16 thoughts on “Israel Lobby and Pro-Israel House Democrats Tried to Excommunicate Ilhan Omar, They Failed – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Delighted to see you finally contribute to Aljazeera. What took you so long? They have a small roaster of commentators they keep recycling thru, it is awfully boring. Hope to read yours and perhaps Max B. & Ali A. who are conspicuously absent as well from this important platform. Great article.

    1. @ Mostafa: Thanks! Believe me, it wasn’t for lack of trying. Nor because I didn’t want to be published there. On the contrary. I hope my article does well for them and they take work from me in future.

  2. It was all a spectacular own goal for the Zionists and their media.

    I predicted they’d either try this on or just leave Ilhan Omanr in the void of silence — ala Tulsi Gabbard. They could have just ignored Omar; a hijab wearing Muslim isn’t in love with Israel? Who’d a thought?

    But no. They had to try to silence her. As a result, the whole left wing of the Democratic party rebelled, and now everyone’s learned you can stand up to the Israel Lobby and live to tell the tale.

    Israel went into this still enjoying the kind of mandatory deference motherhood supposedly used to enjoy; of course you were for it. It came out as a partisan issue; something like abortion, or gun control, or global warming. All these are subject to critical examination.

    Israel can’t survive critical examination. This was a blunder.

  3. Consider the disparate punishments meted out to Republican Steve King, and Democrat Ilhan Omar.

    ‘House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) repeatedly compared the Democrats’ turmoil to the quick moves Republicans took to condemn Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), who made public comments questioning whether white supremacy is offensive, including a decision to strip him of committee assignments.’

    “It should not be tough to stand up against this type of talk,” McCarthy said, noting that the House adopted GOP-proposed language condemning anti-Semitism last month after a previous controversy involving Omar.’

  4. @Richard

    I have a question.

    Evangelicals are the far greater majority of Israel-supporting activists. Millions of Christian theocrats who believe that Jews must control Israel to usher in the end of days have massive influence over the GOP in Washington.

    Christians United for Israel, the manifestation of this line of thinking, is a larger organization than AIPAC by twenty-fold. CUFI has the ear of the conservative movement and in particular Vice President Mike Pence, the keynote speaker at its conference in 2017.

    When Omar was speaking about pushing allegiance to another country, or, ‘Benjamins’, she wasn’t talking about Christian evangelical power and influence.
    She singled out, ‘AIPAC’.

  5. After so much applause recently, deserved in her handling of Trump, Nancy Pelosi disappoints with this issue. She disappointed also in her quick remark about the “Green New Deal”. Vis a vis Israel she might have picked her battle long ago to concede to the prevailing winds if she actually thought otherwise. If. Now this issue is internally divisive and a peril to her leadership.
    The lobby’s hegemony has not done Israel much good ultimately either.Voices for the Palestinians, questioning our one-sidedness over the years while we are claiming otherwise, have been sorely missed in our government. When voices that are pro-Palestinian have arisen, all hell broke loose, as now. It’s good that those old dogs do not hunt so well anymore. But the battle has not been won. The “trope” police will continue their work.
    For years I heard the argument that anti-Israel IS anti-Semitism.The threats (the bullying)have had leaders and ordinary folks, Jew and non-Jew, scared to criticize for fear of being called names. Trump’s cries against “political correctness” broke taboos (and norms) for some, especially ones that we should have kept. This began unleashing hate and resentment. There has been a marked increase in anti-Semitic attacks during Trump Time. But too perhaps this taboo breaking accounts for the fearlessness about criticizing Israel.

    We need to be loud about re-educating, or defining, what anti-Semitism really is, lest THEY define it. I also have long objected to the usage of “pro-israel ” solely to mean unconditional support of right-wing settler Israel.

  6. Richard it’s great to see you writing for Al Jazeera. I can think of no better platform for you. You will feel fully accepted there with your views. Lovely to see you supporting Ilhan Omar. You are like two peas in a pod.

    1. @ Moshe: The sarcasm was none too subtle. Al Jazeera is a new platform. Not my only one. I publish at The Nation, Jacobin and Middle East Eye. They’re pretty good platforms too. It’s really insufferable the pro-Israel nonsense that attempts to impeach Arab media, when much of Israel’s media is corrupt and broadcasts hasbara masquerading as news. As for Ilhan Omar, it must really irk you for a Jew to defend a Muslim. If so, glad to do it.

  7. One should take into account that the ‘Eastern’ Jews were banished from basically every Muslim country except a small population in Morroco.
    Various Muslim countries won’t even compete in sports events if an Israeli is involved. How puerile can one get?

    1. @ natasha: A hasbara version of fake news. As I’ve written here many times (and repeating myself, as you’ve forced me to do, is the most insufferable boring thing I can think of), a complex series of factors contributed to migration of Arab Jews before, during, and after the 1948 War. In some cases, Jews were driven out. In some cases, the Yishuv and its successors perpetrated false flag terror attacks which frightened Jews into leaving. In other cases, Jews left of their own volition for economic, religious or other reasons. Jews were not “banished from basically every Muslim country.” That is false. I do not permit false claims to be published here. Read the comment rules carefully & follow them.

  8. No. Richard. The were no ‘false flag’ bombings that drove the Jews out of Arab countries.

    Regarding the exodus of Iraqi Jewry that you mistakenly attribute to a ‘false flag’, the most authoritative book on that subject is ,’The Jewish Exodus From Iraq’ by Moshe Gat.

    Gat argued that there was little direct connection between the bombings and exodus. He demonstrated that the frantic and massive Jewish registration for denaturalisation and departure was driven by knowledge that the denaturalisation law was due to expire in March 1951. He also notes the influence of further pressures including the property-freezing law, and continued anti-Jewish disturbances which raised the fear of large-scale pogroms. It is highly unlikely the Israelis would have taken such measures to accelerate the Jewish evacuation given that they were already struggling to cope with the existing level of Jewish immigration. Gat also raises serious doubts about the guilt of the alleged Jewish bomb throwers.

    Firstly, a Christian officer in the Iraqi army known for his anti-Jewish views, was arrested, but apparently not charged, with the offenses. A number of explosive devices similar to those used in the attack on the Jewish synagogue were found in his home. In addition, there was a long history of anti-Jewish bomb-throwing incidents in Iraq.
    Secondly, the prosecution was not able to produce even one eyewitness who had seen the bombs thrown.
    Thirdly, the Jewish defendant Shalom Salah indicated in court that he had been severely tortured in order to procure a confession. It therefore remains an open question as to who was responsible for the bombings, although Gat suggests that the most likely perpetrators were members of the anti-Jewish Istiqlal Party.

    Many years later, the Zionist emissary Yehuda Tager stated that the main bombings were carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood.

    1. @ Baird: You quote one source when there are multiple credible sources confirming what I’ve claimed as historical fact. Not to mention that you’ve only mentioned Iraq when such false flag Zionist attacks happened in Egypt as well. I really have no interest in rehashing ancient history as you seem to enjoy. I don’t think this site is the place to do it.

      the most authoritative book on that subject

      Says you. That’s not a very persuasive claim.

      It is highly unlikely the Israelis would have taken such measures to accelerate the Jewish evacuation given that they were already struggling to cope with the existing level of Jewish immigration.

      Absolutely ridiculous. Ben Gurion was desperate for Jewish bodies to counteract the Palestinians who lived in Israel. He didn’t care whether they were Iraqi or Yemenite Jews, Holocaust survivors, or anyone else. That’s one of the main reasons they engaged in these false flag terror attacks. They knew they couldn’t persuade the Jews to leave, and they needed the bodies urgently. SO they resorted to terror. A shameful episode.

      the Zionist emissary Yehuda Tager stated that the main bombings were carried out by the Muslim Brotherhood.

      You’ve conveniently omitted the fact that Tager admitted that Zionist agents DID carry out bombings and terror attacks in Iraq. Whether they did that in response to Muslim Brotherhood bombings or not is irrelevant. These Zionist attacks were clearly false flag attacks.

      Please do not reply. I don’t want to continue this debate here.

  9. One could certainly add to this aprox. 75,000 having to leave Egypt in 1956 because of the Sinai conflict.

    1. @ natasha: Once again, that exodus was caused by Israel which attacked Nasser’s Egypt in a calculated invasion. Israel was the aggressor and Egypt’s Jews suffered as a result. So, you’re wrong again.

    1. @ natasha: This subject has been discussed in the comment threads before. And books were recommended during that discussion. Maybe readers will see this thread and suggest some historical works. I’m not a historian of the period. I will try to get in touch with Israeli-Iraqis I know to see what they recommend.

      Some of my Facebook Friends suggested these sources: https://www.facebook.com/richards1052/posts/10156932196792850?comment_id=10156932206462850&notif_id=1552289478052574&notif_t=feed_comment

      Also if you check the References section in this Wikipedia article it will list many articles and books on the subject. Gat is only one of many.

      The References section of the Lavon Affair article offers historical sources on that sordid Israeli false flag catastrophe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lavon_Affair#References

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