15 thoughts on “Famed Conductor, Gustavo Dudamel, May Boycott Israel After Abusive Shin Bet Airport Screening – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Regardless of how inconsiderate, impolite and unpleasant Mr Dudamel’s screening may have been, let me reassure you that had his name happened to be Ahmad, Mustafa or Mahmud he would have been subjected to far worse degrading humiliations.

  2. Heres what the perception will be in Los Angeles (a town where at the latest count, latinos are in the majority). Gustavo Dudamel, a Venezuelan national, a hispanic man of color, the world-renowned conductor of the LA Philharmonic, music director of the Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar, the national youth orchestra of Venezuela, a world culture treasure, was harrased and detained by the Shin Bet, for no reason other than some extremely tenuous connection (having been born venezuelan) to the politics of his native land Israels Jewish gestapo. And who knows better than the settler-infested gov’t of Israel that the concept of “truth” is subjective. Perceptions in the era of YouTube Facebook and Twitter on the other hand are gold. Now you can stop bitching about anti-semitism. Its a self-fufilling prophecy.

  3. Regardless of what really took place in this particular instance, the bad always “weeds” itself out. BDS is working and working very well. It sent even the mighty British Empire into the garbage bag of history!

  4. ” No understanding that art and culture should be treated differently than politics. In Israel, everything whether classical music, film, or dance is subservient to the interests of the national security state.”

    Well, I disagree. profoundly. BDS should justify all musicians in refusing to travel to or perform in Israel (including but not limited to such non-Isrfael places as OPTs, Golan, and anywhere else Israel may from tim to time be pleased to exert military control.

    That said, Israel’s treatment of Dudamel was stoooopid. From another point of view, Israel should either NOT ISSUE VISAS TO ANYONE and check everyone at the border — or issue visas and honor them (perhaps apart from a security check for weapons). If they are agonna do cavity searches, they should do them on everyone. Israelis included.

    And so forth. Harrassing people is evil and uin this case also stoooo-oooooo-ooopid.

  5. Does anyone have Duhamel’s e mail address? care of the LA Philharmonic for example?

    I would like to write him a letter of condolences. He is truly in great company and getting greater by the day. As an aside, boycott by classical music artists would hurt Israel’s image perhaps more than anything else.

    In any case, thanks to richard for bringing this to attention (who can bear to read Haaretz or Ynet every day?). I will be sure to spread among my many classical music friends and connections. They should know that no matter how many great performers come out of Israel, the country they represent leaves only the sourest of tastes in direct contravention of the Western tradition it pretends to be aligned with.

  6. Even if the “facts ” that you have received from your friends in Israel are close to the truth your guess is ridiculous, second guess?

  7. Not to justify the Israeli Security but (as a Venezuelan married to an Iranian) I must remind you people that this guy is the poster boy, the flag bearer of Chavez’s propaganda machinery (as hypocritical as all communists are, he found success -and money- in “the evil empire”), which is very sympathetic to the cause of many crazy guys, including Hezbollah. Far too many times the “cultural ambassadors” of the ”Bolivarian Republic” travel accompanied by assistants and officials who frequently do “courier” work for the Bolivarian Republic and its allies (like Iran, Cuba, Syria) simply because Venezuelans are not yet as “suspicious” everywhere in the world… That said, truth be told, Dudamel is too high profile for that.

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