9 thoughts on “Lapid and the Two-State Fraud – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Dear Richard Silverstein,
    Lapid has proven, during the last several years, that he is a reliable person, works for the state of Israel to continue being democratic state, set his own ego aside for the benefit of ALL its citizen.
    The political status, following a democratic election, prevented any actions with regards the Palestinians as well as other fundamental Israeli issues.
    He has put his own view at the UN meeting, risking his political future and the future of the democracy in Israel.
    Basically his view, as already demonstrated with Erdogan of Turkey, King Hussein and more, is to solve the various problems and not hide them, and to solve them bij mutual discussions and not by force.
    So he clearly expressed his own view how to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and now lets negotiate to solve the issue.
    Some people among us are looking for the “why not/ wrong/ impossible
    “etc. options.
    I hope that the ones that are looking for any peaceful way to sort this issue out, will have the lead here too.

    1. @ Berger: I don’t believe that I just wrote 2,500 words on Yair Lapid, which disprove virtually everyhing you wrote in your comment canonizing him. Did you bother to read my post? Clearly not. The notion that Lapid “wroks for the state of Israeli to continue being democratic state” is ludicrous. Not only doesn’t Lapid do this, Israel itself is not democratic. Nor does he work for “the benefit of all its citizen[s].” He works for Jews. Others, not so much.

      There is no such thing as “political status…” preventing any action with regards [to] the Palestinians.” This is just hollow puffery on Lapid’s behalf. He could have dismantled the detestable Nation State law. He could have opened talks with the PA. He did none of those things from the beginning of his government till this speech. The fact that he gave this speech in NY and not in Tel Aviv, tells us clearly about his intent. You don’t make a Palestinian state in NY. You make one in Ramallah. When Lapid goes to Ramallah and announces Israel will recognize one, you let me know. I”ll be the first to sing his praises. Till then, I’ll do the opposite becuase I, unlike you, know him to be a lying, posturing hypocrite.

      BTW, how does recognizing a Palestinian state “risk…the future of demcoracy in Israel?” If Israel were to recognize one, it would do the opposite. It would further the aims of Israel to remain a Jewish majority state. NOT having such a state further ensures Israel is an apartheid state which, by defintion, is not democratic.

      Hey, as for “solving problems by mustual discussions, not by force,” tell it to the Palestinians. Israel has murdered 150 Palestinians since the start of the year. Doesn’t sound like “mutual discussion” to me.

      Do not publish another comment in this thread. If you choose, you may publish in other/future comment threads.

  2. The Lapid speech should have been counterd as above at the UN. An encyclopedia here of all the arguments and claims and excuses Israel has been making for itself for decades.That has been going on as we watched the slow destruction of any hopes for Palestinian statehood and the end of the peace process.That as Israel claimed, still claims (with chutzpah) it wants two states as it demonstrably (and internally) does not. Israel still claim it has existential reasons, security needs- so armed to the teeth. Don’t forget the Holocaust.
    Israel has lost credibility, if it once had it, so disappointing.
    This recitation is a ritual for those who need to hear it, to believe it, to use it, to convince themselves. Here it is once again for the New Year.
    US administrations, “good friends” for decades have bought into this game. We have enabled this. The US has refused to seriously pressure Israel. That would have moved the situation positively. But we have our own severely divided domestic politics after all, our own interests and we are not even dependable, nor probably in a position to do so anymore.

  3. lapid is nothing but a shadow of his father’s grit. shame
    bibi has poisoned the state, fully and completely to the point of creating, baptizing and re inviting the kahanists to be MAJOR MINISTERS IN HIS FUTURE TERM.
    how can any individual TRY to gain electors in this poisoned snakes well. you cant so we have all these supposedly CENTER LEFT uttering mush to the world as long as the world lets them do as they feel like with the palestinians bantustans.
    using the holocaust as a shield and antisemitic as a spade to shut down and cut off any discussion or conversation that may , just may, get close to sensitive subjects, such as israel’s arabs or palestinians.
    there is no such thing as two state nothing. we are in a defacto one state country, just waiting for the timer to go off, sooner or later it will, you cannot keep millions subjugated as slaves, sooner or later the world will take notice
    it is my dying wish

  4. ‘Look at Lebanon, a collapsing state controlled by Hezbollah. At Syria, where a murderous regime massacred half a million of its own people.’

    Richard, you covered Lebanon quite well but you didn’t mention Syria or Israel’s indirect role in that mess. Syria fell apart because of civil unrest set off by a once in 900 year drought. Israel did not cause the drought but they did steal the Golan Heights from Syria. The Golan Heights are a major water source and would have greatly helped all the Syrian farmers the drought turned homeless. At the very least, it would have greatly lowered the civil unrest.

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