4 thoughts on “New Israeli Police, Intelligence Chiefs Named; Desecrating the Dead – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Yossi Melman also wrote that Alsheikh started as a field operative, not an interrogator. You have claimed repeatedly that Alsheikh is an interrogator. Who’s right, you or Melman?

    1. @ Yoav: I don’t know why people like you can’t read your own comment & figure things out for yourself. When someone rises up through an agency over decades they have a variety of positions. You may start as a field operative & then shift into interrogation. I never said that Alsheikh didn’t start his career as field operative. Regardless, Alsheikh’s career has primarily been as an interrogator. If you don’t believe me, ambush him like the TV reporters are doing & go ask him yourself.

  2. Roni Alsheikh is your new police chief? So this is the first Arab that assumes this position? How old is this man? Were his father or grandfather flown from Yemen to Ben Gurion in The Operation Magic Carpet? And then given a Palestinian house in Bet Dagon?

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