17 thoughts on ““Campus Panic” Over Gaza Protests Obscures Israeli Genocide – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Panic in Israeli war cabinet seeking diplomatic cover …

    Johnson and members of Congress threaten the ICC in The Hague to legislate sanctions on key officials if an arrest warrant for Netanyahu would be issued.

    Joe working on a NWO …

  2. What about the large”Intifada” sign that the peace-loving Columbia students hung from Hamilton Hall? Is it an”imagined sensitivity” to read that as a call to violence? Try to explain that to the family of the Columbia student who was blown to bits on a bus in Jerusalem during the last intifada.

    1. Sorry, not a wise comment in this setting …

      An intifada (Arabic: انتفاضة intifāḍah) is a rebellion or uprising, or a resistance movement.

      The souls of six million can never be the blessing to eliminate the Palestinian people from their homeland. Abuse of holocaust in the Western world is too well known … The words Never Again in a wider context means no more wars. One need to look through the daily feed of indoctrination and falsehoods. Rafael Lemkin coined the term “genocide” as the criminals at Nuremberg could only be hanged for not “keeping the peace” which is also the essence of the UN Charter of 1945.

      While Israel is killing civilians at a ratio that is higher than all wars in the 20th century, among them 10,000 children, US universities are fixated on the genocidal threat posed by the word intifada?”


    2. Figures that you’d get upset over the use of the term “intifada” because you prefer the Palestinians to be suffocated under the boot of Israel.

      Why don’t you flaunt your smug hypocrisy to the families of all the Palestinians who’ve been blown to bits by your darling army of war criminals over the last 7 months? Openly genocidal, ethnosupremacist war criminals.

  3. Can you verify outsiders JDL thugs showed up previous night to attack the peaceful UCLA encampment protesting the ongoing genocide in Gaza? Lot of chants Free Palestine 🇯🇴

    Watching video reports from satellite broadcast, a briefly saw the yellow flag with fist. Failed to find any written reporting to this fact.

    1. Dunno if it was JDL specifically, but they were definitely Kahanists. Using the yellow flag with the black crown instead of with the fist, but Kahanists just the same.

  4. Watched interview on Al Jazeera today …

    UN’s Sigrid Kaag: Is starvation an Israeli weapon in Gaza? | Talk to Al Jazeera |

    UN Humanitarian Aid Chief Sigrid Kaag about the deaths of seven WCK aid workers: “THEY PASSED.”

    Sigrid Kaag got this position after support from Joe Biden and as protégée of Antony Blinken. Coming Gaza Aid will be distributed by military US and IDF in a joint mission, UNRWA is cut out as relief agency.

    1. After watching and listening to Sigrid Kaag … Gazans in Rafah after seven month under attack and moving to “safe” zones are distraught .. physically a d mentally subhuman … cannot be forced to move again … Japanese prison camps and long marches … the genocide march of Armenians. I’m absolutely at the end of any explanation and abhor technical managers like Sigrid Kaag … won’t criticize the acts of the occupier.

      Death March from Auschwitz Compared

      For Gazans the death march will be forty-fold of the horror of Auschwitz-Birkenau: 2.2 million compared to a “mere” 56,000 survivors of the Nazi death camp in occupied Poland.

      1. The huge majority of deaths in the WW2 concentration camps were caused mainly by the lack of food and diseases, not by soldiers killing and torturing the prisoners. Israelis know perfectly well this “lesson of history”. Anne Frank and “the six millions” died mainly because of lack of food and the diseases caused by that. That happened in the ghettos and concentration camps. The Jewish history says that the six million killed were murdered. So the Palestinians now on “died” will also be murdered. The settlers (NAZIS) destroying food on the gates of Gaza know perfectly well what their actions will cause. So do the leaders of the Israeli Reich and their financiers.

        During WW2 Finland had large amounts of Soviet war prisoners (67 thousand). Of those 19 thousand died on the camps, it means over 30 percent. Over one thousand were shot. The rest died because of lack food and the diseases. Much of food the Finnish Army had reserved for the prisoners became stolen by the different levels of our “most moral Army”. The lame “excuse” was that Finland’s general situation with food was catastrophic during 1942-43. Finland and its army did all “they” could to hide this ugly chapter of our history by destroying documents and blocking studies of this. It took over 50 years before the truth was revealed to us Finns. Most of us still do not want to know about the events.

        1. @Simohurtta: I was going to delete this post since it borders on Holocaust denial. It isn’t outright denial. But I find it objectionable nonetheless. The claims that the “huge majority” of deaths were caused by famine and disease is not true. The majority occurred in the extermination camps via mass execution, gas, etc. The attempt to claim disease caused the majority of deaths is an attempt to attenuate the genocide machine the Nazis maintained.

          In fact, starvation was not a secondary consequence of the treatment of Jews, it was a deliberate policy as shown here: https://www.nobelpeacecenter.org/en/news/hitler-s-hungerplan

          BTW, famine is also an outright explicit policy of Israeli genocide, regardless of Israel lies about its facilitation of humanitarian aid. In fact, the looming ICC arrest warrants will be based largely on the issue of deliberate starvation of Palestinians.

          This historical source says that 1.1-million Jews were gassed at Auschwitz alone. That is one camp and one extermination method: https://www.pbs.org/auschwitz/40-45/killing/

          Nevertheless, the issue of famine/disease vs. extermination is immaterial. THere is no distinction in genocide-related law. Nor will there be here. You may entertain whatever views you have on this subject. But I will not permit this here. I don’t want to get into a long discussion back & forth about this. I’m not here to engage in a long discussion about the techniques of Nazi murder or the inner workings of its death machine.

  5. Joe Biden leader of American fascism and right-wing warmongers … still cannot believe this ugly world of falsehoods, lies and provocations … lessons learned from his friend Bibi Netanyahu.


    Our Leader speaking to the nation propagating falsehoods and lies … smearing peaceful ✌🏽 protesters with rightwing Zionist rhetoric in line of past seven months … reading from the pamphlets of goebbels. 😡

    Joe and Bibi still on the same page to punish Gazans … Joe pressured by Arab leaders, Bibi blessed by Ben Gvir and Smotrich to stay the course of erasure of Palestinians … European leaders and universities awfully quiet … corporate media EU much better disciplined …

  6. I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, but this really seems like the beginning of the end for not just Israel, but also the US. It’s not just the fact that the police repression is going to lead to student protestors being killed, as they almost were at Columbia a couple of nights ago. It’s that the US is picking fights with a now unified China/Russia bloc at a time of extreme discontent at home. As the US is Israel’s only benefactor on the world stage (as evidenced by the extreme measures lawmakers in DC are taking to shut down the arrest warrants against Netanyahu and other IDF officials), if it goes down, Israel goes down with it. It’s just neither country’s leadership has come to this realization yet, but by this time next year, it will be apparent to everyone.

    1. Do not underestimate the conniving Arabs of individual GCC states or in union. The have been divided in Salafism, Shiism and Muslim Brotherhood. https://www.thecairoreview.com/essays/managing-crises-the-least-bad-option/

      Ever since Socal got licences for exploration in the 1930s. the bond has been ironclad. The regimes could not exist without the protection of America as military bases are tolerated and essential. The joint Afghan campaign at the end of Carter’s presidency, to most other wars at the behest of Israel in the Middle East, jihadists were on the side of “good” and followed through in overthrow of sitting regimes. Bloodshed as a result, but no peace.

  7. U.S. State Department watched Al Jazeera to learn acceptance of deal by Hamas leadership ✌🏽

    William Burns on sustained shuttle diplomacy to get a deal done … recent days forceful rhetoric by Netanyahu were his last throes as any agreement means end of his game covering decades. Thus in last hour a targeting bombing raid and perhaps ground incursion is taking g place in eastern Rafah. This angers Biden and spokespersons John Kirby and Matt Miller.

    Strategic goals have not been reached in Gaza by massacre and ethnic cleansing … Hamas still exists. Israel is more isolated than ever since its founding and less secure by its own policy of fencing off Gaza, apartheid regime in West Bank and breaching the security wall with illegal settlements and 700,000 settlers, a majority from safe foreign states.

  8. Ric hard
    Your explanation of the role and motivation’s of the Israel lobby make a lot of sense.

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