10 thoughts on “Iranian-American Viral Video Falsely Claims #IranDetestsSoleimani – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. You’ve done right exposing these two hucksters, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Iranian theocracy is largely disposed by ordinary Iranians.
    One thousand five-hundred protestors shot dead in the streets of Iran proves that.

    Nor does it change the fact that it was the mullahs that helped initiate the CIA/MI6 plot that brought down the Mosedegh government in the 1950’s, and which brought the Shah to power.
    Tremendous amounts of blood on the mullahs hands.


    1. @ Samantha: First, let’s put blame where it really lies. Were it not for American sanctions there would be no Unrest in Iran. The economic hardship caused by them is what fuels the discontent in Iran. Protests are related to economic privation, which in turn is solely the fault of sanctions. So let’s lay blame where it belongs: at the door of Donald Trump. He is also at fault for the downing of the airliner since without the murder of Soleimani, that would not have happened either.

      The killings during the riots were unpardonable. I’m in favor of those who perpetrated them being brought to justice. Now I challenge you to acknowledge Trump’s rôle and the need for bringing him to justice as well. If you don’t, you’re à hypocrite.

      As for the clerics role in the Mossadegh coup you, of course, leave out historical context, which is crucial to understanding why the ayatollah of that time sided against Mossadegh. Here’s what you left out:

      “Religious leaders in the country feared the growing power of the communist Tudeh Party, and believed that Mossadegh was too weak to save the country from the socialist threat.

      In other words, the clerics did not fear Mossadegh, they feared Tudeh. They sided with the Shah as the lesser to two evils. In 1979, they rejected the Shah and allied with Tudeh to topple him. Different historical circumstances called for different tactics. Nor is Ayatollah Khomeini responsible for what the Grand Ayatollah did in 1953. But nice try…

  2. Unanimous decision UNSC in 2015 under the Obama administration – see also Morocco Agreement.

    After regime change in the White House, CIA asset Khalifa Haftar was emboldened by the Sunni GCC states and Egypt after fall of Morsi. Italy, Greece, Qatar, and Turkey on Tripoli’s side of UN backed GNA government. Haftar also supported by Russia’s Putin … strange bedfellows.

    Mercenaries from Sudan 3000, Russia 600 “advisors” and Turkey adding 3000 from Turkmen and Syria.

    Buckling under threats from Trump’s White House, the new EU leaders have switched allegiance to the Sunni royalty and uninvited Morocco and Tunisia for the Berlin talks.

  3. The Iranian people began protesting against the mullahs, BEFORE re-imposed sanctions began to hurt the Iranian economy. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2018/01/03/tens-of-thousands-of-people-protested-in-iran-this-week-heres-why/

    In the early ’50s, the mullahs, including Ayatollah Khomeini, supported the terrorist group, Fada’iyan-e Islam, whose assassinations of secular, moderate officials, moved Iran “further away from a spirit of compromise and moderation in relation to the oil problem”.–Zabih, Sepehr, The Mossadegh Era : Roots of the Iranian Revolution, Lake View Press, 1982, pp. 25-6

    If you want justice for the recent slaughter of 1,500 Iranian protestors, then begin with Supreme Leader Khameini, who ordered the slaughter.

    General Soleimeni has already paid for his crimes against his people and against humanity.

    1. @Samantha: That’s nonsense. Iran has been under sanction for about two decades. Obama did not significantly ease sanctions because Congressional leguslation prevented him from doing so.

      I want justice for Iran. So I’ll begin with demanding that Trump and Pompeo be tried for war crimes, since without U. S. sanctions there would never have been such protests and slaughter.

      Soleimani was a hero to his people. You will not impose your values and judgment on him or Iranians here. Nor will you publish another comment in this thread since you have had your say.

      Your IP address resolves to Lima, Peru. At first I thought you might be using an Israeli-Palestinian proxy, which I frown upon here, as it indicates someone hiding something. But you’ve used at least one other IP address from Lima as well. That marks you possibly as an MFA staffer in Peru. But you aren’t who you pretend to be, that’s for sure. There aren’t many hasbara apologists in Lima unless they’re official reps of the State.

  4. @Samantha
    One place where Mirlowhi [aka Muhammad Navvab Safavi] was not welcomed was Qom, the heart of Iranian Shi’ism. There, Grand Ayatollah Borujerdi saw the Fadayan as adventurers whose actions sullied the reputation of Islam as a religion of peace and reason. Thus, when Navvab and his two principal adjutants, Muhammad Vahedi and Muhammad Zolqadr, came to Qom for a gathering of the Fadayan, Borujerdi ordered his students, led by his chief bodyguard, Muhammad Lur, to drive them out of the city. This they did by throwing Navvab and his companions into the pond in front of the holy shrine of Ma’asoumah while a crowd of onlookers giggled.

  5. So you spent all this time to investigate a social video that no one even heard about?!

    Is that the best you could do with your time on this planet?


    1. @ Benighted: You mean other than the 10 million video views and coverage on Buzzfeed, FoxNews and many other media outlets, no one ever heard about it???

      Actually, I feel sad for someone who attempts snark and falls flat in his face…or is it his ass??

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