10 thoughts on “BREAKING: Netanyahu Exposes Israeli Intelligence Penetration of Iran to Embarrass Gantz – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This post is unlike you, Richard.
    It is pure speculations and you have used the words ‘might’ and ‘likelt’ Too many times in one post and didn’t provide any evidence except for “I think so…”

    1. @ Yoni Levy: Not at all. It’s not “pure” speculation, but “informed,” as I noted in the post. In fact, if you omit the word “speculation” and focus on the word “informed,” you will understand how i came by what i reported. I cannot say more.

    1. @ Bared Bottom: I do like your fake e mail address and would encourage anyone addressing you here to use a variation of it such as “bare bottom” or “bare ass.” It suits you to a “T.” Or should I say “B?”

      Bibi can’t take a step or speak a word without lying. He’s the same as Donald Trump. So assuming that this leak, which he orchestrated, doesn’t contain lies is ridiculous.

      First, we only know what Netanyahu claimed happened to the phone. Yes, we know the Iranians accessed it. But we don’t know whether they accessed it completely or partially. Netanyahu also implied there was secret data on the phone. We don’t know that either. In fact, Gantz claims there wasn’t. And in a match between Bibi & Gantz, I wouldn’t totally trust either. But I’d trust Gantz far more than Bibi. Second, we have this blatant lie:

      The prime minister’s office said that the chief of the Shin Bet, who reports directly to Mr. Netanyahu, had not briefed him or his aides about the hacking. His Likud party denied any hand in the leak.

      I know Bibi or someone in his mafia circle was the source of the leak. So this too is a lie. The phrase “had not briefed him or his aides” means absolutely nothing. This information may not have been given to him in a formal briefing. It could have come to him in many different possible ways. That phrase was carefully crafted to allow scores of other ways he could’ve received the info.

      Third, as others have pointed out, is the sex tape lie. This lie too originated in Bibi’s camp. But the misfortune is that serious media outlets are reporting this lie as if it had any validity whatsover, when it doesn’t. As for your snarky claim that you started the rumor–I actually take this very seriously. If you pride yourself on peddling lies (whether or not your claim itself is a lie), that’s grounds for immediate banning here. I’m just waiting for your next comment rule violation. Try me.

      As for Iran having cyber-hacking tools, of course it does. It may even have Pegasus. The Iranians are quite capable of fooling NSO into selling Pegasus to them. If not, they have quite capable engineers and cyber-hackers who could devise their own version of it. They may even have hacked the hackers and stolen Pegasus. Who knows?

      Finally, you have published 3 comments in the past 24 hours. You are now bound by the 3 comment a day rule. Do not publish more than 3 comments in any 24 hour period. Do not publish another comment here for another 24 hours.

  2. Baird, the lie would be the rumor of a sex tape (ah reading comprehension, such an underrated skill…). Aren’t you interested in knowing who exactly started that rumour?

  3. [comment deleted: you may think you’re the wittiest person around. But trust me, you aren’t. And when you offer “wit” that is really snark (rather than wit) and off topic, you violate the comment rules. Do not do this again. As I write to you, one more comment violation and you are moderated or banned.]

  4. Iran denies hacking the phone, and Netanyahu is taunting Gantz with supposed knowledge of what was on the phone. So who do you think really did the hacking? Seems to me N. Is not even trying to hide it.

  5. Who do you think you are, talking like that about the prime minister of Israel, a man that his first priority is the future of Israel and it’s existence a man that lost his brother in Entebe rade, shame on you!

    1. @ Shloiyme: Who do I think I am? I think I’m a journalist and political commentator. Who the f*** are you to try to defend a thief and an adulterer who masquerades as a prime minister. Bibi’s first priority is himself.

      I’m sorry Yoni died at Entebbe. In fact, someone I know who knew both said Yoni was a mensch and Bibi an asshole. I guess that’s about right. Sorry we lost the wrong brother at Entebbe.

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