9 thoughts on “Rafi Eitan: Israel’s Notorious Spymaster, Deconstructed – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Eitan lived life to the fullest. Most men can only fantasize about living Eitan’s daring exploits.

    You can question his judgment, but not his patriotism or his willingness to self-sacrifice.

    As far as Richard’s deconstruction of Eitan’s career, consider what the Middle East would look like if Saddam Hussein had acquired nuclear weapons, and Israel hadn’t.

    Also, while Eitan was the Mossad station chief in France, it wasn’t his decision to kidnap Ben Barka, and, it appears that Morroccan secret service had accidentally tortured Ben Barka to death.

    Spymaster Rafi Eitan correctly observed that, “All intelligence work is a partnership with crime. Morals are put aside”, yet, it is ordinary people like us, who sit in judgment of him.

    1. @ Bare-Ass: Eitan was a criminal and you are an apologist for criminal war crimes. I can question everything. He was a criminal. The country which sent him on these missions acted criminally.

      Had the world attempted to negotiate about Saddam’s nuclear program under threat of attack, we may have persuaded him not to proceed. By striking first we persuaded him that there is no point to negotiations, which is what led to the devastating wars which followed.

      Eitan procured the apartment in which the murder took place. The Mossad knew the Moroccans planned to assassinate him. What did he think they would do in the apartment? Give the victim a bubble bath??

      We ordinary people only sit in judgment because the criminals refuse to consider the moral issues. If they did, we wouldn’t have to do this.

  2. @Richard

    I think you do a disservice to your readers when you label the German AfD Party, which is the third largest party in Germany, ‘Neo-Nazi’.

    As I understand it, AfD is right wing, but it has also tried to distance itself from the extreme right wing of Germany.

    When a local AfD leader made a speech with vague anti-Semitic content, the local leader was censured by AfD leadership, who moved to throw the speechmaker out of the party. This affair happened after Eitan’s political endorsement of AfD.


    I don’t know much about German politics, but I do know that black is black, white is white, and that there are 50 shades of grey.

    Richard. Do you see them too?

    1. @ Bare-Ass: AfD is not neo-Nazi? They’re brushing up their act, huh?? Trying to make themselves more presentable to ordinary people, right? But who are they fooling? You apparently. But no one else.

      A Nazi is a Nazi is a Nazi. And pro-Israel apologists refuse to see them for what they are are little better than Nazis.

  3. Just two minor corrections: the waiter killed in Lillehammer was not Palestinian, but Moroccan, in fact the brother of the founder of the famous French music group Gypsy Kings.
    And Ben Barka was not kidnapped in Geneva, but in the Latin Quarter in Paris.

    1. @ Deir Yassin: I see I misread Bergman’s section on this murder. Ben Barka was living in Geneva, but was lured to Paris by a Mossad agent posing as a documentary filmmaker who lured him to Paris, where the murder took place.

  4. Arie Brand, ik mis je commentaren nog steeds. Nu het gedoe met de Russen voorbij is, kom je dan nu weer terug?

  5. “Had the world attempted to negotiate about Saddam’s…”
    At what point does a lefty give up on negotiation and realize that force and violence must be used? It has to be ISIS or Hitler? Oh wait… with Hitler the world negotiated and Hitler utilized the world naivety to the foolest/fullest.

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