5 thoughts on “Trump Abandons Bibi: “Our Relationship is With Israel” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. On the contrary he expressed his ties with Israel which is a stronger annunciation than that of one person.
    Bibi may still become PM because the playing field is like chess: where ever you move your’e screwed.
    We will wait and see.

    1. @ avram: Trump’s “ties with Israel” are purely transactional and not based on any values or even ideology. If Israel was not useful to him politically he’d drop it just as fast as he dropped Bibi.

  2. I think the greater story is that many Israelis have had enough of Bibi and his extremism and went to polling stations to vote Blue and White.

    1. @ Benyamin: If Israelis have had enough of Bibi it has nothing to do with his extremism. Rather, it has to do with his corrupt nature and simply the exhaustion of 20 years of him as PM. Israelis have no problem with extremism. And they’ll continue getting extremism from whatever new government is formed.

  3. I hope Netanyahu is over- we shall see. I am envious for this to happen to us re Trump. And then may Trump get dropped “like a hot potato” by all.

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