8 thoughts on “Israel-Saudi Normalization: the Fix is In – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Normalization would mean joining the Abraham Accords, I do not see this happening within 24 months.

    KSA sees itself not only as guardian of the most holy shrines, but also the Islamic canter of all 1.5 bn Muslims. I watch the development in other majority Islamic states like Indonesia (HSR BRI deal), Pakistan, Kazakhstan, … and Maldives. These nations are turning towards China.

    The rapprochement between KSA and Iran is not a done deal, but is the balance how King Salman (yes ultimate decision maker) views Israel and agreement with Netanyahu.

    1. As the guardians of the most holy shrines, surely the House of Saud would also like to become the guardian of Haram al Sharif, the Temple Mount of Jerusalem.

      1. @ Yellow: I’m sure Israel would like that. In fact, I believe I’ve read something to that effect. But the current status is Jordan is considered the “guardian” of Haram al Sharif. For the Saudis to assume control would certainly anger King Abduallah. Not sure the Saudis would want to go there.

        But then again, they routinely buy off countries and individuals, so perhaps Abdullah would be willing, in return for a few billion.

    2. Yesterday I thought I maybe mistaken … after the early reverse incursion this morning, another blow to normalization. A day of reckoning by Palestine.

  2. Richard
    Alas, I fear you are correct. We must look forward to Middle East nuclear escalation and U.S./Israel further destroying international law.

  3. Is the fix really in now with this latest war between Israel and Hamas? I think what was once seen as a surefire thing is a surefire thing no more.

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