8 thoughts on “Israel is a Kahanist State – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  2. “there is no problem with Arab citizens – they have equal rights like everybody.” I have read and heard this so much from the so called “pro-Israel” in their arguments but how is this so? Then they go on with their talking point examples-token.

    BDS, JVP etc did not arise in a vacuum. It’s a consequence, a response.

  3. The line in this article which leads to a link to Haskalah states “be a Jew at home and a human being in public.” To me, this could be interpreted by those who have hateful and racist leaning to read that Jews are not human beings but hide in plain site. Given the huge backlash against Ilhan Omar where she is accused of anti-semitism for using language that can be construed as such, this quote gives me pause.

    I’m not Jewish, and I read practically every article you post, Mr. Silverstein, and I rely on you for your very insightful and deep analysis on a variety of topics that are important for those of us who want to understand Isreal and Palestine. I’m taken aback that this saying even exists in the vernacular of the Jewish community.

    I can only presume that the saying originated from a time where it was absolutely necessary as a self-protective mechanism. Though, even today, it is equally relavant.

    If I were to repeat this saying in public, how would I be viewed?

    1. @ Theo Anonis: When you are not a Jew, I would caution you to assume you understand aspects of Jewish tradition unless you’re fully aware of context, history, and shadings of meaning. You should not adopt your own interpretation of what sayings like this mean, unless you are certain it is correct. You have read a bit too much into the saying.

      In one thing you are right: Jews have throughout their history been forced to conceal their identity on pain of death. Such “hiding” goes all the way back to the Roman era (if not earlier) and continues all the way up to the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. We’ve been killed for revealing the least hint of our identity. So yes, Jews have always felt they must conceal who they are or face death.

      But the saying ‘be a Jew in the home and a person outside it’ is slightly different. Be a Jew in the home means be a fully practicing observant Jew in your private personal life with family and other Jews. But when you go about in public you must adhere to the non-Jewish customs of the community. You must blend in, integrate into the surrounding environment.

      Sometimes it may mean that you should conceal your Jewish identity or at least not flaunt it, as a form of self-protection. But sometimes it means you should assimilate into your society as a good citizen.

      You have translated the term ben adam as “human being.” While that isn’t an incorrect translation in general, here it is. Ben adam here means generically “be a person” like any other.

  4. [comment deleted: commenter banned. Periodically, someone tries to publish a comment in which they deliberately assume the identity of another religion or nationality. Usually, it is a pro-Israel advocate pretending to be a Muslim and mouthing phrases that defend or support Israel. This commenter has done this. He’s even managed to throw in some Arabic to make himself appear authentic. And pretending to have gone on hajj was a nice touch as well. If you try this shit here you will be permanently banned as this joker has been.]

    1. @bstmiird: Wrong. Shall i name all the other Kahanists running proudly for Knesset who are not barred? Oren Hazan, who just released a video in which he murders a Palestinian MK (in “jest” of course). Or the co-leader of Otzma Yehudit who murdered 2 Palestinians in the 1990s and got off scot free? Or Feiglin who admires Hitler? Or Glick, who wants to start a holy war by tearing down the mosques of the Haram al Sharif. Then there’s Lieberman and Bennett who advocate ethnic cleansing, another Kahanist “greatest hit.”

  5. A Kahanist State, but one in which a left wing Meretz Party can get Kahanist Ben Ari banned from running for office, prompting Ben Ari to say, “a judicial junta is trying to impose its laws… it’s not democracy.”

    A Kanhanist State where the Supreme Court approved a previously disqualified candidate from the extreme-left Hadash party, and approved Arab Raam-Balad party, a fierce critic of Israeli policies. Raam-Balad had initially been barred by the elections committee over its alleged support for violent resistance.

    Wow. This sounds more like the American ‘Deep State’, than a Kahanist State.

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