4 thoughts on “Trump Considering $15-Billion in Sanctions Relief if Iran Returns to Nuclear Deal – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hey wait a minute.
    Netanyahu just provided the world with satellite images of the Iranian Abadeh installation before and after it was uncovered by Israel, which coverup, as seen in the photos, was hasty.

    Before the Macron deal is struck, IAEA inspectors need to launch an immediate investigation to see whether Iran violated the nuclear deal.

    The IAEA needs to get in there and check to see if the Abadeh site has radioactive residue similar to that found in the “carpet factory” in Turquzabad, which Israel referred the IAEA to back in December.

    Richard. Aren’t you curious to know what the Iranians are doing at the Abadeh site?

    1. @benyamin: I’m adding a new comment rule specifically for you: do NOT post a comment until you’ve read the entire post. If you had, you’d have known that the IAEA almost definitely has inspected the site. Israel told them of the site after they discovered it. Surely the IAEA immediately went to visit and did exactly what you suggest, and found nothing. If it had found anything, the IAEA would have revealed that and Israel would know what it found.

      Stop being lazy and wasting my time replying.

  2. “the IAEA almost definitely has inspected the site. ”

    ‘Almost definitely’. That’s reassuring.

    There is zero proof that the IAEA has inspected the Abadeh installation.

    I submit, that if the IAEA had inspected the site, and had given it a clean bill of health, there would have been no need for Iran to destroy and erase the site like it did this past July.

    See what I’m saying?

    1. @ Benyamin:

      ‘Almost definitely’. That’s reassuring.

      Put yourself in the IAEA’s shoes. Israel comes to you and says the Abadeh facility is a nuclear weapons site. What do you do? Do you sit on your hands and eat bonbons? Play a round of cards? Or do you send inspectors on the next plane and go straight there to inspect it? Of course you go–and pronto. And then if you find something suspicious or detectable nuclear activity, you tell the member states and possibly the world that Iran is violating its agreements. Did that happen? No.

      So what do we think happened here (everyone except you, that is)? IAEA went to Abadeh as soon as the Israelis informed them of their suspicions and found nothing.

      After several days of waiting, I still have had no word from the IAEA press office answering my questions about Abadeh. They clearly don’t want to wade into Bibi’s bogus claims at all. If there was a ‘there’ there, they surely would confirm his claim in some fashion.

      As for destroying the site, Iran knows that every available satellite in the western world is focussed on every nook and cranny of its territory that could be such a site. Neither you nor I know what happened there and why. We don’t even know for sure that the Israeli satellite images are what Israel claims. But there could be many reasons Iran destroyed the site if that’s what it did.

      You are done in this thread.

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