11 thoughts on “Dayan Called for Using Nukes During 1973 War – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Plenty of parallel to Pakistan building the Islamic Nuclear bomb under the watchful eye of the CIA to deter Soviet influence in India. Worked out really nice with the Khan proliferation to Libya, Iran (centrifuge design) and North Korea.

  2. So you have a person who after 40 years say another person (who is long dead) said to him that another person (is is also very much dead for a long time now) said something about nuclear weapons.
    Some news indeed….

  3. I don’t follow Cohen’s logic that disproves that Israel didn’t blackmail the USA with the threat of going nuclear. There are other sources that say they did. As well as supplies, the US obviously supplied Israel with photo reconnaissance so that they knew the exact dispositions of the Egyptian forces. The US assisted Israel in 1967 and they did it again in 1973.

  4. After India tested its first nuclear device and the West was seen as aqcuiescing, everyone in Pakistan understood that the only way to maintain any sort of survival and parity was to have one of its own. Then Prime Minister of Pakistan promised that the people will eat grass if they must, but Pakistan will have a nuclear bomb.

    It took a while and a lot of deviousness and finally Pakistan did test its own bomb. The result was that the West roundly condemned Pakistan’s crashing through the doors of the Nuclear Club, Senator Patrick Moynahan condemned the Pakistani bomb as “The Islamic Bomb”, but everyone stepped back a little and calmed down.

    Today, the people of Pakistan are still eating grass because of its corrupt leaders and the US has discovered that it is cheaper to buy Pakistani leaders than to attempt to take the country on. The US has discovered that if Pakistani officers and leaders are paid enough money, allowed to bring it back to the West and if the US arms Pakistan sufficiently, Pakistan will take on the responsibility of killing its own civilians in order to obey the American Lord.

    Everyone is happy…everyone who counts, that is…

  5. The capacity Israel has created with its long range ballistic and cruise missiles, submarines capable to fire missiles armed with nukes, oversized (for Israel’s defense needs) air force capable to very long range operations, own independent spy satellites, missile defense capasity etc indicate, that Israel has been seeking (and achieving) something completely else than the simple military capasity to protect a country named Israel by normal means. The nukes and the long range delivery capasity are intended certainly not simply to be as a last resort weapon. Or to compensate some blurry defined national “mental” uncertainty.

    What if Finland as nation of 5.5 million would have 200 – 400 nukes, ballistic missiles capable to hit even Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, submarines armed with nukes, massive air force capable to make attacks thousands of kilometers away etc. Two thing are certain: 1. The countries in the neighborhood and same continent would not see that force as “defensive”. 2. Finnish politicians would not behave like the leaders of a small country, they would behave like Israeli leaders do now (=behave like leaders of a strong giant nation of hundreds of millions).

    Israel itself is a basically a relatively insignificant country with its population size (5-6 million Jews), size of land area, geographical location (Israel is near strategic important areas, but is not itself a such), small economics, few raw materials etc. A country in the same series as Finland, Croatia, Latvia, Togo etc. What makes the door of White House operate like a mall’s revolving door for Israeli leaders and officials? Leaders of a basically insignificant small country. It would be naive to believe that it happens simply because of the “conflict” with Palestinians and that there are wealthy Jews in USA owning there casinos and media.

    Israel started its political – military games in Iran, Ethiopia/Eritrea and Sudan already in the 60’s. The pressure and activity of troubles on Israel’s borders since Israel was founded were mostly not created by Arab nations. It is clear that Israel’s military, political aims have been and are something completely different than ruling and defending that little spot which officially (international perception of that) is Israel. If the higher end of estimated Israeli nukes (400) is true Israel is the world’s nuclear power number three. Would Israeli present and future leadership be ready to shrink to the league of countries of 5-8 million inhabitants, insignificant states, which would be the inevitable outcome of Israel making peace with Pals and neighbors plus allowing its nukes and other WMD’s disarmed. If it doesn’t happen this “show” goes on and on. Who will and can stop it? Israeli Jews certainly not – voluntarily.

    1. [comment deleted: throwing around terms like “Arab Nazis” as if they’re anything more than smearmongering is offensive and not permitted here]

  6. Egypt’s attack on Israel in 1973, encouraged by US Secretary of State Kissinger, was meant to lightly bloody the Israelis and push them to negotiate on the return of the Sinai. The Egyptians, once they crossed the Suez Canal, could have cut through ill prepared Israeli forces like a hot knife through butter – but, tellingly, they didn’t. The war had much in common with well choreographed theater, setting the stage for Sadat to negotiate a peace treaty with honor. I can’t help but think that the Egyptians didn’t push further because they were acting in concert with the Americans and that both knew that massive Israeli casualties would increase the likelihood of a nuclear attack. Golda Meir was a terrible Prime Minister, the worst Israel has ever had, but her decision here was right on the money – Israel’s continued survival was never at stake in 1973 and while she may have fretted about it, ultimately she knew this to be true and correctly kept Dayan in check.

      1. Disgusting revisionism? Disgusting yes. My Uncle was among the 3000 dead. Revisionism? Hardly. I notice Tom Segev’s book “1967” is in your Tikkun Olam Amazon bookstore. This extremely well documented book notes that the Egyptians stopped advancing despite the fact that they could have advanced farther with little or no resistance. But that wasn’t the point of Sadat’s action:

        “It was aimed as a limited operation; the land was not my aim, at all. I wanted only to prove to the whole world that the Israeli theory of security would collapse and we could cross the Suez Canal and capture the Bar Lev line.”
        ABC News: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rax-YKer-qE&feature=player_detailpage#t=298s

        “Sadat’s peace overtures were defeated not because they lacked merit, but because Egypt was perceived as not having a military option to back them up. US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger implicitly advised the Egyptians that they would be taken seriously only by starting a war. In February 1973, Sadat’s national security adviser, Hafiz Ismail, conveyed to Kissinger a proposal for a comprehensive peace agreement with Israel – a last-ditch attempt to avert military conflict. “I cannot deal with your problem unless it becomes a crisis,” Kissinger responded.

        Former Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben Ami at http://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/the-lessons-of-the-1973-yom-kippur-war-by-shlomo-ben-ami#Z2Ij7v0KTyCCxxq7.99

        The Egyptians set up the Syrians to fail, helped the Americans land a fatal blow to Soviet influence in the Middle East and set the stage for the Camp David Accords. It’s at least plausible. That’s what I meant by “Theater.” I mean why did the Egyptians stop before reaching the Mitla Pass while most Israeli forces where pounding the Syrians in the North? Why did the Egyptians refuse Jordanian suggestions that they try and prevent Israeli forces from racing South after the Syrians were dealt with? Think about it…

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