29 thoughts on “ISISophobia or “The Mooslims Are Coming” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @Black Canary: First, you use FoxNews as a credible media source on this subject which it is not. Second, you claim that the statement was made by an “ISIS spokesman.” I’ve never heard of such a thing. Can you or Fox News prove that he represents anyone other than himself? Can you also confirm that he said whatever Fox claims he did?

          1. I didn’t say that the report is false. You also didn’t say that the report in Fox News was false.
            You just discarded the validity of it because it comes from Fox News. You automatically discard any report
            that comes from a source that you define as a “propaganda site”.
            Interesting that a site as Alalam does not fall into this category (one that reads their “about” might
            conclude that they do have a defined agenda)

          2. @ Daniel:

            You automatically discard any report
            that comes from a source that you define as a “propaganda site”.

            A lie. In fact, I do use FoxNews as a news source though very rarely and only in cases where I can independently verify the accuracy of a report. I sometimes use JPost, Arutz 7, etc. too as news sources just as once in a while I will use an Iranian publication as a news source. It all depends on context and whether I know a report to be true through my own sources or other credible ones. That’s nuance you don’t seem able to grasp, which isn’t at all surprising given your prejudices.

            I also note you haven’t offered any evidence or even an argument to prove that the Iranian source is wrong. What’s the matter? Nothing to say?

          3. I never claimed that the iranian report was false or true. That was not the point.
            The point is that you have a very defined list of sites that you define as “propraganda sites”,
            and the issue was why you do not include ALALAM as one?
            Or as a matter of fact, some of the sites that appear in the column to the right

            I don’t have a prejudice against the iranian site. I just read there own written “about” section to form an opinion.

        1. So a guy who’s dead and who western media have designated an “ISIS press spokesperson” said it. I don’t know who this guy is or who he represented, let alone that he was a leader of ISIS.

          This is the third time you’ve marshalled a piece of crap media publication to prove a point. Don’t use the Daily Fail again here.

          1. Link to the VICE NEWS documentary where Palestinian star journalist Median Dairieh (former workng for Al-Jazeera) is embedded with ISIS. We hear Abu Mousa, who Dairieh presents as ISIS press officer and later in the documentary as ISIS spokesperson talking about raising the ISIS flag on the White House. From min 4:40. All parts are highly interesting so as the other 5 part documentary on Iraq.

  1. “What business is this of ours?”

    None, until our friends in the region, like the Kingdom of Jordan, are imperiled.

    “Yet we refused to act.”

    We acted in Libya, did we not?
    And what resulted?

    1. @ Black Canary: Jordan has faced many crises in its history and has never needed outside help to protect itself. Nor does it need it now. Nor is Jordan in any peril other than the fake peril suggested by hasbarists like you who’ve created it out of whole cloth.

  2. VICE News interviewed Abu Mosa, ISIS’s press officer who said “Don’t be cowards and attack us with drones. Instead send your soldiers, the ones we humiliated in Iraq. We will humiliate them everywhere, God willing, and we will raise the flag of Allah in the White House .” Here’s the video by VICE where he made that statement: http://youtu.be/bsCZzpmbEcs?t=5m4s – the link takes you directly to 5:04 mark of the 9-minute video.

    That having been said, ISIS hates pretty much everybody. Yes they hate America, but they also hate Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Kurdistan Worker’s Party, Al Qaeda, all Shiites, all Sunnis who don’t adhere to their theology, Hezbollah (they set off a car bomb in the Haret Hreik, a Beirut suburb that is a Hezbollah stronghold) and even Hamas who they consider to be traitors to the faith who must be removed or killed before any Islamic victory against Israel can be achieved. I think US intervention right now might be premature and also exactly what ISIS wants – there’s nothing like US killed Muslims to rally support. It might be best to wait and see what happens as other regional players get more involved. With such a long list of enemies, ISIS’s days may already be numbered.

  3. Re Sotloff. As far as I know, there would have been no problem because he was Jewish. When I was young, there were Jewish merchants in the old city of Damascus. And any non-Israeli Jews were welcome in Syria. However Israeli citizens have been explicitly forbidden since forever. And, as you say, it was his quality as an American citizen that probably did for him.

    He was extremely foolish even to set foot in Syria. If the insurgents didn’t get him, the government would have done. As I understand, he only just managed to get past the border before being picked up.

    1. @ Laguerre: It’s hard to judge the actions of someone who died in such a tragic way, especially since his motives, such as they’re known, seem to have been honorable in reporting from this important conflict zone. But given his background as an Israeli citizen who attended the IDC, an educational institution known to have close ties to Israeli intelligence, and given how brutal, violent & intolerant ISIS is known to be, I would think what he did was extremely dodgy.

  4. ” (…..) Netanyahu’s attempt to conflate Hamas and ISIS is a total fraud. Both groups have particular interests that are specific to their particular situations. Hamas wants Palestinian freedom. ISIS wants something else entirely.”
    Exactly, and ISIS combatants have burned the Palestinian national flag on more than one occasion as here in Aleppo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDPBNereBW4

  5. [comment deleted: you say you know Nazism is a restricted topic here & then proceed to violate precisely this comment rule. I don’t allow commenters to accuse Muslims or Jews of being Nazis. Deliberately violating a comment rule is grounds for banning. Do this again & you will be.]

  6. Liars need good memories, as the saying goes:

    “A week ago Netanyahu said Hamas was ISIS. This week he says he agreed to a ceasefire w/Hamas to focus on ISIS” (Max Blumenthal)

    Obama can go on about the “barbarity” of Isis, as long as only weasel words are used for the Israeli slaughter in Gaza many of us can only feel contempt.

  7. Last month, I wrote in my blog, noting the philosophical similarities between Muslims who volunteer fo ISIS and Jews who volunteer for IDF (“ISIS volunteers and IDF (Israel) Volunteers”), both being as dangerous, but to different groups. Today’s speech on ISIS by Obama, does not bode well for Muslims in America.

    1. Jews voluntering for the IDF are called what ? ….. Jewhadis (seen on Twitter) At least three Jewhadis werre killed during the agression on Gaza, two Americans and a French.

  8. There is a German expression “gefundenes Fressen”. It literally means “found food” but describes the following. Someone has always wanted to do something but never had a good excuse for doing it. Luckily a good excuse came his/her way unexpectedly and for free. Well, ISIL is “gefundenes Fressen” for our government to justify a renewed try to overthrow the Assad regime of Syria. Pretty soon there will be daily “oops, an error” bombings of Assad troops, positions, and military equipment.

  9. “Gefundenes Fressen”. Great expression, I should remember that. In South Asia, we have a similar expression that translates as, “The Blind man grabbed a Quail”.

    This is truly Gefundenes Fressen for the anti-Muslim, Hysteria-charged West. I fear now they (US and Western agencies) will discard even the semblances of hesitation they showed in their current “War!” against “Terror” (Muslims). Defense budget will burst at the seams, dictators may drop al pretenses to Freedom or Democracy and charge in against their opposition in the name of fighting ISIS…with tons of money and materiel from the US. Netanyahu, with his Hamas=ISIS equation, will have a free hand to slaughter Palestinians into oblivion. Israeli Arabs are also screwed…remember, the Israelis “caught” an ISIS supporter?
    This “Mooslim” does not have a good feeling….

    1. Thanks!
      We are actually dealing with “Gefundenes Ferssen 2.0”. The earlier one occurred about one year ago when President Obama thought that he had the GF to take out President Assad of Syria by bombing that country.
      In my book there is a direct link between his current actions against Assad and Putin. I firmly believe that our President is still pissed off that he accepted the “Putin Solution” for Assad’s WMD. Sad as it may be, we seem to be dealing with a political Kindergartner who wails “Putin stole my toy train”!
      One more comment about GF. When it is used it drips with sarcasm and contempt. The user knew already that the GF-er is a liar.

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