3 thoughts on “US Misguided Post-War Plans for Gaza – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Long time ago I had written a chapter: “Neocons fighting Israel’s wars …”

    Many opportunities for peace were wasted as Israel had a single goal of fulfilling the Zionist dream from the River to the Sea (and beyond). Arab states were too opportunistic to serve the empire as proxies to shield their riches from Iran. These wars have led to present day chaos and insecurity. Building settlements for extra 700,000 on the West Bank outside the “security barrier” was a provocation for conflict. Military might is no alternative to a peace settlement.

  2. The dream of every consultant is to have is to have a big client, who in reality doesn’t want to accept any solution, but demands new solutions to the problem to be made frequently and most importantly pays the consultants large bills of the consultations and advice in time. The problem is that there are no such eternal customers.

    USA is in the Israel-Palestine case the consultant. USA had known all the time very well,that Israel will not accept anything else only that they will keep everything. What is hilarious is that USA pays the bills of the “peace process negotiations”, the costs of military occupation and much of the costs of the oppressed minority. Israel has created an excellent start up “company”, by forcing its mentor and adviser to pay astronomical sums for this halve century long “peace process administration”. If we estimate that Israel has earned in average 5 billion dollars yearly of that what USA pays to Israel, then Israel has earned >250 billions of the US halve century long “attempts” to solve the situation. To that sum should be added the sums Israel charges of administrative fees of Palestinian “economy”, much low cost or free labour and free land to be “developed”. Master business people, indeed. I mean Israelis not Americans.

    Who is the idiot in this show, the one who demands the payments or the one who pays?

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