13 thoughts on “BREAKING: Israeli Police Murderer Identified – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. 2 corrections:
    The hug is between the father and the channel 14 reporter(face shown)
    And the vile video with ben gcir is not from last week, but from 2022 before he was appointed

  2. From searching “Israel CCTV Eyad Al Hallaq”, click news, we see how Israel covered up their crime of murder, by committing another crime against the victim, the media, and the world, by saying none of their dozen CCTV cameras in the area were working that day.

    Israel lied about the truth of what really happened to Eyad Al Hallaq and did not want the world to see it, just like when they killed Raed Alaa el-Deen Za’eiter at Allenby bridge in 2014, Israel CCTV suddenly stopped working that day as Raed Alaa el-Deen Za’eiter died.

    See how Israel Hasbara is working today … search Hasbara … then click on news

    Time solves all problems, Israel can’t get away with this forever. It will be Status Quo for a while, and it will probably end in 1 State or 2, or as a Territory of the United States, and maybe, eventually the 51st State of the United States.

    1. Unfortunately Israel covers not only this, but a lot of crimes against Palestinians and especially injustice violent murders that “happen” all around the country.
      In last Ramadan a person going to pray at Al Aksa Mosque was shot murdered just because Israel wanted to raid the mosque, unbelievably.
      As a Jew and an Israeli, I am appalled, angry and ashamed to the bare of my bones, to see what has become of a people that suffered a holocaust.
      We need international help asap to protect Palestinian lives and reach freedom for them and Israel is too god damn ignorant and violent to allow this.
      Please help anyone!

  3. Hi Richard, thank you for uncovering this. But it seems like the image you used is of a different person by the same name. I’ve found this Elior’s facebook account and he serves in Kfir unit, not the Border Police.

    1. @Amit: My understanding is that the killer served in the Border Police. though I’m not familiar with operational details for different units, my understanding is that the Border Police patrol East Jerusalem, not Kfir.

      So it’s possible one of the pictures is of someone by the same name. But I’m not sure which image is of the murderer. I’ll try to figure this out and make corrections if necessary.

      You’re made another extraordinary discovery: that Trump has millions of GOP followers. Shocking! BUt you forget that, first of all, Trump lost the 2016 election by popular vote (3 million). And he lost the 2020 election (by 7 million votes). He’s much more likely to serve prison time than he is to be president for a 2nd term. As for Israel’s fascist leader, looks like despite being corrupt and a dictator, it’s more likely he’ll serve a 6th or 7th term than that he’ll serve prison time.

  4. I’m trying to understand. You’ve got the name of the shutte, but you’re not sure who he is, and still you publish someone’s face? There are a lot of Israelis named elior yaakov

    1. @ Sara vino:

      you’re not sure who he is

      I am sure who he is and I published a picture of him knowing I was identifying him. Not to mention that an Israeli human rights activist identified him for me & I confirmed his ID.

      If you reject this it’s your problem, not mine.

  5. As a citizen of the zionist entity I’m not shocked, ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians was always the main agenda.

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