10 thoughts on “Israeli Assassinates Another IRG Officer – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1.  “But the truth is that the killing doesn’t advance any strategic goal”

    Sure it does.
    It exposes deep rifts in the Iranian government, showing the world that within Iran, there are viable alternatives in to the hated mullahs.

    It reminds Israel’s enemies that she will revenge attacks on Israel and on Jews the world over.

    It normalizes Israel’s attacks on Iran, and in so doing, prepares the world for Israel’s certain and looming destruction of Iran’s nuclear arsenal.

    Richard. You may not be aware, but Putin’s war on Ukraine has scared Europe to it’s core and has drawn the EU and Israel much closer.
    https://www.jpost. com/opinion/article-707320?dicbo=v2-d7e9d743dcb3d59630714bbd0341eef4

    The world has now woken up and sees that a nuclear armed Iran will give it license to invade her neighbors the same way as Russia has invaded Ukraine.

    Russia and Iran must be stopped in their tracks.

    1. @you are trouble:

      t exposes deep rifts in the Iranian government

      You haven’t the faintest clue what the hell you’re talking about. These are hasbara talking points. Not serious analysis. You know nothing about Iran–rifts or otherwise. MeK murderers do not consttue a “rift” inside Iran. In fact, MeK is a creature of the Mossad as scores of media reports have confirmed. Training a killer to kill someone doesn’t count for anything.

      It reminds Israel’s enemies that she will revenge attacks on Israel and on Jews the world over.

      Which is cool when Iran starts avenging attacks on it, its citizens and infrastructure. And please leave us Jews out of your insane calculations. You don’t speak for us, we don’t want your help or protection.

      The world has now woken up and sees that a nuclear armed Iran will give it license to invade her neighbors

      More utter bullshit. Iran hasn’t invaded a neighbor in 300 years. The only country Iran hates enough to attack is Israel. And that hate is motivated by Israeli aggression and chest-beating.

      BTW, this is not a soccer game and you don’t act like a fan rooting for the home team. So no slogans, please. As for being stopped, it’s Israel that must be stopped. It is FAR more dangerous than Iran.

      No links to the Jerusalem Post: we don’t shill for media shmattehs.

      1. “[comment deleted: one comment per thread. I already warned you about this. Do it again and you’ll be moderated]

      2. israel is not known to fully grasp the notion that killing a man does not kill an idea.
        playing whack-a-mole is just another way of making work for idle hands, which we know are the hands of the devil.
        next, israel just turned the 70’s logo on its head
        who doesn’t remember the ‘MAKE LOVE NOT WAR’ of the 70’s
        well now the IAI just came up with a new logo for the tech companies.
        ok now you can all start moaning, laughing whatever, goes to show that Putin does not rule in the kingdom of idiocy

  2. Query.

    Why is a nuclear scientist, trying to develop a weapon that could kill millions of people, any less a target, than an IRGC colonel plotting to kill a handful of people?

    1. @nowhere near Lord Byron: First, Iranian physicists are not “trying to develop a weapon that could kill millions.” The CIA verfied and even the IAEA accepts that Iran’s nuclear program ended in 2003. By your standard, all nuclear physicists working anywhere on any research that could have any applicability to building a nuclear weapon could be targeted for assassination.

      Second, there are Israeli nuclear scientists who have actually built 200 nuclear weapons. By your logic, they should be targets for assassination. Unless Israeli scientists have a special designation/exemption in your perverted moral universe. That would make you a racist, Iranophobe, or hypocrite (probably all 3). And an IDF “colonel” should be no less a target (and will be).

      Third, Iranian physicists and colonels are doing exactly what Israeli nuclear scientists and IDF officers are doing: protecting their country from aggressors. In fact, they are defending their country while Israel is attacking it. Iranians are far more justified in the actions they take than Israelis.

  3. It is working pretty well.
    No one expects a whole program to collapse b/c of one person, but many people and their expertise cannot be replaced easily. It takes time for others to fill their shoes and is putting the system into a shock.
    He was not a clerk but a scientist.

    1. @ Ari:

      He was not a clerk but a scientist.

      This is a perfect example of the idiocy of the Hasbara crowd . First of all, he was NOT a scientist. He was deputy commander of the IRG. Second of all, yes a person can be replaced fairly easily. All nations and movements which are the target of Israeli assassination [aka war crimes] have built in redundancies in their personnel system. They must be, and are prepared to shift at a moment’s notice. IN fact, as I’ve noted here in the past, the person who replaces the victim murdered is often more capable and lethal than his predecessor. The notion that murder will degrade the enemy’s capabilities is dead wrong. Third, the Iranian system is resilient and no assassination is going to “put it in shock.” This is just more wishful thinking from the deluded Israeli perpetual war machine. Fourth, you know about as much about Iran as you know about astrophysics. Or even less.

      It is working pretty well

      And don’t you ever justify or praise murder here. Esp not the Israeli murder machine here.

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