27 thoughts on “Trump “Locked and Loaded” for Iran Attack on Saudi Arabia’s Behalf – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. More anti-Iranian zionist propaganda… I don’t know who we should trust less… Saudi Arabia, David Hearst or Richard Silverstein… “Saudi story is very suspicious. Called it a drone attack. US satellites showed it was really a missile attack. Now Saudis agree it was a missile attack.”… Could have come from ANYwhere (!)…

    1. @ economasterful: You’re an idiot. I’m interviewed by PressTV usually 2-3 times a week. Would they interview me so regularly if I was anti-Iranian? David Hearst is a distinguished journalists with decades of experience reporting similar exclusive stories based on Middle Eastern sources. What are your bona fides?

      And your claims about what U.S. satellites showed is wrong. In fact, U.S. officials have said there could have been a coordinated attack that involved both drones AND missiles.

  2. Syrian air-defense is able rather successfully to down the very developed western and Israeli missiles and drones, even they do not have the best latest requirements. Saudi Arabia has spent completely absurd sums to western, especially American, weapons and they can not even locate a swarm of drones and/or cruise missiles flying one thousand kilometers through their country against their biggest oil producing facility in the world.

    There are three possibilities to make this
    1) Americans have sold Saudi Arabia total garbage as radars and air defense training
    2) The Houthi or Iranian drones or cruise missiles are so developed that western radar systems do not see them at all
    3) It did not happen as we are told.

    With the present “official” story line we have to choose to explain the consequences either with the useless but expensive Saudi air defense or superior skilled enemy.

    The irony of all this is that American regime claims to know certainly who was behind the attack, but did not warn their best weapon customer and do not want to explain how US equipped, trained and partly operated Saudi defense was beaten in this scale.

    1. @ SimoHurtta: Another factor to consider: if it is this easy for the Houthi &/or Iranians to hit Saudi targets with their drones and missiles, Israel may want to rethink how impregnable it is from these same weapons should it attack Iran. One has to assume that Saudi anti-missile defenses are at least as good as Israel’s. If so, and these strikes are so effective against Saudi targets, could they inflict a similar level of damage on Israel?

  3. It is so cool to see how you treat a missile attack by Iran as a legitimate strategic move while when Israel is the one to attack you treat it as a crime against humanity.
    You are an agent in this debate and long ago chose a size. This isn’t journalism.

    1. @Joshua: You confuse analysis with advocacy. I an analyzing events and policy. I am not advocating on behalf of one side or another. Your problem is that your ox is being gored and you don’t like my Pointing out it was your ox that started the fight.

      All Israel has to do to stop these attacks is resolve its hostilities with its neighbors. As long as it maintains a bellicose, rejectionist stance, it will continue to reap the whirlwind.

      Your definition of “journalism” is what you like to hear. That’s not journalism either.

  4. @SimoHurtta: “Syrian air-defense is able rather successfully to down the very developed western and Israeli missiles” – and this is based on what, Syrian and Russian statements every time Israel successfully strikes various sites in Syria?

    Russian air defense systems are very good at shooting down planes. Intercepting missiles is a very different story.

    1. @Nisim: it hardly matters whether Israel succeeds or fails at delivering its missiles to targets in Syria. the fact is, that it has failed to topple Assad as it attempted to do, and it has failed to suppress Iranian military activity there as well.

  5. @Richard Silverstein: Whether Israel succeeds at delivering missiles to targets in Syria matters to the only point I was making: that failure to thwart the attack on the Saudi facilities does not support SimoHurtta’s proposed exclusive scenarios. Whether Israel’s strikes in Syria are strategically successful or merely operationally successful is beside the point.

  6. [comment deleted: you’re either a pro-Israel troll or an Islamist anti-Semite. I don’t know which and it doesn’t matter. Try this crap again and you’ll be banned.]

  7. Consider this, Richard Silverstein.
    Consider this.

    In May of this year, the U.S. government announced it had gathered intelligence indicating Iran might be preparing to launch attacks on American military personnel or other interests across the Middle East.
    Satellite imagery appeared to show elements of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) loading large missiles – possibly cruise missiles – onto boats in the Persian Gulf.

    Were these the cruise missiles used in yesterday’s attack on the Saudi oil installations?

    1. @ Benyamin: Why does any of this matter? My post plus the source to which I linked both said it was likely Iranian missiles attacked Saudi Arabia. Why do cruise missiles on Iranian ships have any significance?

  8. Well Nisin how many planes have Russians and Syrians shot down above Syria during this “civil war”? A couple at best, but they have shot down hundreds of Israeli, American etc missiles and guided bombs. Israelis do not dare to enter Syrian airspace. They fire the missiles and guided bombs from the airspace outside Syria (Lebanon or the sea). Most of these objects have been then shot down by the Syrian air defense. It is stupid to undermine the skills and technology the “enemy” has, especially when the evidence clearly shows “results”. It is not anymore 1967 or 1973 and even then Israel was saved only by US aid and interference. Today Russia (and their customers) have missile defense systems as (or more) developed as Israeli and US systems.

    Now the American regime is spreading “evidence” that the drones came from Iran. So we are demanded to believe, that the large swarm of Iranian drones and missiles flew undetected through the area full of warships, giant military bases of numerous local and foreign countries and finally through Saudi defense lines. That must be the world record in bypassing the most sophisticated radar systems in the world. It is almost impossible to believe that Iranians would have so sophisticated drones and missiles. If it has US and Israeli leaders have real problems with their enemy’s weapons and own missile defense’s quality.

    In the news is that Russians are now publicly (with a smile) offering Saudi Arabia air defense systems, that must really enrage the main weapon salesmen in “Trumpistan”. First they lost Turkey and now …

    1. @ SimoHurtta: There is very little evidence, except Syrian government officials and media, that the Syrians have shot down Israeli missiles. I believe a few years ago I covered a story about an Israeli missile that was shot down and landed in Jordan. Other than that, I’ve read nothing credible or convincing about such interceptions. Just to be clear, I’m opposed to Israeli intervention in Syria, as I’ve said here many times before. But I also believe that statements made should be based on credible facts and not on government propaganda from one side or another.

  9. How come you always rant about “israeli hostilities” and now, after Iran is being invited to the table, Iran decides go on the offense, you are silent?
    “If it was Israel, you would have called it rejectionism. Why when Iran is destroying the chance for peace, it is a legitimate step?

    1. @ Joshua:

      now, after Iran is being invited to the table

      Invited to the table? By whom? How? When? When the U.S. began starving Iranian babies by imposing sanctions? When the U.S. insulted Iran by calling it the worst agent of terror in the world? When it flew drones over Iranian airspace?

      Why when Iran is destroying the chance for peace

      There was a chance for peace. It was called the JCPOA. And Bibi and Trump destroyed it. There is so longer a chance for peace. There is only a chance for war. Until BIbi and Trump are toppled and the world can step back from the precipice.

  10. @Richard

    ” Why does any of this matter?”

    It matters because David Hearst’s single, unidentifiable, Iraqi ‘source’, says the recent attack is revenge for an Israeli-Saudi attack in August, but, there was as American warning of a pending attack in May, months before Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Kurds allegedly struck a deal.

    How does Hearst’s ‘source’ know Iran’s recent attack, using some sort of hybrid cruise missile, wasn’t planned in May, before the Israel-Saudi attack?

    Why is Hearst’s ‘source’ the only one pointing to the Israel-Saud-Kurd attack as the root cause of the attack on the Saudi refinery? Don’t other journalists throughout the world have ‘sources’ in Iraqi Intelligence?

    It would help of another ‘source’ could confirm Hearst’s claim.

    1. @ Benyamin: David Hearst and his sources are impeccable. Hearst needs to prove nothing to you. He has proven himself time and again with previous inside scoops on Middle East politics.

      there was as American warning of a pending attack in May,

      No, there was a warning of an impending attack in May against U.S. assets. Not a warning of an attack on Saudi Arabia.

      How does Hearst’s ‘source’ know Iran’s recent attack, using some sort of hybrid cruise missile, wasn’t planned in May

      You clearly don’t understand much about how things work in this neck of the woods. Iran doesn’t plan an attack in May and execute it in September.

      Why is Hearst’s ‘source’ the only one pointing to the Israel-Saud-Kurd attack as the root cause of the attack on the Saudi refinery?

      Again, he doesn’t need authentification of his source. Heart’s record stands for itself. He’s practicing journalism. You’re practicing bullshit.

      Don’t other journalists throughout the world have ‘sources’ in Iraqi Intelligence?

      I guess not.

      It would help of another ‘source’ could confirm Hearst’s claim.

      Hearst’s job is not to help you. His job is to be the best journalist he can and report stories no one else can. And he does it well.

      You are done in this thread.

  11. [comment deleted: yet another offensive, anti-Semitic comment. YOu are now moderated. Your next comment violating the rules will earn banning.]

  12. Sorry Richard, what did I say that is antisemitic?

    There is no proof that Iran did the attack only what the american admin says. They may be lying or they may be misled.

    I really believe Israel did it to put Saudi and Iran to war. Why are you so sure it is not Israel?

    Did you read ‘Gideon’s Spies’ by Gordon Thomas? He is a respected journalist. He said, Mossad and Israel are always doing things like this, using a ‘divide and rule’ policy.

    1. @ Ali: You’re fighting a losing battle. THere is ample proof either Iran or one of its ally/proxies did it. I hate conspiracy theorists and I’m not going to permit you to sling bullshit here. That means you’re done in this thread. No more comments here.

      Frankly, I don’t understand why the resistance to accepting an Iranian role, either direct or indirect. If the U.S., Israel and Iran’s enemies are threatening it and trampling on its interests, why doesn’t Iran have a right to respond and defend those interests? I think you want your cake and to eat it too. You want Iran to be able to actively resist threats and damage to its interests, but you also want to deny Iran has any role doing so. That seems disingenuous.

      Gordon Thomas is a jackass. He knows as much about the Mossad as he knows about nuclear physics or brain surgery. He is not a respected journalist. He’s a sensationalist.

      And even if Israel did it (which it didn’t) the Mossad would have little or nothing to do with it. THis would be an IDF operation, not Mossad. Which once again betrays your ignorance…

  13. [comment deleted: I warned you to pay attention when I told you that you were done in the thread. You have repeatedly ignored this including in this thread. Therefore, I have moderated you. You may continue to post comments if you wish. But only those which respect the comment rules will be published.

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