7 thoughts on “Israeli President Herzog to Address Joint Session of Congress – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “A kinder, gentler version of Israeli apartheid”.

    America, a hyper-violent nation known for it’s guns and systemic racism.

    BTW. According to published world democracy indexes, Israel and America are on par, both rating only a C+.

    Speaking of ‘chief arsonists’, how come Donald Trump is the leading presidential candidate among millions and millions of Republicans?

    He who lives in glass houses, Richard, shouldn’t throw stones.

    1. Rafe would have told Americans not to criticize Nazi Germany during the pre-Holocaust genocide phase of the Nazi regime because at the time Jim Crow was practiced by some US states.

      For Palestinians practically every day is Kristallnacht. Not many attacks like the Huwara outrage have been taking place in the USA.

      White racial supremacist Zionist colonial settlers founded the Zionist state by means of genocide that started with the Nakba in Dec 1947. This genocide continues to this day.

      No state, which perpetrates ongoing genocide, should appear in a Democracy index.

      1. @Jonathan

        “Rafe would have told Americans not to criticize Nazi Germany during the pre-Holocaust genocide phase of the Nazi regime because at the time Jim Crow was practiced by some US states. ”

        Jonathan. Than a wife beater should criticize another wife beater?
        Doesn’t seem right to me.

    2. @Rafe: Based on IP records for your comments and those of someone posting here as “Betrand Engelsdorf,” you appear to be the same person. The latter commenter was banned. I do NOT permit commenters to use multiple identities when commenting. I view what you’ve done as deceitful. But I am not going to ban you immediately. But I will ban you the first time you post something objectionable. That includes posting more than a single comment per thread. A warning you ignored the last time I banned you. To that end I am moderating you. I will approve future comments you approve once I’ve reviewed them.

      Holy cow! News Flash! You disocvered America has racists. What a piece of spectacular analysis.
      My purpose here is not to analyze US social phenomena. My purpose is to analyze Israel. So if you want to explore America’s sins, by all means do so. But not here.

      Not to mention that whatever sins the US has, they are dwarfed by Israel’s. And that the US has a robust social justice movement which offers strong advocacy for democracy and progressive values. Unfortunately, Israeli fascism has neutered anything of the kind there.

  2. Israel is already a de-facto Star on the American Flag, and has been for some time now.

    Israel can be considered a de-facto Protectorate of the United States, and a de-facto 51st State of the United States. Israel enjoys almost all the benefits of being a part of the United States, without having to pay Federal Taxes, or obey Federal Law, the Supreme Court, and the United States Constitution.

    From Twitter, https://twitter.com/ItamarBenGvirEN, March 29th 2023, BenGvir speaking to Army Radio Israel, “Minister Ben-Gvir: Israel ‘Not Just Another Star On The American Flag’, Our Electorate Expressed Its Will”

    From Haaretz, May 31st 2018, “Israel Declared the 51st State of the United States
    Is Israel an American colony? Although Israel is not in reality a protectorate of the United States of America, you cannot ignore the tremendous influence that the U.S. has on Israel in all fields”

    Biden should move at the UN, with the support of the world, to make Palestine-Israel 1 State or 2, or as a de-facto or de-jure Protectorate of the United States, or as a Territory of the United States, and maybe eventually, the 51st State of the United States.

    Move the conflict in Palestine-Israel from bullets and bombs to the ballot box, the world needs a political solution now.

  3. Crimea, West Bank, Western Sahara

    On Monday, #Morocco’s #royal #cabinet announced that Israel has officially recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara.

    Borders, International law, United Nations Security Council Resolutions, veto power WWII victors … in only one disputed region there was held a referendum … sort of.

    Exchange of portfolios … you take the Judea and Samaria occupied territory and you let me have the Western Sahara of emptiness, similar to Palestine before WWII. Nobody was living there … sort of.

  4. Biden has been good in many ways and not all ways, but with regard to Israel and his reticence regarding giving Ukrainians everything they need, very disappointing and not strong enough.

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