4 thoughts on “Media Reports About “First” Joint Israel-U. S. Military Base are False – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Needless to say, not a single story of any kind noted any skepticism or criticism about this development.”
    * You are confusing delivering the news with opinion columns and this is present in many of your articles. When a paper write the news it should stick to the fact, cut and dry. Whether one like it or not shouldn’t effect the text. When you write an opinion, obviously the columnist state his or her opinion.
    On Wikipedia for example, opinion columns are rarely accepted as reliable source since journalists don’t stick to the facts as much and there is quite a lot of interpretation.

    1. @ Shachar David: Isn’t it interesting that the pro-Israel crowd finds criticism of Israel to be “opinion” while support of Israel is “hard news.” Further, it’s nonsense to declare that any article which views the U.S.-Israel military bromance with skepticism is engaged in “opinion.” There is so much garbage that passes for news in Israeli media. Just read Makor Rishon, Israel HaYom, Jerusalem Post or TImes of Israel. THey publish pure unadulaterated hasbara and call it news. So there is no such thing as “sticking to facts” when it comes to Israeli media.

      THe pages of every credible U.S. newspaper are filled with excellent news coverage which also point out the pluses and minuses of whatever story they’re covering. That’s not opinion. It’s good reporting.

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