20 thoughts on “U.S. Spy Who Defected to Iran Helped Plan Assassination of Intelligence Officers, Attacks on U.S. and Israeli Targets – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “But clearly she could never have been persuaded to return to the U.S. and could never have been forcibly returned by kidnapping.”

    Why not a rendition? We’ve done it before to far more dangerous people? If we could have gotten close enough to kill her, we would have been close enough to kidnap her. And, she would be far more valuable alive than dead.

    As far as Ms Franklin, she wasn’t charged her with anything. She was detained, pursuant to Federal statute, as a material witness for the Grand Jury hearing into the charges against Witt.
    Franklin received complete due process, from beginning to end.
    Franklin had an attorney appointed to her even though she wasn’t charged with anything. Why didn’t her attorney charge the Justice Department if her due process rights were violated?


  2. Now the US has TWO reasons to attack Iran…and they’re both women! Anybody else as sick of US exceptionalism as I am?

  3. “who claim that Iran wants to destroy not just Israel, but the Jewish people as a whole.”
    – not sure who claims that, but the real claim, a non Muslim entity in the Middle East is an insult to Islam and Muslims. Why else would ALL Muslims countries oppose Israel?
    Human rights??? You must be kidding.
    Progressive approach?? Delusional.
    Islam isn’t evil, neither are Muslims. But this approach water down what they believe in. Shame!

    1. @ Yoni Levy: You’re an Israeli and you’ve not heard your own prime minister say not once, but multiple times precisely these words? So are you just ignorant, lying, or arguing in bad faith–or all three?

      All Muslim countries oppose Israel? That’s another lie. In fact, several Muslim countries have negotiated peace agreements with Israel. Several others purchase billions of dollars of spy gear from Israel and employ Israelis on site to install and monitor it. Other Muslim countries do billions of dollars in arms sales and tourism business with Israel.

      I do not permit false claims or lies to be published here. You are on notice. If you publish Islamophobia here again, you will be moderated (at least).

    1. @Bare-ass: Oy, we’ve had this argument here countless times in the past and it’s so frigging boring to repeat it I can’t tell you…Even if the Argentine claims against Iran and Hezbollah are true, this event happened over 20 years ago. Ronen Bergman says that Israel has assassinated over 3,000 Arabs it deems enemies, and that’s just Mossad killings. If you add all the other Arabs Israel has murdered over the past 70 years, it far surpasses those murdered in Argentina.

      Your comment was far off topic, but I’ve allowed it because it was tendentially related to the post. But don’t post off topic again. It’s a comment rule violation.

  4. You botched my point and turned it into something else which then you called islamophobia.
    I wonder why is this card is pulled by you quickly when it comes to Islam but when people write about Judaism, the benchmark for anti Semitism is soooooooo high?

    The fact things changed recently with some countries, and even most of that is deeply undercover tells us the story is a bit more complex than what you presented.

    1. @ Yoni Levy: I understood your point quite well. You made a blatantly false claim that all Muslim countries oppose Israel. Make sweeping false generalizations about Islam, Muslims or Muslim countries is Islamophobic. You are an Islamophobe.

  5. I am placing some thoughts on this article, hoping to get some helpful responses.
    1. As US counter-intel person in charge, why would I evacuate the endangered personnel in a hurry? I would quietly replace the family with similar-looking agents in order to catch or kill the Iranian team when it comes to do its work. Of course, it may not work but the family will have been made safe anyway so what is there to lose?

    I seriously doubt that Iran would attempt blind retaliation against JEWS as such, instead of targeting significant Jews of military importance. Firstly, killing non-combatants will not make Iran any safer.
    Secondly, it would rile up the rest of the world that cares so MUCH more about Jews than it does about the hundreds of thousands of Muslims being butchered directly and indirectly, by the US and the West…and by Israel.
    Thirdly, Iran has Jews among its population including some who have parliamentary seats reserved specifically for Jews so why would it strike blindly against Jews? Perhaps this third point has more to say about people who may profit from promoting the existential threats to Jews, than it does about what Iran may do.
    Now for the REAL shocker. I wish Iran would develop its own nukes because only then will Israel and the West, get off its back. These days safety guarantees by the West, for countries who give up their nukes or nuke programs, are not worth the ink they are written with (paper is worth more). N. Korea was being shoved into the sea until it blasted a couple of nukes and suddenly, the West decided to “Talk, talk, not war, war”. The Ukraine was persuaded to give up its stocks of nukes and how has that worked out for them now? Pakistan saw that India had nukes so it developed its own and now the scale of battles between India and Pakistan are controllable. It is also the same line of thought that Israel has used to stockpile its own nukes…and it is just as crazy as any other country and could/would use its nukes.
    Why not Iran? oh, and PLEASE spare me the hysterics on this question!

  6. ‘ oh, and PLEASE spare me the hysterics on this question!’

    There is an inkling of truth in what you said. Just consider if Iran nuked Israel. Israel being an extremely small country any nuke would contaminate the entire country for over 100 yrs. aside from killing millions of Muslims and then no access to al-Aksa nor the Patriarchs cave!
    Israel cannot nuke Lebanon, Syria, too close to home considering the radioactivity.
    So in the end Israel could only nuke Iran due to its distance from Israel. Of course there are strategic weapons with less radius of fallout but I am not savvy about these.

    1. @natasha: Hey, we know about your PhD in nuclear engineering and that dissertation on nuclear war strategies in the Middle East but…let me bring you up short. Israel has indeed not only contemplated by come very close to using a nuclear weapon. It prepared its first WMD just before the 1967 War so it could be used if Israel was losing the war. And in 1973, Dayan actually forcefully advocated dropping a nuclear weapon in Sinai as a warning to the Arabs of what was in store unless they agreed to a ceasefire (this was towards the beginning of the war when Israel was reeling and on the defensive).

  7. @yonilevy. Spare us the wide-eyed protest at being called out as the Islamophobe you present yourself.
    Being Muslim, I am one of the ‘they” you say who hate Jews and wish to destroy Israel…oh and “they” who have no concern for human rights and progressive approach. Yeah, we all also believe a Jewish entity is an insult to Islam. Do they teach you this bullshit in Israel or, has it made the leap and now is being taught in the US as well?

    CLEARLY, you know nothing about Islam or Muslims and I am not about to teach you here because it would take too long and will not change the darkness in your heart.
    “Human rights”. There is not a person in a Muslim-majority country who would not like to be treated as an equal with the same rights as those enjoyed by the elites. The trouble is that the elites, the rulers of almost every Muslim-majority country, are in place because the US wants them there. The US is supporting all tyrants and butchers with money and weapons, just as it is supporting Israel which ALSO does not give a tinkers dam for you much vaunted “human rights”.

    Muslims, myself included, hate what Israel is doing to the Palestinians and want to see the regime that promotes such slaughter and oppression, destroyed…removed from existence, leaving an Israel that is truly a democracy, that respects human rights for ALL, not just for Jews, that is an INCLUSIVE nation instead of an oppressive, exclusionary, dispossessing cruel entity reserved to benefit Jews and ONLY Jews.
    That does not mean we hate Jews or, that we hate Israel.

    Of course there are horrible Muslim tyrants who should all be lined-up and shot but the US will never allow that kind of regime change. After all, the US was instrumental in destroying the Arab Spring.

  8. @natasha. Since 9-11 the US has been using nukes from Pakistan to Libya. It has spread hundreds of thousands of tons of Depleted Uranium (half life + 4.5 BILLION years) across those countries, DU that has been and will continue to change DNA, cause cancers and deform fetuses forever. All Rumsfeld had to say about using DU was, “It takes care of our nuclear disposal problem as well”.

    I believe the US has so far, only supplied Israel with these high-penetration weapons (bombs and bullets) so not Israel can also use nukes without using nukes.

  9. penjihad – so if you can explain why would Malaysia, Indonesia or many other countries vote on every issue against Israel? For over 70 years?

    And again, I didn’t claim or even suggested that all (or even many) Muslims are antisemites. But on a communal level, the facts are pretty clear, Israel is singled out on many issues where many countries do much worse.
    The Europeans also vote many times against Israel but you can see they actually vote with their conscience as they would vote on a case to case basis. With some other countries, you know it is automatically against Israel. Why? because progressive values? Human rights? Yah, Right!

    1. @yoni levi:

      why would Malaysia, Indonesia or many other countries vote on every issue against Israel? For over 70 years?

      Many nations vote against Israel in the UN. In fact, the UN Security Council voted today 14-1 against Israeli sovereignty in the Golan. Does this mean that every Council member who voted against Israel is anti-Israel? No. Similarly, not every Muslim country which votes against Israel is opposed to its existence.

      on a communal level, the facts are pretty clear

      As clear as mud…

      Israel is singled out on many issues where many countries do much worse.

      There’s that zio-whataboutism again. You’ve got to get this into your thick head, we don’t run a betting pool rating countries records on human rights. If you want to do that go to Vegas. We’re interested here in Israel’s human rights record and policies. If you’re interested in what other countries do, you’re in the wrong place.

      The comment rules state that you must not offer opinions alone when presenting a controversial claim. Your opinions alone aren’t worth much. You must also offer credible sources to support such claims. If you don’t, your time here may be short.

  10. Only one of many possible replies:Samson Option.
    You are right I do not have a degree in nuclear physics etc. but it is quite clear that certain place are just too close.
    As far as Egypt proper it is probably far enough away from the fallout but it is pure speculation on my part.
    Aside from that Israel has a 40 yr old peace treaty with Egypt so not necessary.

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