3 thoughts on “US Transportation Department to Investigate Harassment of Palestinian-American Journalist – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. In 2005, my friend, Mary Hughes Thompson, and I traveled there to participate in the Women in Black conference being held in Jerusalem. We didn’t get on ElAl, We never would have. Upon arrival, we were held for 8 hours, Mary was in a wheelchair by the end of that time. I was strip-searched three times, my clothing run through an X-ray machine several times and every piece of our luggage was inspected. Mary was 70 and I was 64.

    It’s not just Palestinians who are harassed. It’s anyone these thugs at the airport think might actually go into the occupied territories and bear witness to the slow-motion genocide of Christian and Muslim Palestinians that’s been ongoing for 75 years. One thing I definitely recommend is that you have the name of an attorney to call once you land. They finally let Mary call our attorney 5 hours after being harassed.

    I wrote an extensive report at the time, but nothing was every done about it.

  2. Why is Israel allowed to strip search American citizens on American soil? How can this be stopped?

    From Mondoweiss … “While it is indeed not uncommon for foreign governments to have their own security procedures in international airports, Israel is the only country in the world that has their own military personnel and private security conducting intense interrogations and strip searches while being allowed to perform these compulsory inspections without any supervision from the host country.”

    1. @ Steve: As is often the case with Mondoweiss when it comes to Israel, they make mistakes. Airport security screening for flights to and from Israel are not done by “military personnel.” They are all done by Shin Bet security agents. For MW, this may be a distinction without a difference since they probably think they’re all one and the same. But precision and accuracy are important.

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