3 thoughts on “Netanyahu: IDF to Expel 1.5-million Gazans in Rafah – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Im ashamed to be Canadian were walking brainwashed Zionists tools.Our leaders in the west are idiots, all in lockstep of what American wants and what Isreal wants.The Zionists are weak baby killers,Hamas and Hesbola are freedom fighters and I believe they will liberate Palastine but the process is heart breaking.

  2. How can President Biden influence and persuade Prime Minister Netanyahu to consider a ceasefire so that needed humanitarian aid can reach Palestinians forced into southern Gaza where they were earlier assured it would be a safe place for them and for a hostage/prisoner exchange to occur while most are still alive if the U.S. continues to ship so many large bombs to Israel for the IDF to deploy during airstrikes on densely populated areas where mainly so many young children and women are being killed?

    Although Netanyahu’s agenda for the “removal” of Palestinians was planned earlier, which may be why all Israeli border security guards were ordered to leave their posts or stations along the frontier with Gaza while the most sophisticated alarm system was turned off early in the morning before the Massacre on October 7, 2023, their expulsion cannot occur because they have no place to go if the IDF can start a ground invasion in a few days that will become a massive genocide of over a million unless we contact Washington immediately. He is misanthropic to the point of murdering unarmed Palestinians and destroying their homes where they can no longer return. If he was financially able to bring Hamas to power in Gaza, Netanyahu could arrange for Putin to have Spetsnaz train the terrorists who murdered over a thousand Israels and abducted about 250. I know how demagogues act to stir up hatred and create a Machiavellian war by planning a 9-11.

    Unless Americans and Europeans act now, unlike the current death toll in Gaza of 28,000, by March a million Palestinians may be murdered by the IDF. Do you think Egypt’s army and other Arab nations in the Middle East are going to accept this forthcoming genocide unless Washington and Brussels act now to prevent it? This would be just what Netanyahu’s close friend Putin would like so the Kremlin might be able to defeat Ukraine.

    Meanwhile America’s Indo-Pacific military pact where most populus Muslim nations exist in East Asia may no longer support the U.S. as China’s hegemony increases–especially in Southeast Asia. America’s defense and national security depend and hinge on preventing a massive genocide in Gaza and stopping all further arms shipments now to Israel. While over 85 percent of all Israelis want Netanyahu to resign, the Knesset is controlled by his far-right political supporters.

    While there are now higher death rates from wars in Africa and Asia, if Americans and Europeans should fail to act immediately by contacting Members of Congress and the President at White House and also Members of Parliments and leaders of all EU nations, troops from the West may soon be deployed in the Middle East at even a heavier cost of civilian and military casualties and deaths than from all previous recent wars combined.

    If Ukraine were to be defeated by Russia, the Kremlin might first bypass Europe and strike America from both Russian Aerospace Force bases on La Orchila Island in the Caribbean Sea and at Punta Huete Airport located in Central America, which is similar to the attempted thermonuclear Missile Crisis by Russia of the USSR over 40 years ago when Putin was assigned to oversee that operation in 1982. Unlike the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, Putin’s current plan is completely operational where several thousand technicians and troops are now deployed for Missile Crisis III. Therefore, we must now prevent a massive genocide in Gaza that may lead to a thermonuclear war soon against America. As you wish!

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