6 thoughts on “Israeli Intelligence Pimps Discredited Iranian ‘Dissident,’ Peddling Regime Change by Another Name – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Iranian dissident have been and remained very influential in shaping the United States policy towards Iran.US imposed unilateral embargo against Iran in a bid to chage the Iranian regime’s behaviour since early 1980’s.As Iranian dissidents consolidated its power base and after receiving substantial financial assistance from the United States government,they developed theirstrategy to force Washington to support regime change in Iran.However American public is not aware of the fact that Washington actually intends to change regime in Iran.

  2. Over the years I have met soooooo many people, mostly non-Iranian, who have plead regime change. But here’s the thing: there’s no way the rigidity of this brand of Iranian government can last, a number of factors have contributed to a rise in nationalism in Iran. The story of Iran during the 70s was Monarchists vs. Revolutionaries. Amongst the factions that got rid of the monarchy, the Islamists consolidated power. Islam worked well to cleanse a country that was dotted and rifled with spies (enough to stir the revolution that put Khomeini into power). That was 1979.

    In 2012, the story has bifurcated into a domestic one (anti-Arabists (Shahnameh style) vs. Islamist Overrule) and an external one (War vs. No War). The domestic story is a tale of divided Iranians. The external (foreign) story is about Iranians who are uniting to support Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy. In the domestic story, the Shahnameh Iranians, who want to rid moderate the Islam that is now all over their Zoroastrian-based culture (Nowruz), are winning. They are moderates, not absolutists. They do not demand an end to Islam in Iran whatsoever, and many are pious Muslims. Simply, they want less government in their lives.

    However, the external story is currently aflame and drowning the internal one. Iranians will not rise up in revolution, but the government has already indicated it is willing to reform to meet the trends. I will maybe post about it another time. Cheers.

  3. The Iron Curtain fell when it did because someone in the Reagan or Bush 41 Administration had the insight to allow American entrepreneurs to go over to Russia and directly do business with the Russian people. Interaction, and not isolation, is the key to change in Iran.

  4. Regardless of you approve of this man’s politics, he deserves more respect than your pathetic smears. A man who has seen true adversity certainly commands more respect than an aging Seattle resident who’s never been at personal risk.

    1. His politics are secondary to the fact that he’s a scummy stool pigeon who endangered the lives of true reformers & dissidents, and hasn’t spoken a truthful word in yrs if not decades. Israel is welcome to him if that’s who they choose to admire. Let him join Walid Shoebat & their ilk in the Islamophobia Hall of Infamy.

      And you make another ageist comment here & I’ll bounce yr ass so fast you won’t know what hit ya. BTW, there are readers of this blog far older than me who command far more respect from me than you. Using an attack on one’s age as part of a political argument is pitiful & you should be ashamed. Oh & btw, you’re gonna be old & die too some day. Big deal & get over it.

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