21 thoughts on “IDF Embraces Syrian Islamist Extremists – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “when you lie down with monsters, you wake up with an indelible stain.”

    Does this apply to Iran as well? The Assads and Hezbollah are monsters too. No?

      1. Sorry, Richard, it is impossible to deal with Israel without also dealing with hose that it deals with – that`s the “real deal” here.

        1. @RAMBO: Sorry bud but my blog deals with Israel. It does not deal as primary subjects with those you view as the world’s greatest enemies. My job here is not to satisfy your needs or interests, especially since I don’t share them, but my own.

          1. Yes, no question this is your blog so you are entitled to do that. But what about some openness to other views, tolerance of different perspectives, breadth of vision, open debates and so and on – many nice objectives that we have been brought up upon? Where have they gone?

  2. Richard.

    The VICE news report said that 10% of the casualties that Israel treats are women and children.
    Three of the Syrian fighters being treated by Israel were Free Syrian Army fighters. The ‘good guys’.
    Two Syrian regime pilots recently parachuted into Israel after their jet was destroyed and were treated and returned to Syria.

    This sound neutral and humanitarian to me.

    1. @ Figg: Israeli aid is never neutral & never humanitarian. It is always based on purely cynical, parochial motives.

      I listened to the video & never heard anyone claim the wounded fighters were FSA. In fact, FSA is not active on the border so I don’t see how that could be true.

      1. I believe the FSA fighter is interviewed in Part Two of the five part series. He is being interviewed in his hospital bed and the caption clearly states that he is FSA. He is the fighter with the leg wounds. He states that he and his two comrades were wounded and driven to the border.

          1. @Mr. Richard Silverstein

            I do not wish to violate your ‘monopolizing’ rule. Before parting from this thread let me close by saying that the VICE reporter interviewing the ‘FSA’ fighters said that this group of fighters were admitted to the Israeli hospital in July, 2014.

            BTW, The generalissimo of the FSA, Col. Abdullah al-Bashir, was treated for his wounds in Israel.

            Have a great holiday.

    2. “The VICE news report said that 10% of the casualties that Israel treats are women and children.”

      Where does it say so? It says 90% of the people treated were men.
      The majority of the victims in this war are not men though…

  3. A commenter on Rotter.net (not the most reliable source but stil…) wrote that the help al-nausea receives, which is mostly medical, is given to ensure they leave us alone. They are now on our borders and an occasional mortar fire into Israel can severely disrupt civilians life on the Golan Heights. Give extremists some medical/humaneterian aid is a well paid prize to pay to reduce our involvement to the minimum. All the sources you brought point at local assistance beyond bombing allegedly Hizbollah supplies which are a very different story, I hope you’ll agree.
    The monster-stein comment is almost childish. Adults know that in life some choices aren’t between ‘good and evil’ but rather between ‘bad and worse’ or in this case ‘worse and worst’.

    1. “the help al-nausea receives”
      A Freudian slip ? US help to The-Only-Democracy ?
      The Al-Qaïda-affiliated group is al-Nusra Front aka la Cosa Nostra in Syria.

    2. @ Ariel: Only a hasbara specialist like you would deem morality to be “childish.” What you mean to say is that having to hear Israel denounced for its immoral choices is so damn annoying that you’d prefer to dismiss the issue with the non sequitur calling it “childish.”

      1. RS – Calling me ‘hasbara specialist’ doesn’t change the facts or dismisses my point.
        Israel had done ‘worse’ before when it was necessary. Releasing over 1000 militants in exchange for 1 soldier is considered just as bad by many and have already caused casualties (Baruch Mizrachi for example) and you deerly supported that.

        1. @ Ariel: I didn’t “support” anything “deerly” [sic] or otherwise. What I support is Israel living within 67 borders, sharing Jerusalem & recognizing the Right of Return. Short of this, everything else is cosmetic & non-fundamental. Focussing on prisoner exchanges or any other matters that are short of a full peace agreement, is the art of hasbara digression.

          Your “points” are automatically “dismissed” even before you write them. You don’t have any points to offer.

          1. RS – Looking again at your article – you’re right, you didn’t shot support in the Shalit case just commented on it. I misread the headline.

            Back to the point – inability to see Grey just Black&White make life easy to determine but impossible to act upon.

          2. [comment deleted: you are new to commenting at this blog. Please read the comment rules & try to keep your comments on topic. This isn’t the time or place to get into a disputation about the Right of Return, which I’ve discussed in blog posts here–but not this one. Your point of view has been raised and rebutted numerous times, so I don’t want to wade into this one more time.]

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