5 thoughts on “Israeli Judge Gags Report on Settler Rabbi, Accused Sex Offender – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Wow, amazing piece.
    You found one more settler criminal like any human society has. Oh, sorry, he wasn’t even convicted yet.
    This isn’t journalism, this is a crusade of pretence.

    1. @ Joshua Tartekovsky: I didn’t “find” anything. Israel media reported on a respected rabbi who tortured and tormented a woman. That woman was a victim. Victims deserve to have their attackers exposed. THAT’S journalism. But you seem to dislike journalism when it gores your ox. THen it’s not journalism. Interesting distinction you try to make. And hypocritical at that.

      Interesting that you’re an apologist for rabbinic perverts. Tells us a lot about your prejudices. Not to mention that Israeli men seem to protect other Israeli men, even if they’re sexual deviants. At the expense of Israeli women, who seem to be disposable.

      I also find it interesting that you and Judy follow my social media accounts and brought your objections here to the comment thread, when I haven’t updated the post at all. Why would you be following me on social media (where you read about the Israeli court order censoring this post) unless this was an orchestrated operation? Don’t bother answering. Your answers won’t be believable anyway. Also interesting to note that you both raised virtually the same objection in your comments here in almost identical terms. You guys really have to get your act together and be more subtle. If you’re going to tag team me, you have to come up with different objections so we won’t know that you coordinate your assault.

      But I am gratified that I’m considered such a threat that I’ve got an entire hasbara operation stalking me here and via social media.

  2. Did you at least try to figure out what happened with the case after two years?
    If he wasn’t found guilty then you are just a bully digging rumors that even years later were not found to be true.

    1. @ Judy Green: I reported on the case at the time in 2017. I have not published any update on the case. Nor have I read of any media update on the case. If you find one, let me know. I am being censored for what I wrote in 2017, not because I didn’t update my blog post now.

      And if he was not prosecuted or jailed, it does not mean he didn’t engage in these acts. It only means that as a once-respected settler rabbi he was able to work the system so that he got off scot-free. You have no idea how perverted the Israeli justice system is. How easy it is for the well connected to weasel their way out of being accountable for their crimes. Take the Litzman case in which Malka ? bribed her way into a psychiatric diagnosis, which was a total sham. And I have literally reported on scores of similar cases here. Read them.

      And I find it interesting that you take the side of a male sexual perdator over the side of a poor woman. Have you ever been stalked by a man? Ever had him masturbate outside your window? Ever had him call and text you scores of times? KNow what that’s like? Given how blithely you dismiss the severity of this case and side with the perpetrator, I doubt it.

      No justice system is perfect. But the Israeli system is dysfunctional.

      I also find it interesting that you’re an apologist for Israeli censorship. Remember freedom of the press and free speech? So you support restrictions on them and still wish to call Israel a democracy?

      You are either disingenuous or naive.

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