12 thoughts on “BREAKING: Yossi Cohen Sex Diaries – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. an old adage comes to mind and it befits israel as a through and through not a democratic country but as a banana republic , truly no difference from venezuela, nicaragua, pakistan , you know the best of the best.
    and this happened on whose watch , well well none other than Mr Security himself
    Trump trying to undo democracy in america only learned from the best of the best none other than Israel.
    A country run just like the Cosa Nostra , mafia is too timid Ndrangheta is closer
    again and again THE FISH STINKS FROM THE HEAD
    why should anything surprise anyone, would anyone believe that quid pro quos doesnt run in Bibi’s dna.
    would all that happen without the Boss knowledge and approval. p l e a a a a s e
    The only difference is that this guy ripped off some poor and backward country, as opposed to the local billionaires who ripped off the local country not different that good ole Russia. What part of the economy wasn’t shluffed off to this or that family with the banks support just like the good ole Russia, perhaps less now because there is not much left to slough off. and this doesn’t only apply to resources na ah, it applies to the HISTADRUT. as an example. a trrue mafia organization with fewer that the orthodox keeping in line the whole country lock stock and barrel . ISRAEL IS ONE OF THE MOST EXPENSSIVE COUNTRIES JUST BECAUSE OF THE HISTADRUT, FROM PORTS TO TRAINS TO EGGED TO ELECTRICITY AND ON ETC
    all this makes a good spy novel run by the band who couldn’t shoot straight and they pretend to be able to take down iran, yah rite

  2. On 11.6.2020 ,16:38:00 he writes “I lost an employee yesterday. I’ll explain when we meet”. I wonder what that was about and if it was a state secret

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