8 thoughts on “Twitter Outlaws “Yid” as “Hate Speech” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. So much for ‘social media’. My social media is limited to email. Not being personal but I find all these other things somewhat dehumanizing. Good luck!

  2. I realize the attitude’s not very constructive, but I find it hard to sympathize when you have this experience.

    After all, you yourself are remarkably quick to block and even delete comments if conversations stop going your way.

    It would appear that for some reason, what’s sauce for the goose isn’t sauce for the gander.

    1. @Colin Wright: A remarkably obtuse comment. My comment threads are not a social media platform. I am not Twitter. This is my personal website. Just as important , Twitter is not Jack Dorsey’s personal blog or website. it is in effect a public utility which should be regulated as such.

      Not to mention you’ve missed the essential difference between Twitter and a blog comment thread. The comment thread is meant to have a Conversation about the post in question (at least that’s my conception here). Twitter is a much more free wheeling forum in which verbal ideological combat is prevalent among a wide variety of users and topics.

      Your comment is virtually identical to past pro-Israel commenters who’ve voiced the same view about my past suspensions. Interesting that you share their views and expressed them in virtually identical ways. I will remember that you essentially supported my censorship by Twitter.

  3. I refer to myself as a yid all the time. And I refer to the other yids as yids. What am I gonna do now when I want to be self-deprecating or criticize the other denizens of Chelm? Lol

    1. If you use it as a term of mockery for a pro-Israel Jew on Twitter, and the hasbarati has it out for you, they will orchestrate a campaign against you. Barring that, you’re good to go. Twitter doesn’t give a shit what you do or say.

      Someone called my mother a whore and said he wanted to piss on my grave and he is an accused pederast. That’s Twitter-kosher apparently.

  4. It is nice to watch the left ear the same dish of PC they feed the right.
    I guess twitter algorithms might have analyzed your tweets and articles about Haredi Jews and concluded you are an anti-Semite.

    The bigger question is – “what do you learn from it that a computer mistaken you for an anti-Semite?”

  5. Is personal web page a private web page? A private web page is only a web page which can be entered with the owners permission (=password). If the page is achievable to all it is a public page. If it is possible to add comments to the page/opinion piece/news naturally the pages’ operator can define the rules of those comments. Let us remember that every writing/news/comment in internet is in the end an opinion. Like the stories and news in main stream media have always gone through the filters of their owners the stories in blogs have gone through that world view their writers have. The comments often tell how much the readers trust in objectivity of the writing.

    Let’s remember that Facebook and Twitter are US companies and so represent a considerable share of the power USA has in the present days world. That power comes through USA’s ability to control those social media companies. The faster Israel and its supporters manage to spoil the credibility as neutral platforms of those US companies, the better to the world. Israel has managed to make USA’s foreign policy less lets say lucid through its astonishing influence in USA’s decision making system. The more ideological control and censorship in Facebook and Twitter, the faster they lose their present position.

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