7 thoughts on “Harvey Weinstein, Ronan Farrow, Seth Freedman and Me – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. ‘…Oh and by the way, the Guardian never paid me for the last two pieces I wrote for CiF. Nothing like stiffing your writers to make for a sterling reputation.’

    Well, the new pro-Israel Guardian would hardly need anything from you in the future, would it?

    By the way, it always seemed to me that much of the old guard at the Guardian moved over to Middle East Eye when the Guardian got its mind right.

  2. “In those days, there were relatively few progressive Jewish voices online and to meet a voice like Seth’s was refreshing and encouraging. ”

    That’s a contradiction! How can Freedman be progressive if he’s such a scoundrel

    1. @ Kalboz:

      That’s a contradiction! How can Freedman be progressive if he’s such a scoundrel

      You’ve never heard of a liberal Zionist who turns out to be a scoundrel? I can tell you about a few. Plus we’re talking about my interactions with him in 2007-8. That’s quite some time ago.

  3. I will leave this comment anonymously. Whether you publish it or not is your choice as it is meant to inform you personally. Ehud Barak and cohorts also monitor (in obsessive fashion) your site and have for years, even creating or hiring false proxy “penpals” who they had you connect to various readers they wanted to bridge through to unknowingly. You likely know many more people in this story and have had run-ins with them as well. Further, as you may already know, Black Cube and all affiliates (think LLC and like entities setup as private detective services utilized only by Weinstein et. al. and specific lawyers of that ring), including theirs in the NYPD and more, were working full-time against the Iran deal prior to its announcement additionally. They were committing open espionage operations in America against officials, contractors and anyone suspected of keying into the JCPOA or its enabling, which includes you even though you were just reporting on the issues with commentary rather than being a direct player.

    1. @ Whistle Blowing: I’m not sure quite how to take your comment. But if you have specific information about any of the things you raised as personally related to me or this blog, I’d be very eager to hear.

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