airport north of Paris on Saturday morning on a flight from London, Prof Ghassan Abu-Sitta, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, was informed by French authorities that Germany had enforced a Schengen-wide ban on his entry to Europe.

    British-Palestinian surgeon Dr. Ghassan Abu-Sittah, who spent weeks volunteering in Gaza hospitals, to present his testimony to the International Criminal Court (ICC). Abu-Sittah, who has given testimony to a British war crimes investigation unit, was part of a Doctors Without Borders medical team in Gaza.


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