4 thoughts on “Biden Stands By While Israeli Rafah Invasion Looms – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It makes a mockery of all of Israel’s promises.

    It makes a mockery of the founding of the Jewish State of Israel … war does not security make. During eight Obama-Biden years the possibility of a two-state solution ended … the ultra-religious zealous Zionists make any peace option farfetched and impossible. Some years ago the Kahanists returned and taken off the terrorism list in May 2022. Before establishing Kach in Israel, Kahane founded the Jewish Defense League (JDL) in the US.

    I am ashamed for the majority opinion of present generation in “leadership” roles in Europe.

    1. Dutch Play Crucial Role Logistics F35 Parts Delivery to Partner States

      Dutch Military Industrial Complex NIDV President Hans Huigen was stunned by decision as the logistics hub at Woensdrecht airport plays a crucial role for the U.S. and partners … the Dutch may be considered an unreliable partner … industry just produces and trade lethal arms, have no idea about International Law or Human Rights.

      The Dutch government says it will appeal a court ruling to stop exports of warplane spare parts to Israel.

      The announcement came hours after Dutch judges upheld an appeal by human rights organisations. They argued that helping to maintain the F-35 stealth jets would contribute to Israel’s violations of international humanitarian law.

      The parts are American-owned, but stored in Dutch warehouses ready for shipping.

  2. As the Israeli Rafah invasion looms, expect the Palestinian death toll to increase at an exponential rate within the next few weeks to reach over one million fatalities by the beginning of March in 2024 due to increased IDF airstrikes deploying U.S.-made large aerial bombs on densely populated areas in southern Gaza, the invasion on the ground using American-made military tank shells, and failure of Washington and Brussels to arrange for a ceasefire so humanitarian aid, including food, potable water, emergency medical staff, and supplies can reach all seriously injured, starving and thirsting victims in time. In reality, a multitude of well over a hundred thousand Palestinians are already so close to death or permanent disabilities and illnesses that time may be running out for them within the next few days and weeks unless a ceasefire for a massive humanitarian airlift and hospital ship flotilla from the West could commence immediately. For me to just say, “I hope I am wrong.” would be wishful thinking. As you wish!

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