6 thoughts on “Entire Israeli Security Command to be Sacked after 10/7 Debacle – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. As usual no long-term planning … short-term survival mode and hoping for the best … Joe is not really helpful with 40 years of close friendship with Israel and Netanyahu … looking another failure in the face. The Zionist goal is a step closer … just how to get rid of the pesky Palestinians asap.

    UAE gambled on intimate intelligence ties with the Jewish State and financial benefits thru the Abraham Accords … got Crown Prince Salman on their side … he too may be sacked sooner than later by the King. Watching close how the resistance alliance of the region with China develops.

    No two-state solution for Palestine may complicate Biden-Blinken’s dilemma further. Arab states are playing hard ball to frustration of Antony Blinken traveling with the Israeli demands in his business case.

    Biden and Netanyahu both agree … the evil alliance of Russia-Iran-China should be dismantled. For Joe and Vlad it has become personal. A sovereign Israel cannot survive on its own.

  2. It’s unbelievable that Haaretz reports that Biden and Blinkin are telling the Congress that they will not be witholding funding from the IDF units that committed atrocities in the West Bank against Palestinians and US citizens. They allegedly said it’s because Israel has taken remedial steps and the incidents happened before October 7th. So, once again, Israeli state sponsored acts of murder, torture, and terrorism have a 5 month statute of limitations. This even when the genocide is still on-going! We were giving Israel $3.5 billion per year under a 10 year plan before Congress gave them a $26 billion windfall. 9 billion of that is going to Bezalel Smotrich for “humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza”. He’s the same guy who froze our flour shipment and refuses to give Palrstinians any of the tariff money Israel collects for the PA under the Oslo Accords. Between Trump, Biden, and RFK Jr. you have to wonder if the primary system is designed to weed out the 330 million more qualified people?

  3. Based on this Haaretz article, it seems that Netanyahu’s coalition is already making selections, such as for the Military Secretary
    From some of what I can find online, he also wrote a internal memo favoring total Israeli civilian and military control over Gaza. He seems to be a maverick of sorts against established IDF command culture, the kind of soldier to say nothing about leaving a Israeli teenager in jail for 18 months after entrapping them as Haaretz reported, and a true psychopath.

    This is probably the time where Smotrich and Ben Gvir really get their chance to fill up the top ranks with their chosen men from the west bank settlements. Probably even give Chief of Staff to the officer who ordered the strike on the WCK workers.

  4. Well to be fair, Richard, they should end the siege of Gaza and the occupation of the West Bank, and agree to the API, which was the only fair 2 state solution ever on the table.

    Allow for a UN protection force along the border if they’re so afraid of Palestinian revenge. But even if they had “done their jobs” in regards to “border security” with Gaza, this would’ve happened one way or another. I’m rambling a bit but that’s more or less what my point is.

  5. Israel has no right to dictate to Gaza who govenrs it. Hamas is the legitimate and democratically elected leadership of Gaza and isarel must accept it

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