6 thoughts on “Real Estate Developer and Convicted Felon, Adam Milstein’s History of Pro-Israel Fraud – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “They noted that the earliest publication of the photo they could find was in June, 2011 when it was posted by a Palestinian Facebook account.”

    Richard. Your link goes to the IAC webpage and not to Palestinian Facebook account.

    1. The new Hillel rabbi taking over for Chaim is definitely right-wing. He calls BDS “anti-Semitic.” And Hillel has a large group of pro-Israel activists involved in it. When I attended UCLA in the late 1970s it was totally different.

  2. Richard, so by your standards UCLA Hillel is now right wing because the new Rabbi thinks the BDS movement is anti-Semitic and “Hillel has a large group of pro-Israel activists involved in it.” So you define as “right-wing” anyone who is pro-Israel. My, my.
    Thank G-d for people like the wonderful philanthropist Adam Milstein. He palys a vital role in the survival of Israel. You on the other hand play a vital role as a usefull idiot for the BDS movement led by vicious anti-Semites. Your hit-peice on Adam is a hit piece on all of us who understand the reality of the world we live in. You give the cover necessary to all the terroists who do their very best to annihilate Israel and destroy Jews everywhere.
    You are needed in the field of your chosing, comparative literature. Please leave the real world to the adults.

    1. @ Dig Deeper Doug: Look at my comment rules for my discussion of the term “pro-Israel.” In common Jewish communal parlance, “pro-Israel” means stridently nationalist, Likudist. That doesn’t mean that these people are really pro-Israel in the sense of their views being in Israel’s best interests. BTW, I don’t see how having a convicted felon run Hasbara Central for U.S. campuses is “pro-Israel.”

      God is disgusted with Adam Millstein. God doesn’t want his Jews to cheat the government and engage in unethical, greedy behavior. Adam Milstein plays a vital role in embarrassing Israel and turning the world against it. You’re his faithful mini-Me.

      Since you haven’t bothered to read the comment rules as you are directed to do before you publish here for the first time, I’ll notify you that insulting me by calling me a “useful idiot” is grounds for termination. You have been exterminated with extreme Zio-prejudice.

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