15 thoughts on “MBS’ Preferred App to Hack His Enemies: Whatsapp – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Excellent comprehensive coverage! Thank you once again.

    Earlier I have written about the suspected ties UAE (Erik Prince) – Saudi Arabia monarchy – Israel (Netanyahu) – Trump billionaire supporters to steal presidential election 2016. Add Steve Bannon – Cambridge Analytica – Facebook Zuckerberg – rightwing crazies in the US and UK … what is the result of US Congress oversight and Pentagon intelligence arm :: Putin did it! Nice deflection.

  2. ” Through the infiltration of the dissident’s phone, the Saudi prince was also able to track Khashoggi himself and gain knowledge of his whereabouts and plans, including on the day he walked into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, where he was murdered by an execution squad dispatched by MBS himself.. ”

    You assume that Khashoggi was being tracked by Pegasus, and that Khashoggi had simply walked into the Consul, ‘off the street’.

    It is far more likely however, that Khashoggi had made an appointment with the Saudi Consul in the Consulate building (for the purpose of picking up a legal document pertaining to his divorce).

    A pre-set appointment would explain why a nine man hit team had been flown into Turkey and were laying in wait for Khashoggi in the Consulate.

    Every Embassy and Consulate I’ve ever had to deal with, required appointments, often made weeks in advance.

    I doubt the Saudi Consul in Turkey is exceptional and does not requiring making an appointment.

    1. @ Samantha Fochs: You have no idea how surveillance and assassination operations work. A killer needs to know far more about his victim than that he has a consular appointment at which time the murder is to be done. He needs to know everything about the victim in the days and weeks leading up to the killing. He needs to know to whom he is speaking, who he is meeting, where he is traveling, where he is lodging. What if Khashoggi were simply not to show up at his appointment? What if he came late? How would you know when he was coming so as to be prepared for the killing?

      I really could care less whether you accept the word of numerous mainstream media publications (one of whom I linked in this post) which say that Pegasus played a key role in the murder. But their statements stand, and yours don’t.

      You conveniently neglected to respond to my comments on your IP address. I want to know what a hasbara mouthpiece is doing posting comments from Lima, Peru. It’s not that I care about you personally. But there have been thousands of commenters just like you who betray oddities in the posting habits, location, etc. Since most of you are engaged in some sort of opaque behavior, I feel the need to demand transparency. If you are not in Peru, I want to know why your IP resolves to Peru.

  3. @ Samantha Fochs
    Yes, Khashoggi did indeed have an appointment, he went to the embassy in the end of the week and was told to come back on Monday or Thursday the next week, in the meantime he had dinner with a Palestinian friend in London who told him to be careful but Khashoggi was confident, because the first time he went he was well-received ….

  4. Hi Richard NSO. “is appalled” (according to the Guardian) that the Un mentioned their malware as being responsible for the Bezos hack. Appalled, my poor heart aches (to paraphrase Elvis) . Poor pure 100% unadulterated Israeli poison have the nerve to use that verb. I can’t think of a court sentence harsh enough for those individuals. I am against the electric chair, these guys give that chair a bad reputation. They use the Israeli /jewish excuse to hide and help dirty our religion and country the reputation it has. This is what Jewish mothers foster and foister on the innocent world. Bravo Bibi

  5. Khashoggi had an appointment with the Saudi Consul. Your opinion notwithstanding, there is no proof that he was tracked there using Pegasus, or surely you would have offered it.

    You may know more about assassination tactics than I, so you should have no problem explaining how Gandhi, Dr. King, and the Kennedys, et al, were all assassinated without benefit of Israeli software surveillance technology.

    I don’t know why you’ve singled me out for scrutiny, but I find it offensive, but, if you must know, I work with the corps diplomatique in Lima.

    Lastly, I do not work for the MFA, which I assume is the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but I have worked with them on the rarest of occasions.

    I strongly doubt that the MFA knows who you are, or would spend their limited time and money following your blog.

    I think you flatter yourself.

  6. Citizen Lab has identified over 100 cases of abusive targeting of human rights defenders and journalists in at least 20 countries across the globe, ranging from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America that took place after Novalpina Capital acquired NSO Group.

  7. Samantha Fochs s – it is well known that “soldiers” exiting the 8200 are offered opportunities in many countries, of late Oman hired one who did not even deny it and bragged about the “salary”
    no israeli kid who spent his early years been trained for hacking will abandon his tool out of honesty. I live here and honesty is a 4 letter word. there is none, not in regular commerce not in government not even between relations.
    the ONLY honesty imposed by the government was to force landlords to declare the previous tenant’s rent when signing a new tenant. ONLY ONE THAT I KNOW OF. the dept of defense budget is a state secret, not even the TOTAL is known, the press went to court to force disclosure that according to IDF if known would “apparently” allow other individuals to figure the actual number of soldiers. (i am rolling on the floor). the ONLY REASON FOR THEIR LIES. IS TO COVER UP HOW MANY EX IDF STAFF ARE GETTING BEZILLIONS IN PENSIONS. at 40 they are retired with FULL NOT TAXABLE PENSION AND NOT AFFECTED BY ANY OTHER INCOME THEY MAY HAVE. at 40. the actual budget is nothing but a fraction of the near trillion shekels.
    HONESTY , please they don’t even know how to spell it. to do bad deeds, they are first in line. they bellyache about palestinian construction. Israel regularly refuses 98% of ALL palestinians building permits requests. (why you ask, because the dept of building construction is a cave OWNED BY SHAS – i know i dealt with them)
    so p lease do not defend the undefensable

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