11 thoughts on “Arson Attack Against Jerusalem Church is Settler Terrorism – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. rather than an expression of the innate, simmering racism and hatred in the heart of Israeli society.”

    this sentence somewhat is in contradiction to what you wrote concerning his battle with mental disease. Israelis are not interested in burning down churches or mosques except for a few fringe nut cases. if they were they would have done it 60-70 yrs ago when no one would have said a thing. The burning of Notre Dame was a tragedy and as far as I know they really never revealed the cause. When i lived in Paris for short time I would go and sit outside the ND and just observe the ‘flying buttresses’. something like that can never be built again.{ I never got to Chartres because I never got up on time for the bus}. If Notre Dame was arson by a Muslim they would never reveal-too much backlash.
    And ‘no’, I am not Islamophobe.

    1. @ avram: Israelis are interested in destroying Christian and Muslim holy sites. Their senior leaders muse about it all the time. And when someone does try to burn down mosques or churches they’re invariably treated with kid gloves. If you burn down a church you’re treated a bit more harshly than if you burn down a mosque. But the response is not that dissimilar. The only reasons Israelis hold back their distaste for Christians is that they know that Israel is a holy site for Christianity. They can’t very well dismiss a billion or so Christians throughout the world without getting some flack for it. Not to mention all those Christian evangelicals Bibi is counting on to save Israel’s ass.

      Notre Dame’s fire has nothing to do with arson or Muslims. Stop with the nonsense. It was caused by a construction accident. Everyone knows that. Even raising a hypothetical as you do is ridiculous.

  2. It is surely necessary to prioritise the mental health of the suspect above and beyond political and/or religious motivation for the attack.

  3. No Israeli I’ve ever met seriously wants to see churches and mosques destroyed. Israelis are more interested in having fun and making money.

    1. @ Sepp:

      No Israeli I’ve ever met seriously wants to see churches and mosques destroyed

      You’ve got to get out more. If you haven’t met any then you’re not looking very hard.

      So let me explain how politics and society work: you vote for a government. In your case it’s a settler government. Run by and for settlers. Settlers hate non-Jews. Hence the State hates non-Jews. Non-Jews are both Christian and Muslim. Hence the State hates (or at best tolerates) them. You get what you vote for and you are saddled with it whether you like it or not.

  4. “Israelis are interested in destroying Christian and Muslim holy sites.” – oh yes. This is what we all plan and do all day long. We are such useless fools so in 70 years we found only idiots who can’t even accomplish such a simple task (while taking out well guarded scientists overseas).

    Your twitter account claims to “surrounds hate & forces it to surrender”. Are you sure such statement are helping in your mission?

    1. @ Ariel: It doesn’t matter what you do or think about Christians. You are a settler state in which settler politics and religion run the country.

      As for the Mossad, even Tamir Pardo boasts that his was the only job in which he could be a criminal and be lionized for it. The Mossad is Israel’s mafia crime family.

      Regarding hate, when Israel stops being a state steeped in hate, then I’ll relax my own views of the matter. I embrace tolerance, justice and mutual respect. Israel endorses apartheid, idolatry, and Occupation. All values redolent of hate. So don’t try to lecture me on the subject.

  5. You are a settler state in which settler politics and religion run the country.”

    And you are a racist, misogynist, Islamophobic and chauvinist country b/c your leader is.
    Oh wait…
    he isn’t the leader any more…
    but still in office…
    On what day did the US turn from a dark place to light of the nations.

    Funny how no one is allowed to generalize anymore, except for you of course.

    1. @ Ariel: So let’s see how the U.S. is different than Israel:

      1. Except for minor interludes, Israel has been governed by Judeo-fascist parties for more than 50 years. The U.S. on the other hand has been governed by two parties with widely different political and policy platforms.
      2. Israel has destroyed any serious political alternative to the ruling right wing regime. Even “centrist” parties are essentially soft-right in ideological orientation. The U.S. has two parties and each one has a diverse set of political ideas including, among Democrats, a genuine progressive-left movement.
      3. Israel has been run by a mafia clique run by Netanyahu for 15 years. Here in the U.S. no president serves more than 8 years. And we got rid of the worst president in our history after 4. You permitted the worst PM in Israel history to rule you for 15 years.
      4. The US has a constitution guaranteeing rights which may not be infringed. Separation of powers gives the Supreme Court the right to strike down laws which violate the constitution. Israel has no constitution and its Supreme Court has no clear power to overturn laws. The Knessset, military and intelligence apparatus is free to ignore the Court rulings and frequently do.

      You are done in this thread. No more comments here.

  6. @Ariel
    Same moral values … exceptional … religion and State affairs as conjugal twin … Ariel and Bibi solidair with New York and Neocons after 9/11 … Fear Inc. … terror … Palestinians … Islamophobia … Xenophobia … refugees from ME … immigration and populism … move towards extreme rightwing politics … basic definition of racist, misogynist, Islamophobic and nationalist nation. Democracy captive of fake news and state propaganda. Who needs Ariel and Bibi in this mix? Ahh … Donald Trump.

  7. According to Palestinian media, the settler was intercepted not by a church guard but by local Palestinian youth, some media specifically state they were Muslims.

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