5 thoughts on “Settler Accessory to Palestinian Murder Endorses Spitting on Priests – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @Q: It is not “Jewish v. Christian” hate. THere is no Christian hate. There is only Judeo-thug hate. And your claim that it has gone on for “quite some time” doesn’t mitigate the issue. It only makes it worse and shows how little the police have done to stop it.

      If you believe that the arrest of 4 thugs will stop this phenomenon or that it means anything, you are sorely mistaken. Either they will not be prosecuted at all or they will get a slap o the wrist. The perpetrators will continue with this disgusting assaultive behavior, making sure there are no police or onlookers filming them. Unless the police specifically patrol and arrest all who do this, it will not stop.

      I notice you have neglected other serious incidents in which an entire historic church was almost burned to the ground, the icons destroying at a Jerusalem church. The monasteries attacked. How will you stop this wholesale mass hatred that is not confined just to spitting? HOw will you stop this with a police minister who actually supports it??

      Condemnation by politicians? Really. Like the MK who justified it by saying it was an ancient tradition?

  1. It must be horrific to write about the abuses of your faith.

    Putting power to govern in the hands of Kahanist and illegal colonists is setting the stage for the next level of violence. The nationalist movement everywhere leads to right wing populism and fascism … in the West white supremacy.

    Politicians use violent acts for political gain. Break the cycle of violence now.

  2. Saw the video. Somehow suspect there is also racism involved here since the worshippers look Asian (aka goyim as some of them would say and hence inferior to them). Do they also spit on Reform Jews or Messianic Jews who look Ashkenazi? This video got me very curious.

    ps: I am asking because I have Sephardi Jewish friends who intend to move over to Israel. Problem is they are dark and look very Asian (Filipino) and they are Messianic Jews. I am worried for them.

    1. @ LK: Ultra Orthodox Jews have defaced Reform synagogues and even left a knife of its doorstep. So yes, they hate any but Orthodox Jews. They believe non-Orthodox aren’t even Jews.

      As for Messianic Jews, there was one living in Israel who was disguising who he was while trying to proselytize. A settler terrorist left a bomb by his door. It exploded and I believe he lost his hand. So there is no love lost for Messianic Jews.

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