5 thoughts on “Israel Agrees to Gaza Ceasefire – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I am most interested in in learning the conditions of the “ceasefire”, is it a “temporary” one? That could mean they are looking to free some more captives and stock up on more bombs to use as soon as the “ceasefire” is over…or sooner!
    Palestinians should dread the day all captives are released without a permanent ceasefire because that will be the day when Israelis will make even using a nuke on Palestinians, pointless.

    Israel’s releasing of Palestinian captives is much of a sham because they will simply sweep up more Palestinians the day after the “ceasefire”.

    The US and Western countries are doing a tap dance of rhetoric in which they want to sound righteous and oppose the ethnic cleansing of Gaza but in the end, they will not do anything but pay Israel for its “expenses”. Israelis know this and are acting accordingly.

  2. While the forthcoming tentative ceasefire is desperately needed, with the Palestinian death toll already reaching beyond 30,000, based on current conditions at Rafah, by March 10, 2024, on a radically increasing exponential scale, it might reach well over 100,000 fatalities by then because so many, mainly children and women, are close to death caused by untreated wounds from IDF bombs, bullets, and shrapnel as well as without adequate medical care, food, water, electricity, fuel, and winter shelter.
    With the Biden administration and U.S. Congress continuing to send large shipments of aerial bombs, some as heavy as a half-ton, as well as arterial shells to Israel while claiming they are asking Netanyahu to reduce the disproportionate number of deaths in Gaza while Ukraine desperately needs America’s air, military support. Even more U.S. support musr be sent to Indo-Pacific nations, including Taiwan, than to Israel.
    Perhaps unrelated to the forthcoming genocide at Rafah, before the ceasefire, FOZ or Friends of Zion, which is also Corrie Ten Boom Fellowship, a Christian 501-C-3 tax-exempt organization, has a fund-raising campaign with these words: “Israel is under attack!” Dr. Michael David Evans who claims he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize has known Netanyahu since the early 1980s when Putin became active in the Soviet Union directly under Chairman Yuri V. Andropov who was also General Secretary of the Communist Party at the Kremlin in Moscow. Netanyahu and Putin are very close friends who exchange intelligence information as well as with China.
    Mike Evans received an honorary doctorate in Political Science from Grand Canyon University. Unfortunately, other Evangelical Christian organizations are supporting Netanyahu whose war crimes are as evil as Putin’s in Ukraine. False information is being distributed by these Christian groups. By contrast, I am holding Orthodox Jews in high esteem who are strongly protesting Netanyahu’s diabolical genocidal agenda.

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