39 thoughts on “BREAKING: Reports Sara Netanyahu Treated in Viennese Psychiatric Clinic – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Not fair game Richard … I wish her well and a full recovery. For the PM and Sarah to keep it secretive is their personal choice. It would have been courageous to open up after her release from hospital. Too many citizens suffer from mental illness and face long treatment delays. Psychological and psychiatric treatment is a must in today’s society.

    Many leading families face anguish, see Kennedy and Bidens. Some become president due to their psychological disorder and retire in Mar-y-Largo.

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    1. STFU! You talk too much rubbish. The woman is a narcissistic pig and her husband is a rogue dictator that mùst leave the Israeli political sphere! PERIOD!!!!

        1. Sara-Para is a nutcase. She should have been committed a long time ago! But instead she runs Israel because Biyuvi is smartut (=rag).

        2. Bibi have armies of trolls, he’s been doing that for years. They work around the clock and its a sure thing that this site is on top of his list. Sadly its impossible to make a real conversation…

  2. The entry on Sara Netanyahu appears between entries dated 1999 and 2004, and the list is chronological.

  3. My two cents: I did not know she is a child psychologist. She must have a disconnect/conflict between political beliefs/ support of (or pushing) her husband’s politics regarding Palestinians these long years and what that does psychologically, the trauma on both sides, but especially the ongoing trauma on the Palestinian side, the children. As professional she should know. ow could she not know? They are not human? The tension alone between her allegiances and what she must know could make her crack. My guess, an anxiety disorder.

        1. BS, the israeli-arab conflict is 100 years old and stems from the unacceptance of the arabs to see jews on what they regard as their land. Add to that the inherently belligerent mentality of islamic culture. Nothing to do with any particular leader of israel.

          1. @ Naftali: Thank you. Not for the content of your comment, which was vile. But for displaying here all the Islamophobia, and toxic racism characteristic of Israeli Jews. You are a know nothing. You know nothing about Palestinians, Arabs or Muslims. But the certainty of your righteousness is deeply repellant.

            Thanks to you, we know what we’re up against.

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          3. Richard, may I ask what makes YOU an expert on Arabs or Islam? Seems like your ideas are set in stone and oblivious to facts. 
            Agreed that most Muslims just want to live and let live. However who was it that beheaded hostages, kidnapped and raped school girls in Nigeria, kidnaped raped and killed Yazidi women in Iraq, murdered indiscriminately people in Paris, Nice and London (oops my mistake; the guys in Paris deserved to die for having committed blasphemy against the Prophet), destroyed thousands years old ancient sites in Syria and Iraq ?

          4. @ Eli: I am going to moderate you for posting blatantly Islamophobic comments here, which is prohibited. Do not post such content in future.

            But food for thought: how is radical Islam different from any bout of religious/tribal extremism throughout history from the Crusades to the Inquisition to the Israelite Biblical conquest. Those were horrendous frenzies of religious genocide by religions other than Islam. And such attacks and hatred continue to this day: Rohyngas in Burma, etc. Yet you, in yr infinite wisdom focus on Islam as the bete noire of world religions. Shame on you!

          5. That Israel chooses no negotiation at this point, no Palestinian state ever and to rely on military might and technology (Iron Dome) to prevail over the entire land, gives lie to your assertion about who has the belligerent mentality and why the conflict today.

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      1. Ock- the trauma of Gaza’s children has been ongoing, through all the “mowings” for sure but even during quiet periods under siege.

    1. she must be a terrible child psychologist…just that filthy supremacist son of hers and his rants on social media/in the courts says so much to me about how well she raised him

  4. No pity for that woman. I remember when she yelled like a mad at an aide on the telephone because her profession was not included in an article, when the poor guy says that her title ‘psychologist’ appears in the first sentence she screams totally out of her mind B.A., M.A. and you can hear that the guy is p*ssing his pants.
    A lunatic married to another lunatic running an asylum.

      1. @ Rex: No pity for a mentally troubled person who is the 2nd most powerful figure in a country. Nor should we. Her influence on life & death decisions is pernicious and deeply dangerous.

      2. Do you have any pity for all the civilians influenced by her power? or if a person is mentally ill, all his transgressions and destructive consequences disappear?

  5. In the text you cite from the video there’s absolutely no sign of “extreme narcissism and megalomania”. To clarify, I am referring just to this specific quote.

    1. @ Amir Rahmani: So you’re saying Bibi is not a narcissist or magalomaniac? And saying that his political rivals will destroy the state if he’s not leading it is NOT narcissism and megalomania?? Really?

      1. I was referring to, and only to, the text from her video that starts with the words “Lately, I saw”. I am not claiming that she or he are not narcissists or megalomaniacs.

      2. Anyway, even saying that your political rivals will destroy the state if you’re not leading, regardless of how true or false it is, does not prove you’re a narcissist or megalomaniac. If Biden says (I don’t know whether he actually said) that had Trump been re-elected it would have been catastrophic for the country, that would’nt prove he was a narcissist or megalomaniac, either (no, I am not comparing Biden to Netanyahu or Trump to Netanyahu’s rivals, or the level of truth in both claims). Besides, I guess he was reffering to his current rivals, and didn’t mean that he will never have any rival capable of leading without destroying the country. In fact, saying that your rivals will desteoy the country is a negative saying about them, not a positive saying about yourself. Once again, I am not claiming that she or he are not narcissists or megalomaniacs, I am just saying that you can’t prove that with this specific saying. BTW, I voted for one of those rivals and I don’t regret it.

        1. @ Amir: YOU voted for one of his Bibi’s rivals? And what, you want a medal for that?

          Please don’t post any further comments in this thread. Any reasonable person understands Bibi is both a narcissist and megalomaniac. You can quibble all you like. I find this a total bore.

  6. Wow Richrad,
    Finally we have a knight who protects Israel from it self.
    You are on the same scale like Noam Chomsky and Yeshayahu Leibowitz…who, although being Jews, are not afraid to be moral voices.

  7. Sorry I’m late to this particular party, but I didn’t read this story about Sarah’s tsuriss till today, June 16. What got me to read it was a phone conversation I just finished with my cousin in Israel who told me the widely known “rumor” in Israel is that Sarah is in a psychiatric hospital in Vienna. I told him I had seen a headline on this website with that information. He informed me no Israeli media is willing to break that story. He added that the story was not officially censored, but informally, out of personal consideration for the ex first family. I asked him if HaOlam Hazeh, Uri Avneri’s magazine was still around? They definitely would have broken that story. He said no, they don’t have media like that anymore in Israel. Friends, that is the forest. Sarah’s secret hospitalization is just another tree.

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