52 thoughts on “Israeli Reporter’s Fraudulent Paris Walk on Muslim “Wild Side” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. So the man didn’t even have a shade of the experience of my imaginary Orange Man walking through a staunchly catholic neighbourhood of the strife torn Belfast of yore.

    What a fake.

    It teaches us to be even more sceptical towards those overblown reports of anti-semitic incidents in Europe.

  2. Well done Richard for dismantling this; clearly fake from the start. Also disgraceful in its intent. Last week a Jewish man was arrested in flagrante by French police daubing JUIF on scores of cars in Paris. Odd that this was not headline news given the new narrative of “anti-semitic” France. I lived in and around Paris for 25 years until 2013. If anything, I saw more kippas being worn post 9/11 than before. This desire to create a hatred which isn’t there fills me with disgust.

    1. Yep, that was an incredible story, and it didn’t happen in a “Muslim” neighbourhood but in the 16th arrondissement. I’ll post a link to Times of Israel who published on the story but ‘forgot’ to mention the arrested man was Jewish. Luckily commenters are telling what they think about Times of Israel…
      Painting ‘Juifs’ on 15-20 cars because you want to move somewhere else and think ‘antisemitism’ will help you get another public housing faster, what a great idea. Muslims don’t even have to bother, nobody cares

      1. In French, yes 🙂 Here’s Libération (one of France’s biggest newspapers).
        In this article, it’s stated that only his wife is Jewish (in fact some articles says they were both Jewish, some that his wife was), but there are other informations. In fact swatikas and antisemitic tags had been painted in the hallway on various occasions, and the police realized it was the same handwriting as the 73-years old himself. I read somewhere else that he had even accused an Arab neighbour of being the author. http://www.metronews.fr/paris/il-aurait-tague-le-mot-juif-sur-des-voitures-pour-pouvoir-changer-de-hlm/mobj!8Ie85U7MKwf1c/

  3. A minor correction: There _were_ women wearing hijabs in the video. The hijab covers the hair but not the face. That’s legal. You’re thinking of the Niquab which covers all but the eyes. That’s not legal. There weren’t any of those.

  4. Clearly, 23rd arrondissement is so dangerous that Paris authorities do not even dare to put it on the map, so you should congratulate the intrepid reporter who had discovered it. Coming next: a video report from The Bonx, a New York city borough so funky that all visitors go bonkers, which prevents from putting it on a map. A quest beyond MapQuest, true challenge for 21st century!

  5. @ Richard
    Thanks for insisting on this disgusting propaganda, even if I’m not a French citizen, I’m pissed off 🙂
    ” In fact, the hijab is legally prohibited in France. A French reader who walks in Paris daily says the last time she saw anyone wearing a hijab was months ago. ”
    I didn’t speak about the hijab (the head-scarf) but the burqa (or niqab in Arabic) which is forbidden in the public space in France.
    An article in French on NRG quotes Klein: “keffieh, femmes coiffees de la burqa parlant arabe a chaque coin de rue. Dans une banlieue, on me demande carrיment ce que je fais la… Car dans le Paris d’aujourd’hui, il existe des quartiers interdits aux Juifs. ” [keffiyeh, women wearing burqas and speaking Arabic at every street corner. In a suburb, I was even asked what I did there ….. because in present-day Paris, there are neighbourhoods forbidden to Jews”.
    As I wrote in the other thread: a couple of weeks ago, Fox News published a hoax about No-Go Zones in Paris where no ‘White Man’ nor the police put their feet, and where Sharia law is applied. Fox News excused for the misunderstanding [lies], but the Mayor of Paris, Anna Hidalgo, has filed a lawsuit against Fox News. I hope someone will do that concerning this piece of s*** who claims to be a journalist too.

    Another minor note; Alan Jabubowicz is leading the LICRA which is not (at least officially …) a Jewish organization. It’s supposed to fight ‘racism’ and ‘antisemitism’ equally, and it’s financed mainly by State subsidies.

    PS. By the way, isn’t it funny; yelling “Vive la Palestine” is considered antisemitic by Klein (let’s remember ‘klein’ means ‘little’ in German)

        1. @Richard “while Arab… waving an ISIS flag” – I believe this is a typo.

          And for god sake, the guy was wearing a kipa and tzitzit. what next? He will have to hide his necklace with ‘star of david’ or name in Hebrew? The image Klein painted might have been excessive but between that and say that there is no shred of truth in it, there is a big distance.

        2. @Richard
          “Try walking through Borough Park “while Arab.”

          Arabs, and other people of color, walk through Borough Park molested. Same for immodestly dressed women. You don’t know what your talking about.

          “Try wearing a keffiyeh or waving an ISIS flag & see what happens to you.”
          Wearing a keffiyeh would earn you stares. Waving an ISIS flag, a police response.

          I reiterate. You don’t know a thing about Borough Park, Brooklyn. You are projecting.

        3. I saw people dressed in traditional muslim garments walking thru Jewish neighborhoods in NY including Boro Park. No-one bothers them.
          The whole premise that in a free democratic country such as France or USA it should be considered to be normal justifiable behavior to verbally abuse people based on the way they are dressed is shocking.
          Also To compare a kippah a purely religious symbol to ISIS flag that represents support for barbaric ideology and behavior practiced by ISIS terrorists is unbelievable.

          1. @ A Yid: THen you don’t live in the same country I do. This week hooligans drew swastikas on a Hindu Temple thinking it was a mosque & wrote “Muslims out.” A Somali refugee was murdered in Portland, OR not so long ago. African-Americans are routinely assaulted & murdered in the South each yr or so. Not to mention the murders of Palestinians by settlers & police & IDF in Israel & Palestine. And you talk about a few inaudible sentences Klein claims he heard during his Paris walk? BTW, a number of French speakers I’ve heard from say most of the transcript of remarks spoken on video are inaudible to them. So for all we know the transcript is either a fiction or what Klein or some third party thinks he heard.

            When settlers or hasbarists wear kippot they are far more than a “religious symbol.” If you don’t believe me look up the Hebrew for “knitted kipah” (kippah serugah) in the Israeli media and see to whom it refers. The knitted kippah is a symbol of settlerism.

          2. A Yid. Shocked! You are SHOCKED! The very thought that someone would be harassed because of how they look, is simply shocking!
            Obviously, you have never spoken to Muslims in America where being abused, cursed, harassed and assaulted if one is wearing “Muslim clothing” is a fairly expected thing. Just two weeks ago a Muslim woman was walking to her car in Stanwood, WA (at night) and she was abused, her car was spat upon and they attackers smeared sausage all over her car as she stood, petrified and speechless, until they left. Police was called and they said the case was one of “suspicious circumstances”.
            Then one has to wonder why there appear to be more cases of hate crimes against Jews, than there are of hate crimes against Muslims!
            If a tree falls in a forest and nobody talks about it, does anyone know?

            May I also take this moment to suggest we don’t refer to the flag ISIS is using, as “ISIS flag”?
            It is actually an old flag used by Muslims a lot. At the top is the Muslim affirmation, “There is no god but one God” and the circle in the middle is the seal of the prophet Mohammed (oyu can view it at the Topkapi Museum) with the words, “Mohammed, prophet of God”.
            It seems similar to the Swastika (Sanskrit “Peace Sign”), co-opetd by the Nazis.

    1. @Deïr Yassin “yelling “Vive la Palestine” is considered antisemitic” – antisemitic is used to easy these days and I agree with you this isn’t. But it is at least ‘judeophobic’.

      Seems like he was looking to see something and he noticed it a bit too much. Reminds me of my sister telling me she noticed many pregnant women when she was herself.

      In Hebrew both Burqa and Hijab are call Ra’ala so he could have confused the two.

      All in all, I think this is a piece of trash that doesn’t add anything to anyone.

      1. Of course, yelling ‘Vive la Palestine ‘ isn’t Judeophobic, are you joking ? And by the way I’m not even sure that’s what is yelled. I don’t hear that, and another commenter mentioned somewhere else what was said is “j’y vais à la cité”, addressed to someone else (but then this guy is clearly egocentric and thinks the world turns around his fat belly), and the guy in the end who’s supposed to say ‘homo’ says ‘Marlboro’, he’s selling cigarettes off the ‘black market’, take a walk around Barbes and you’ll find them by the dozens, and he’s not spitting either. And that guy doesn’t say ‘Juif’ [Jew] either as far as I can hear, in fact I can’t hear anything. Not to mention, ho the hell does he know he’s a Muslim ?
        Lies from the beginning to the end; and who is it supposed to convince ? I can’t imagine any French Jews would believe this. Paranoid Israelis probably….

      2. @Ariel: First, Palestine has nothing to do with Jews or Judaism so it can’t be “Judeophobic.” Second, if you’d like to call it Israel-phobic then saying “am Yisrael Chai” is Palestine-phobic. The idea gives me a headache…

        1. @Richard “Palestine has nothing to do with Jews or Judaism” – Exactly my point since he (Klien) does. And unless I’m totally misreading the situation, the guy didn’t want to dance ‘Hava Nagila’ and have a Baklawa but rather made the Jewish-Zionist(-terrorist) connection.

          Not very (or any) different from calling a Muslim -an ISIS supporter just b/c he walks on the street with a Quran or Hijab.

      3. @Ariel Yelling “Vive la Palestine is judeophobic”?

        What on earth does it have to do with Jews? How about “Free Gaza”? Is that judeophobic too?
        “Viva Palestina!” “Free Palestine!”

    2. @Deir Yassin: I apologize for confusing the various terms veil, burqa and hijab in the original post. I’ve corrected this passage in the post.

      And thanks for correcting my description of Jukubowicz’ group. I will note that as well.

  6. RE: “At times, it feels like wandering around Ramallah. . . the men had distinctively Muslim faces . . .” ~ Zvika Klein

    MY COMMENT: What’s scarier is wandering around neighborhoods where the men have “distinctively” Catholic faces. That said, it’s even scarier to walk through neighborhoods where the men have “distinctively” Protestant faces. Especially when you’re “wandering around” accompanied by a “security guard” because of “tense conditions”! Not to mention that you’re at least a tad paranoid to boot!

    1. He just sounds like an obnoxious idiot, full stop. I wonder why he would mention Ramallah to begin with if he were trying to imply “durr hurr bastion of Islamism” or something equally dim-witted, as Ramallah and other major Palestinian cities aren’t exactly known for that, as opposed to their resilience and their potential for nightlife.

        1. Most likely he’s only visited any Palestinian city in his feverish imagination, which he then pretends is some accurate reflection of reality.

  7. One finds this absurd idea , “no future for the Jews in Europe”, now proclaimed in unlikely places. Here, in my temporary abode, I read just the other day a column about it in a local quality paper, The Philippine Daily Inquirer. It was penned by Shlomo Ben Ami, whom I had thus far taken to be an intelligent and well informed man.

    I was particularly intrigued by his denial of the supposed connection between an alleged increase in anti-semitic incidents and a growing awareness, among limited groups, of Israel’s nefarious policy towards the Palestinians.

    Ben Ami wrote:

    “Some argue that the surge in anti-Semitic violence in Europe is motivated primarily by the plight of the Palestinians. But, according to a 2012 poll, more Europeans believe that violence against Jews is fuelled by longstanding anti-Semitic attitudes, rather than anti-Israel sentiment.”

    Now what kind of an argument is that?

    The first question that imposes itself is if these anti-semitic sentiments are so longstanding, why has there been an increase in these incidents in recent years? Didn’t this coincide with another increase among limited groups, that of exposure to and awareness of Israel’s shocking violence towards Palestinians ?

    One should keep in mind that anti-Israel demonstrations, generally organised by a small core of activists, are often also regarded as anti-semitic by those who want to promote aliyah at all costs.

    And then the absurd reliance on that poll. Very few people have actually witnessed an anti-semitic incident and if they are aware of it at all they are so because of (generally overblown) media reports. In other words they know next to nothing about the actual motivation of the perpetrators. Also, very few people have specific knowledge of the sufferings of the Palestinians. So if the poll was among the general population it stands to reason that many (by no means all) would opt for the hypothesis nearest at hand: it seemingly all has to do with a hatred of Jews.

    I suspect that Bern Ami is aware of these objections himself but he wants to believe what he wants to believe. Israel has nothing to do with it.

    The headline for his column which, more likely than not, came from the paper’s editor of its opinion pages, is also interesting. It says “In defence of the Jews, again”. Why again? Just these days it is commemorated here that seventy years ago Manila suffered, after Warsaw, the heaviest destruction of any capital within allied ranks. Because of the American onslaught the commanding Japanese general, Yamashita, had withdrawn to the mountains and declared Manila to be an open city. But the Japanese Navy, quartered in the city, had other ideas and went on a rampage in which approximately one hundred thousand Filipinos lost their lives. There have been scenes there of unspeakable cruelty. Incidentally, the loss of life was probably partly caused by American shelling of the city and its occupying forces.

    What is the Jewish angle to this? Because of this commemoration various media also interviewed some Jewish survivors of this calamity. Why were they there? Before the war the first President of a then semi- independent Republic of the Philippines, Manuel Quezon, had issued an open invitation to Jewish refugees from Europe to settle in this country. Not all that many came (too far, too unknown) but those who came where apparently warmly received but had the misfortune to be incarcerated, during the war, in the Japanese camps, not because they were Jewish but because they were regarded as westerners and hence shared the fate of other westerners.

    But the Philippines is rightfully proud of this humanitarian gesture of Quezon; hence this headline “In defence of the Jews, again”. It is perhaps relevant to add that this pre-dominantly Roman Catholic country has, in the South where irredentist aspirations are centuries old, its own Moslem problem.

  8. Klein has an extremely punchable face and knowing his odious and stupid political opinions and the garbage he tries to pull just makes it even more so.

    I’d like to egg him but then I’m sure he’d accuse me of being some kind of “catholic anti semite Germano-pole Hitlerite” or something of the sort. Anything to distract from the fact of him being an obnoxious asshole.

    Zionist propaganda video, designed to keep their agenda at the forefront of American and European minds and to scare monger amongst decent Jewish European communities into migrating to Palestine. Currently occupied by Zionists, who are expanding this occupation further day by day. Where are the Americans and Europe in speaking against these injustices? Why are they silent in respect of this and so vocal in others???

    I’ll tell you where they are, America is up in arms, with Russia for its support for the Syrians. The German and French leadership is in Belarus to stop the Russian offensive in Ukraine. All created as a proxy for the genocide in Syria.

    Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, the Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, to name but few all in tatters with growing insurgencies. The rest of the Sheikhdoms and despots are swimming in petrodollars, with their heads so far up Zionist arse the sandy soles off even their sandals can barely be seen. Controlling and manipulating their subjects to levels of hatred, under which, their ancestors, the Muslims off even a thousand years ago would feel their rights are being violated, beyond comprehension, all based on their new, fanatical take on Islam, something the Arabs embraced after World War I, enabling them to take control of Ottoman lands after the Ottoman caliphates demise, and has only been around since the 18th century at the very most. Not because they believe in this nonsense but because it got them in power and control off Arabia, off course, with the help and approval of the British empire of that time. An empire that now seems not too bad at all, when you look at subsequent neo imperialistic powers, the British included, and their actions right up until today. Why are America and Europe keeping in power these despots supporting, financially, militarily and most importantly blindly. Why are the people of America and Europe silent against their governments filthy murderous policies abroad, when clearly they are against Russian aggression and Chinese human rights abuses, but silent when it comes to Arabs and Zionists state terrorism ? Why or why? And then you blame a Muslim for getting angry??? I think angry is probably something a Muslim got decades ago when these conflicts begun, a generation has passed without a single justice being done or spoken for the Palestinians and against Zionists aggression, expansion or at the very least occupation. America, Europe and the farce more commonly known as the UN are all silent. Silent for 70 years they have indeed been. a whole generation of Muslims has come and gone witnessing this silence. And then you wonder why Muslims are angry? It’s because the world is silent.

    Why can the world see the aggression of a despairing, disconsolate and melancholic Muslim, who has to face and live with all these grave injustices day in day out right in front of his face, day in day out, helpless and frustrated and the sheer hypocrisy and silence of America and Americans, Europe and Europeans.

    The Zionist will make one such biased propaganda video and the whole world turns to Muslims and accuses them of anti Semitic behaviour. This is anti Zionism people, the result of a generation of silence. Anti Semites are you, who killed Jews indiscriminately in their millions. I’m sorry to have to say this but your guilty conscious it is silencing you, something the Zionists are taking full advantage of and robbing Palestinian land in the process. The Zionists are now back in bed with the anti Semites who persecuted them for thousands of years, to pinch land belonging to Palestinians. The cat ate the mouse, but the dog is to blame??? WTF? Where is the sense in that? This is how I feel as a Muslim today? But I feel alone, alone and confused. You know why? Because the world is silent! Why is America silent? Why is Europe silent. As long as the West is silent to the injustice distributed by Zionists and despot Arabs, Muslims, non Muslims who are decent will speak, as injustices against them are ignored, whilst the real terrorists and evil in the world is rewarded with military support and financial support. There is nobody to support these people on a official global level, so Muslims along with decent folk of all faiths and no faiths will speak against these injustices. You know why?

    Vile check posts and fences by the Zionists stop ill Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank from entering their OWN occupied lands for treatment, food and other basic necessities. The same applies with the Egyptian border, which is also run by a Zionist puppet leadership. This creates the need for tunnels to survive, which are subsequently bombed and filled up when discovered, effectively denying the poor Palestinians any sort of lifeline they may have. The Zionists, whom them selves had to use tunnels when under persecution from Hitler have first hand experience of such measures, so it’s real easy for them to block these life lines. Although having being at the receiving end of such treatment, any decent human being would never be so cruel after having suffered such treatment themselves.

    The world can see all this, but they are silent! Why is America Silent, why is Europe silent? This is why Muslims speak and will speak. Not because we are warmongering terrorists, but because THE WORLD IS SILENT.

    At the same time, the little land these Palestinians do have left is being stolen from them for further illegal settlements for Zionists from Europe, something which Netanyahu’s recent calls to the Jews of Europe has confirmed. He blatantly splints hatred, but the world is STILL silent, still treating him like the victim, still supplying him with arms, still supporting him without reservation or question. 5 millions Palestinians are refugees all over the world for the last 50/60 years, that’s a whole generation in terms of timescale and he would rather uproot European Jews from their ancestral homes of thousands of years, inviting them back to somebody else’s land, upon which he is an occupier with no rights what so ever. This is something the farce known as the UN has confirmed as illegal but the whole worlds leadership is silent, including and in my opinion most shamefully the so called Muslim leaderships of our time.

    I believe the silence of America and Europe is shameful, but not as half shameful as the silence of the cowards in the Muslim world.

    Until the world remains silent, decent folk will SPEAK. Muslims and no Muslims United we will speak against the injustices of the Zionists and Arabs and against the silence of America and Europe.
    Such biased and propaganda videos can easily be made by Muslims but we don’t have a Zionist agenda to progress, unfortunately.

    1. Mr. Aftab, Yes, yes and yes. I have finally come to understand I must live in a state of infinite grief, as human beings are, after all, highly evolved predators and use the bulk of their ingenuity for that purpose, despite all wisdom and compassion to the contrary. Those who are not silent are few and unheard. The boys love their war toys…have never, and will never, stop their murderous ”—- waving” games. We are vastly overrated, all in all. We have been incrementally self-destructing all these million years.

  10. This video is going viral, I saw it posted somewhere today. The guy was only presented as Jewish, no name, nothing about him being a journalist, and the comment section was closed ……

  11. Richard Silverstein: “The Les Inrocks article also displays a tweet Klein published during Operation Protective Edge in which he quotes Meir Habib, a member of the French legislature who represents overseas French voters in Israel. Habib is also the former Likud Party spokesperson in France.” “Read the interview Klein published with Habib in NRG. None of the quotations he included in the article have Habib saying what he claimed in the tweet. At no time does he say there is no future for Jews in France. ”

    Perhaps Habib’s quote “I don’t think there is a future for Jews in France” is not found in the article because the tweet is not from Operation Protective Edge as you claim, but rather from January 10th, 2015 (the date is clearly marked in the tweet), just after the Charlie Hebdo shooting attack and the subsequent attack on the Jewish deli. The article that you link to where you say that quote was not found was dated July 14th, 2014 – during Operation Protective Edge. Habib may very well have said this quote in the aftermath of Charlie Hebdo. How can you make the comparison between the tweet and the article when they occurred six months apart?

    1. @RichG: Klein interviewed Habib and never offered the passage in his interview as quoted in the tweet. He never offered any source for the alleged quote. It may be that Habib said this somewhere, but it’s simply impossible to know since Klein is so sloppy. I have also asked Klein to produce the quote and he hasn’t responded.

      And of course you ignore a point just as important: even if Habib did say this–why would someone serve the State of France in its legislature if it believes that 600,000 of his fellow citizens have no future there and should abandon it. It’s outrageous and borders on betrayal of his own country and its interests.

  12. An article in Bloomberg has some stats from Sergio DellaPergola. The heading “European Jews Are Staying Put” aren’t apply to France since a graph clearly shows that while ALIYAH from western Europe stayed steady, in France it tripled and surpassed 1% which is significant in terms of emigration.

    [The article kind of conclude emigration isn’t on the rise but it is clear from it the authors first shot the arrow and then painted the target around it.]

    1. And do you have any numbers about French yordim who left Israel again ?
      Because here in France, people are astonished that aliyah statistics are widely published but nothing about how many return to France. Unofficial numbers state between one-third and half the olim return within three years (I’m not sure maybe 5 years). If you read French, I can post testimonies from some of them, or why not this: a French Jew testifying how his grand-mother is being held in Israel against the will of most of her family, he’s very critical &bout the The Jewish Agency who convinces elder people to make aliyah by describing Israel as a fairy tale (French retired mostly bring a good monthly pension along ….), and the younger olim are mostly well-educated, that’s all benefit for Israel, highly-educated professionals for free. http://rue89.nouvelobs.com/2012/06/22/alyah-leurs-vieux-jours-malheureux-en-israel-233138

      1. I don’t read French so I won’t be able to read those stories but I know many people go back. A family from The US which I helped move to Israel returned after 2-3 years.
        One fact remains very clear, France Aliyah was higher then the rest of Western Europe combined and now has tripled itself. Economy might be bad but not as much as it is in Italy or Spein.

        BTW, you claimed the sound was edited, you are right but he never claim it wasn’t. The film was taken with GoPro while the sound was recorded with a mic he carried on him. The rest of your ‘evidence’ is not in what he published but a phone call. As for his tweets, he is defiantly biased. So what? Aren’t you? Or myself?

        1. @ Ariel: No, sorry. You & Klein don’t get off so easily. If I did a project like this I would do it carefully. And if I didn’t get material that supported what I intended I simply would cancel the project. Klein largely failed in getting the material he wanted AND he collected it in a fraudulent, suspect, conspiratorial manner. Yet he went ahead & tried to make more out of what he had than it deserved. All this casts doubt on his entire project. I would never what he did.

          So being biased has nothing to do with it. It’s being a careful journalist, which Klein isn’t. Also, when I make errors I correct them or at least explain and defend my choices. Klein doesn’t. It shows.

          1. @Richard – I just watched the original which Klien seems to follow in format closely. http://youtu.be/b1XGPvbWn0A
            None of the ‘evidence’ you put here is about what he wrote but rather a phone call. Your tolerance of some of the scenes reminds of a comment by a reader who wrote here the attack on kosher market wasn’t antisemetic but rather good PR since people wouldn’t care enough if it was Asian market.

            If a Palestinian with Kafyaa would do the same and called once ‘dirty arab’ it wouldn’t be “fraudulent, suspect, conspiratorial manner” but authentic Israeli racism.

          2. a comment by a reader who wrote here the attack on kosher market wasn’t antisemetic but rather good PR since people wouldn’t care enough if it was Asian market.

            I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve never seen such a comment here and I monitor the comment threads closely. And I look askance at those who claim that I countenance anti-Semitism, as you are implying.

            My criticism of Klein’s video had everything to do with its content and the article he wrote to accompany the video.

            You are now done in this thread. Move on.

          3. @ Ariel
            “a comment by a reader who wrote here the attack on kosher market wasn’t antisemetic but rather good PR since people wouldn’t care enough if it was Asian market. ”
            And you link to my comment. What a lying thug you are ! I never stated it wasn’t antisemitic but rather good PR. What the hell are you up too ? Member of some hasbara internet crew, when you don’t ‘help’ American Jews to make aliyah ?

          4. “Don’t forget he was taking hostages to have his two friends, the Kouachi brothers freed (among other things), and as someone said: in that case taking hostages in a Chinese supermarket just don’t get the same attention.”

          5. @ Ariel
            Yeah, we all know how hasbara works. You’re quoting the end of a long comment where I linked to an interview with a Jewish guy who was held hostage by Coulibaly in the cosher market, and who quoted Coulibaly on his attitude to Jews and his motivations.
            And I never said this wasn’t an antisemitic attack, I stated that I wasn’t going to debate whether it actually was or not, because it had been declared so by the authorities and various Jewish organizations right from the start.
            Good try.

          6. @Deïr Yassin “we all know how hasbara works” – I put a link so everybody can judge for themselves.

          7. First, you didn’t put a link. Second, you mischaracterized her argument. Don’t do that again. This is why I especially prefer even insist that hasbarists quote passages & offer links. I simply don’t trust you to paraphrase accurately. Especially someone who you disagree with.

          8. Yeah, you also quoted me selectively so ‘people can judge for themselves’, right. And strange, you replied to that comment, but not at all to this specific issue, maybe because on that thread you couldn’t quote me selectively as the whole comment is there.

        2. “One fact remains very clear, France Aliyah was higher then the rest of Western Europe combined and now has tripled itself. Economy might be bad but not as much as it is in Italy or Spain.”
          Gee, do you know anything about the number of Jews in Italy and Spain ? One fact remains: many studies have been made recently about the rising in aliyah among French Jews, and the economical situation in France is coming up as the foremost reason in ALL studies (and by studies I don’t mean Zionist propaganda …). Well-educated Frenchmen leave to work abroad in very high numbers among them Jews as non-Jews, there are more than 400.000 French citizens in London for example.
          So if you don’t know more about French olim that what you read in the Israeli press, I wouldn’t comment on the topic if I were you ….
          Amazed to see that editing the sound is no problem to you, even when it clearly includes lying: “homo” instead of “Marlboro” is the most evident, even without understanding French you can hear that, and everyone living in France knows that cigarettes from the black market are sold like this in many neighbourhoods.

  13. From the Jewish Daily Forward 2/19:

    “France’s chief rabbi rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s suggestion that European Jews should flee to Israel.
    “France without Jews is not France,” Rabbi Haim Korsia said, speaking at a press conference after a February 19 event with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio at the Park East Synagogue in Manhattan. “[Netanyahu’s] job is to say that.
    “Our [job] is to give a real choice to French Jewish people,” he added. “And to have a real choice you have to be in security, in serenity, in France.”
    Korsia praised security and outreach efforts by the French government,”

    Read more: http://forward.com/articles/215160/french-chief-rabbi-haim-korsia-pushes-back-on-isra/#ixzz3SNvTVrF9

    Yes, offhand one can think of a number of luminaries who were Jewish but seemed, at the same time, to be intensely French: Bergson, Durkheim, Proust, Maurois etc.

    De Blasio, Haim Korsia’s host, compared recent happenings in Europe to events during the rise of the Third Reich. This is just silly. One would have expected the mayor of a metropolis to be better informed.

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