22 thoughts on “Breaking News: Israeli Arson Attack Burns Historic Lake Kinneret Catholic Church – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “No Israeli security agency will find the perpetrator. And if they do, they will not try them. And if they do try them, they will not imprison them. And if they do imprison them, they will be pardoned by the president of the State.” – this is a reverse ‘Dayenu song’ full of bias. The only part I agree with is the first. If there is no video surveillance it will be very hard. The rest is nonsense. Recent example http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4647074,00.html

    As for other accusations, see http://www.mako.co.il/news-law/crime/Article-659eaef4e325641004.htm
    Two Jewish synagogues were set on fire and the media still reporter on suspicion.

  2. “This crime is at best an annoyance for Israeli Jews. They are only upset, if they are disturbed at all, because it gives Israel’s image a black eye before the world.”

    “Of course, the usual suspects (prime minister, president, etc.) will express their shock and horror. They’ll promise the culprits will be brought to justice. They claim this doesn’t represent the views of the mass of Israeli Jews. But their subsequent inaction will speak volumes about their real views.”

    I have to disagree. I think the “usual suspects” will excuse this latest desecretion of a christian place of worship as the logical act of brave Jews in response to the growing antisemitism that is threatening them every single minute. Of course, what else could a zionist do but respond with righteous anger to that church that is threatening them.

    1. Uh. I’m a Zionist Israeli and I unequivocally and without reservation condemn this act. I support religious freedom in Israel and am not in the least bit threatened by Churches or Mosques or anything like that at all.

      1. @ pea: You are a liberal Zionist & your well-meaning condemnation has about as much potency in the Israeli context as the Dutch Boy holding his finger in a hole in the dyke to prevent the ocean washing away his entire village.

    2. So in the Deep South, you would have to concede that it was “only logical” for the Klan to burn crosses on the lawns of synagogues? Because after all, they are threatened by Jewish power? Give me an f’ing break, sister.

      1. I think you are responding to me? You’ve completely misunderstood what I’ve written. I was going to add (sarcasm) to my post, but thought it was obvious. Evidently not. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and I’ll be sure to note when I’m being sarcastic.

  3. What a load of lies: Israel has imprisoned Jewish terrorists. You can say the rate of success for solving those cases does not please you but I’m not sure that you are familiar with the rate of success of solving who tarnish and draw anti semantic slogans and symbols in the Jewish cemeteries..

  4. Well, one thing I learned from this article – the Irish Catholic parish priest of my childhood knew how to pronounce Capernum. Once I learned how it was spelled, I thought he was just ignorantly pronouncing it with his brogue. I knew he was a good man, I did not know he was also a linguistic scholar.

    Okay, here’s the deal – everyone has a tendency to feel alienation from someone else’s religion. The primitive little savage in us gives into those feelings and acts them out. The society which uses those feelings to do its dirty work is in for trouble. The handwriting is on the wall if this crime is not prosecuted. I think the world is catching on.

  5. The desecration of this church is despicable. However, the mass murder of 9 African Americans in another historic church, this being the African Methodist Episcopal Church, in Charleston, South Carolina, is a bit more important. This church has withstood attacks before. Jon Stewart had a very poignant opening monologue to his show regarding this incident. I encourage anyone reading this to watch him.

  6. And to pray for the families of these victims, all of them revered members of their community. The 21-year-old white man piece of shit loser, was the stereotypical racist bastard, convinced that African Americans were trying to steal the country and get “our women”. Sounds like Lehava, American version. Or Levaha sounds like the KKK, Israeli version. What is wrong with all of us?

  7. Yes in the last few decades synagogues have been vandalised in Europe but I can’t remember a single case in which this was done in the name of an allegedly superior Christian religion. This seems to me the main difference with what happened in Capernaum.

    1. I guess burning synagogues in the name of an allegedly superior race is much better and somehow justified?
      Hatred is hatred!

      1. In Capernaum we had the violent expression of a collective delusion as compared to the individual delusion of some criminal misfits vandalising a synagogue or Jewish cemetery. In the former case its collective character also explains the government inaction Richard was talking about.

      2. @ dude: You’re comparing an event that happened 75 yrs ago with one that happened last week? When was the last time anyone burned a synagogue to the ground? When was the last time a Jew committed an act of terror against a mosque or Church?

  8. bah, humbag, nothing new here. please keep moving.
    what do you expect when the MINISTER OF CULTURE (say what?) calls the artists INGRATES AND BITING THE HANDS THAT FEED THEM because they DARE show stuff that is not enough israeli or jewish ONLY
    why your surprise, this is the sign of things not to come, but ARE here
    not much will change when the bibis/adelson have the upperhand and the herzogs/lapids keeps fighting who’s got bigger cojones to yelp at the bibis/adelsons

  9. Have you been excited as well to the destruction of Churches and mosques in the last years in Iraq, Syria and Egypt? You look at Israel with microscope, ignoring all the atrocities done around Israel.

    1. You are so wrong. Richard is a Jew who refuses excuses of always first or only pointing at others. Refreshing.

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