10 thoughts on “Islamophobe of the Year “Award” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. My vote for Miller as this year’s top contributor and advisor to Islamophobe-in-chief. A number on your list have received the award in previous years.

  2. Discarding the tissue-thin veil of sarcasm you hide might hide behind, you’ve really just gone down their low road.

    1. @ Mike Cooke: Yes, I deliberately left him out since I thought everyone would vote for him. I wanted to give the up & comers a chance to win this thing. Their futures as Islamophobes depend on it.

  3. Such an embarrassment of riches…kind of like a box of chocolates, only backwards. Which one, which one?

    There’s that right wing Israeli politician whose parents are from San Francisco. The one who openly boasted of murdering Palestinians. What’s his name?

    Anyway, he’s not there. Nor is that nauseating vulture capitalist, ______ Singer, on the list. How about Mike Pompeo? He walks the walk, so to speak. Some of the others just talk the talk.

    Meantime, I guess I’ll take Shmuley Boteach — probably the most mainstream of the lot, and hence the most harmful.

  4. a dangerous whatever”phobe” must not ONLY say so, but must be RICH enough to be able to do substantially more damage than a terrorist blowing himself. A mad bomber causes limited damage to those surrounding him, whereas a snake of the like of Adelson, is able to feed the snakes who keep the ACTUAL bomb makers alive.
    he not only funds them by claiming know nothing hear nothing see nothing directly channeling gambling money directly to the bomb makers and indirectly by channeling funds to the racist jewish mullahs and their leadership not to say by heavily investing in brainwashing tabloid to give a public platform to vaunt and elevate murderers.
    as the US got the best of al qaida by cutting their funding, so will islamophobia cutting the funding to the voices and puff end of game.

    1. @oyi: actually you win the Moron of the Year Award. First, the poll is being conducted on several platforms simultaneously. At Strawpoll.Me it has 327 votes. On Twitter, 72 votes. Because my web host maintains extremely high levels of security, the plugin I use for the poll in this post wasn’t active till a few days ago. That’s a total of over 400 votes, nebech.

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