11 thoughts on “Hezbollah Exposes Major Mossad Cell – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. It doesn’t “confirm” anything. The Star is an anti Hezbollah publication.

      But even if this is correct Hezbollah would’ve been avenging Israel’s act of terror in assassinating Mugnuyeh. Both foul acts.

      1. how could you compare the killing of one of the heads of a terrorists organization to the killing of tourists ?

        shame on you !

        1. @ none: That’s precisely what Iran said about the assassination of its nuclear scientists by Mossad terrorists. These men were not terrorists, they were scientists & academics. So when you support the arrest & imprisonment of Meir Dagan for these terror acts, then you can talk. We can also add the thousands of Palestinian civilians Israeli forces have killed who were innocent as well. Some see them as terrorists too. How about suggesting they share the fate of Mugniyeh? What would you say to that? I didn’t think so. What good for the goose isn’t so good for the gander, is it?

  1. The world needs MORE infiltrators of Hezbollah, until this terrorist organization is eradicated from the face of the earth.

    1. Sorry, that was true “yesterday” but times have changed (too rapidly for people to realize what have changed). For Israel the biggest potential problem right now is not Hezbollah – after all the main Shias stronghold in Lebanon is a suburb of Beirut so Nassaralah fully understand what he risks in a real confrontation with Israel where the latter could respond to shooting at its population by acting likewise, which is a major deterrent – it is, instead, ISIL, which don`t have such a “soft point” and is completely unpredictable. So, Israel and Hezbollah have found themselves on the same side in regard to their present REAL source of worry. Astonishing, indeed.

      1. [comment deleted, commenter banned. My my isn’t it interesting how ordinary hasbara trolls can turn into foul-mouthed homophobes when they get riled up.]

  2. What about Bangkok and Bulgaria? How do they fit the bill? Made up story by Mossad who killed Israelis to backwash Hizbollah?

    And, aren’t there more influential countries to fake Hizbollah activities then Peru? US? EU?

    1. Moderator, I believe the above posting that states that the Mossad killed Israelis is obscene and likely violates terms of this website.

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