16 thoughts on “CIA Report Finds Israeli Targeted Assassinations Don’t Work – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It’s their filthy COIN doctrine. Death squads, aren’t they great?
    But they can’t help not lionizing their self created enemies.
    Politicians shore up their own political power, and get public support for military operations by creating fear in the public, so they have to build up the bad guys.

    Washington Note has a lot of great reports from Nir Rosen about how the US gave Zaraqawi the best PR he could hope for, they made him into AQ in Iraq and revived the brand. And old man OBL was hanging out all day watching soap operas. He was good with it.

  2. Well despite Israeli bumbling I am beginning to think that targeted assassinations –when properly done–might be the way to go to end some problems and avoid 100s of 1000 of innocent deaths and more wars and conflicts.
    If someone proposed that taking out 25, 50,100, whatever US I-Zionist actors and certain US I-politicians would effectively end I/P-USA-Isr-ME I’d say go for it.
    We’ve been killing the wrong people forever and calling it collateral damage and getting no where—common sense would dictate that we try something else. However it might have to be a on going policy of assassinations for a period of time as others fill their shoes until the ‘message’ is fully absorbed.

    1. You can kill few and don`t achieve much. “The system” is allied with computers and is armed to the teeth – can` t be penetrated but can watch everybody it wants and get there fast, then leave with no trace. The rules of the game have changed.

  3. Ahmed Bouchiki was born to a Moroccan father and an Algerian mother in Arles, France. His brother Djalloul “Chico” Bouchiki was the co-founder of the world-known group Gypsy Kings. He sang with his band in front of Shimon Peres and Yasser Arafat after the Oslo Accords.
    I remember an interview on French television where he spoke about the killing of his brother: the Israelis offered his widow a hugh amount of money, but never took responsability for the killing, Shimon Peres said the money was a “humanitarian compensation”. Chico Bouchiki said that the only thing his mother wanted was an apology, it never came…..

        1. @ Figg: 24 out of 25 of those killed during hostilities since 2000 have been Palestinians. Stop bringing up 40 yrs old history & deal with the here & now where Israel is overwhelmingly murdering Palestinians & not the other way around.

  4. Just to be fair, the report gives an example of Israeli success – “Rank-and-file morale also suffered when HAMAS failed in 2004 to announce the name of its new leader following the deaths of Sheikh Yassin and Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi, according to an academic terrorism expert.”

    1. @ Ariel:

      Just to be fair

      You mean just to be a hasbarist, don’t you? Any suffering of rank & file morale has been more than compensated for by the ascension of Khaled Meshal, who has done a creditable job as leader of Hamas.

      1. RS- You are like Rabbi Meir when studying from Acher (Elisha ben-Abuyah). “רבי מאיר רמון מצא תוכו אכל קליפתו זרק”.

          1. The above mentioned book ‘As a…’is at least %95 fiction if not more.
            Aside from that he was not really an apostate in the strict meaning as R. Meir continued to learn by him etc. as brought in the sources which suffer from paucity,

          2. RS – I will look for the book. Sounds very interesting. Though I’m sorry to tell you but you were R. Meir in the analogy 🙁

            The comment was about subjectivity. Makor Rishon would probably summarize the CIA report as “Assassinations Work!”. Israeli Hayom as “Assassinations sometimes work”. Haaretz as “Assassinations rarely works”. DefenseToday as “Assassinations can play a useful role when they are part of a broader counterinsurgency strategy” and then of course there is Tikun Olam.

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