4 thoughts on “Mossad Chief’s Meddling on Behalf of Israeli Oligarch Angered US Officials, Endangered US-Israel Relations – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @ Tony: Gur Megiddo is a Haaretz/The Marker investigative reporter. THe origins of the Israeli TV documetnary are in his earlier reporting. His work is impeccable. One major part of my report is, as I mentioned in the post, based on an Israeli source who has proven credible in the past. As I wrote, there is, as yet, no way to confirm with absolute certainty this aspect of the story. But given Cohen’s absolute recklessness in many other matters, and his willingness to engage in activities that benefit him to the exclusion of the State he’s serving, it’s entirely credible. I am working hard to try to confirm that part of my post. Everything else in my post is based either on Operation Gertler or on previous reporting (to which I linked).

      1. Thanks Richard. Great post. I listened to Our Megiddo on the Haaretz podcast the other day speak about the Gertler-Cohen affair. In it, he emphasised that while he knew what the purpose of Cohen’s meetings with Kabila were, he cannot reveal it due to the Israeli Censor determining that this information would imperil Israeli security. However, what he was willing to say (and which I think has since been removed on the order of the censor…) is that:
        (1) The “secret” that Israel’s censor is preventing from being published regarding the case does not truly pose a security threat to Israel That’s just an excuse. (NB: in a recent tweet, Megiddo specifically refutes the idea that the revelation of the content of Cohen’s meetings with Kabila would endanger lives.
        https://twitter.com/GurMegiddo/status/1527030431325069313?s=20&t=UZ7aSpb42WidJ2EnmHPp8A )
        The real reason for the censorship is that the revelation would embarrass Israel internationally. In fact, Megiddo specifically says that the revelations would make the Shirin Abu Aqleh PR debacle look like a “walk in the park”.

        (2) Moreover, Megiddo states in the podcast episode (since removed from the Haaretz website) that if the full reasons for Cohen’s meetings with Kabila became known, it would cause an outrage not just internationally, but also within most of the Israeli political establishment (with the exception of the hardcore ‘Bibist’ camp).

        (3) There is no obvious reason why Gertler needed to accompany Cohen on his meetings with Kabila. The themes discussed had little to do with his area of expertise.

        In sum, Megiddo is telling us that Cohen’s real reasons for coming to Congo was something very rotten and embarrassing. He was sent to Congo with Netanyahu’s blessings – probably to advance some kind of political plan, process or initiative.
        Your speculation that the ‘thing’ being censored is the fact that Cohen got interrogated by the FBI doesn’t really square with this. Megiddo explicitly mentions in the Tweet above that Israel’s censorship authorities are prohibiting publication of the reason for Cohen’s visits to Congo.

        See his other relevant tweets here:

        1) where he notifies his followers that his podcast interview has been censored and removed from the Haaretz website:


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