8 thoughts on “Iran Turns to China for $400-Billion Lifeline, Thumbing Its Nose at Trump – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Why would Iran accept help from China when it keeping the Uighurs people in “education” camps?
    Lefties are fast to condemn Israel about the Palestinian but China is kosher for some reason.

    1. @ Jeal R.: Why would Hitler make a pact with Stalin? Why would Israel make a pact with Saudi Arabia? Your comment is “whataboutism” pure and simple.

      No one here said China is “kosher.” So cut out the crap.

  2. the Devil is usually thought of as a singular personification but here we see a deal between the ‘two’ devils.

  3. Too bad Israel did not participate … three devils. Oops … already alliance with Salman, Trump and Putin : four devils best your two in any hand. 😎

  4. Richard: I clearly understand the logic behind such an agreement. What I don’t understand is why you would glorify it while tarnish any hint of collaboration between Israel and another ‘devil’.

    It isn’t whataboutism when Israel is singled out by the left while China and Iran are treated with gloves. It is pointing out the left hypocrisy.

    1. @ Jeal R: I have not “glorified” anything. I’ve merely reported that the agreement exists and analyzed its repercussions. If you don’t like them that’s not my problem–it’s yours.

      It IS whataboutism when you attempt to divert the conversation from Israel to talk about China’s record with the Uighurs. That’s whataboutism personified.

      Do not publish again in this thread.

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