9 thoughts on “Facebook: Inside the (Warped) Mind of a Censor – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard.

    A reasonable person can read Facebook’s rules and agree that you violated them. Another reasonable person could strictly interpret the same rule, and limit it’s application to law enforcement only (police departments).

    I don’t think any reasonable person would say the the Facebook ‘censor’ has a ‘warped mind’.
    That’s not fair, and your own comment rules state, ” Do not question anyone’s mental health “

    1. Yes it is extremely fair to say that FB and Twitter personnel have warped minds if they can’t tell the difference between repression and occupation and police enforcement. Or would you say that Nazi soldiers enforcing their will in territories they conquered were also bone fide law enforcement officers or the US in Vietnam.

      What I don’t agree with Richard about is that they “can’t be bothered to use their brains to think about the difference between reality and their rules.”. It is worse. They are complicit in and except the rules of imperialism which is that terrorists are always the oppressed and never the oppressor.

      1. Tony-The military is being used for law enforcement; one could say this to litigate. I agree with your last sentence. Facebook from the top does not convey a sense that it’s for the common good of the too large territory it rules. Perhaps it’s immaturity. Perhaps they created a Frankenstein. Perhaps it needs regulation. I don’t know.

        1. @ Potter: Facebook and all social media should be public utilities or else fall under some similar rubric to that. THey should be regulated for the public good in addition to private profit. Just like radio and TV stations.

    2. @ Fast Lane: No, a reasonable person, just about any reasonable person (that is, except you) could only interpret “law enforcement” to apply to police. No reasonable person could expand the defintion to include heavily-armed commandos backed up by F-16 fighter jets and helicopter rescue ships.

      I don’t think any reasonable person would say the the Facebook ‘censor’ has a ‘warped mind’.

      As for the Facebook censor: you simply haven’t been reading the atrocious press Facebook is getting on every front including censorship. Do a Google search and you’ll find scores of articles just on the censorship issue alone.

      That’s not fair, and your own comment rules state, ” Do not question anyone’s mental health “

      Adhere to this comment rule: do not question or interpret comment rules on my behalf. I made them, I interpret them. Be my guest and create your own rules at your own site and implement yours however you wish. I get to do that here, not you.

      1. Facebook’s rules are written for layman, not jurists.

        The primary reason for Facebook not wanting to allow it’s users to identify undercover operatives, is to shield Facebook from Torts and Wrong Death lawsuits by individuals, families and governments..

        Broadly interpreting the rule that you ran afoul of, minimises the likelihood of the injury and death of undercover operatives, and reduces the likelihood of lawsuits against Facebook.

        1. @ Fast Lane: That’s ridiculous. People and organizataions sue Facebook every day. That’s why they have a legal department. No judge or jury in the U.S. would hold Facebook liable for invading the privacy of any of those 8 IDF commandos.

          That’s why people have brains: to be able to distinguish between a undercover officer who’s infiltrated a drug cartel (and deserves such protection) and an IDF commando who’s just invaded a foreign country and murdered its citizens (who doesn’t). Apparently, you & Facebook censors don’t have them.

          But it is nice to see that members of the Hasbara Brigade defend censorship and murder. Those are YOUR values and that tells us all who you really are.

          You are now done in this thread. Do not comment further here.

  2. Somehow Israel has the right to invade, sabotage and kill at will,and have the territory and it’s people under siege for years now. This is military occupation. That’s the root of it. The people of Gaza and their leaders in this cage are not allowed to resist? Calling this resistance terrorism and a threat to Israel’s security is absurd when Israel is a player gambling it’s own security. Making this point, exposing this over and again is also resistance and very necessary. Facebook can censor for sure, My feeling is that like any of the media, there is a bias and you are at their mercy. I don’t like Facebook, haven’t participated from the start. But they need a lot of scrutiny, by us and by lawmakers.

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