14 thoughts on “Netanyahu and Biden: Gaza’s Biggest Losers – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It remains an open question whether a president has foreign policy authority to conspire in genocide.

    If Biden leaves office, a Trump DOJ could arrest Biden:
    1. to be tried for genocide,
    2. almost certainly to be convicted, and
    3. probably to be sentenced to death.

    Biden could have potentially multitrillion-dollar liability in a civil genocide litigation under the Alien Tort Statute.

  2. The Codepink supporter raising bloody hands evokes horrifying memories of the lynch and dismembering of two Israeli soldiers in the Ramallah police station in the 90s who lost their way.
    The picture of a triumphant murderer holding up his bloodied hands at the window of the station surely cannot be inspiration for Codepink.

    1. The IDF is a genocidal military that is even more sadistic than the Waffen-SS. (I am an expert in genocide studies,)

      The IDF had been rampaging and murdering Palestinians around Ramallah for a week before Oct 12, 2000. I can’t fault Palestinians for killing an IDF soldier any more than I would have faulted my uncle for killing a Waffen-SS soldier in occupied Poland. My uncle killed many Waffen-SS and Wehrmacht soldiers.

    2. The IDF snipers who shot and killed or wounded hundreds unarmed demonstrators inside the Gaza fence were acting so much more civilized. The two soldiers “who lost their way” were taken to be mista’aravim infiltrators and given the same illegal treatment. The difference between the two crimes is only a matter of scale and rhetoric.

    3. Shmuel you are a pathetic Judeo Nazi. You remember 2 Israeli soldiers killed 30 years ago but don’t remember the children executed with a bullet to the back of the head in Al Shifa hospital or the other 400 dead patients and doctors, hands tied behind their backs with torture marks on their body.

      What does it take to have such a selective memory?

      The survivors of Auschwitz too their vengeance on the SS men who stayed behind when the Russians captured the camp. They kicked them to death and also treated them abominably but not surprisingly. No doubt you would have sympathised with those Nazis who remembered their dead comrades whilst forgetting the millions who died in Auschwitz

    4. @Shmuel: Bullshit. Not to mention that you’re regurgitating a hasbara meme used for the past few months. Don’t bore us with rehashed hasbara.

      The blood is Palestinian blood. Not Israeli blood. So your analogy is bogus. But I suppose you object the world seeing Palestinian blood shed even symbolically in Israel’s genocidal war.

    1. @ Haver: Yes, true. I’ve changed that passage to reflect this new information.

      As usual Israel makes up numbers that appear to be credible. But when you examine them more closely they’re entirely bogus. It permitted 400 trucks (small ones, not tractor trailers) to enter Gaza. But then kept them in a holding pen until they are searched, which can only happen 6 hrs per day. Not to mention that no food aid is entering northern Gaza…still.

  3. Are you taking Netanyahu or members of war cabinet at their word?

    Netanyahu succeeded in only one thing: he took vengeance on Hamas for 10/7.

    The infiltration plans by Hamas were known by Israeli leaders for over a year, weren’t they? Plenty of preparation time to define goals and hit hard with a fist of steel. With Gallant-Smotrich-Ben Gvir-Bennett and provocations for months, the ethnic cleansing and massacres were well planned.

    Gaza will be uninhabitable for over a decade, the face of cantons throughout the West Bank will define the options for a State of Palestine … none. Erase Palestinians, its culture and education are a measure of success by Israel.

    The ultimate goal was and is hitting the Islamic Republic of Iran and its proxy Hezbollah. After the “unfortunate” hit destroying the Iranian Consulate in Damascus, enough provocation was done to be on the receiving end of some form of retaliation.

    Latest from Joe: “Biden vows ’ironclad’ US commitment to Israel amid fears of Iran attack.”

    Biden and Netanyahu have been inseparable friends for over 40 years, that bond remains. It’s mostly kabuki theater by the resident of the White House. Joe too seeks to correct the failures of Iraq, Syria and the rise of the Islamic State (Sunni).

    The supreme goal of a Jewish State, military control from the Jordan River (and beyond) to the Sea has been much improved. Breaching the “security wall” by 700,000 illegal settlers proves it was about territory, not security or peace. Same with East Jerusalem. Read the lips of Benzion Netanyahu, like father, like son.

  4. Netanyahu also failed to achieve some unstated goals: Israeli leaders advocated the expulsion of Palestinians from the enclave.  Some advocated dumping them in the Sinai; some in the Negev.

    For ethnic cleansing Gaza Strip, Netanyahu was applauded by the White House and U.S. Congress … the travels by Antony Blinken with the Israeli demands fell absolutely flat by the primary Arab States … Saudi Arabia held tight the basic Arab Peace Formula of 2002 … AND establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state.

    Attempt to bribe client states Jordan and Egypt failed miserably … now the EU has bribed President Sisi … Insanity Thrives.

    Last sixty years from President Lyndon Johnson forward, Israel got full support and impunity for war crimes, mirroring of US war on terror … worst were Trump and Biden promoting the dead-ended Abraham Accords w/o Palestinian voices. SHAMEFUL

  5. As a geopolitical analyst educated as a geographer, I have a different perspective with less awareness of the actual politics and policies in Israel. However, what I have learned from the Israelis living in Israel rather than from the Zionist Jews in America has caused me to realize that we in America, since after World War during the 1940s, have been conditioned with propaganda, even on children’s radio programs or show, supporting the European Jewish people who were arriving in Palestine while vilifying the Arabs. What I learned recently from an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi is entirely different. Those Jews who were survivors of the Nazi death camps in eastern Europe and fled to Palestine received help from the Palestinians until the Jewish Zionists arrived and took their land. Today in Israel, Orthodox Jews are being persecuted and killed by Israeli Zionists almost in the same way Palestinians are being treated and killed by Jewish “settlers” on the West Bank.
    Here in America, there is a Jewish woman anchor on a major TV network who, instead of reporting news in an objective as well as a professional way, has been supporting Netanyahu’s massive genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza.
    As for Biden, when my research revealed that most high-ranking U.S. officials are Jewish after the Massacre on October 7, 2023, I became concerned because they appeared to be kowtowing to Netanyahu. If my analysis is correct, this could be the reason why the Biden-Harris administration took so long before finally threatening to stop all further arms shipments to Israel if Netanyahu were to continue to halt all humanitarian aid to Gaza now when Iran may strike at Israel not only with Hezbollah, but possibly even with Iranian armed forces deployed in Syria, Iraq, and Iran.
    Meanwhile, there is no ceasefire despite the withdrawal of most IDF military personnel from Gaza. There will probably never be any hope for the Israeli hostages ever being released alive or so many Palestinian children who do “survive” or continue to exist to become healthy adults with their injuries and wounds caused by the IDF and a death or lack of adequate nutrition due to the misanthropic policies of Netanyahu and his supporters in Israel as well as here in America.
    Because Israelis have told me Israel is not a democracy due to the Israelis living under martial law, they are not conditioned to think about individual freedom as we once thought in America.
    Due to Netanyahu being a demagogue as well as a friend of Orban and Putin, it is possible Hamas terrorists were trained by Spetsnaz forces in Russia and Israeli border guards along the frontier at Gaza were ordered to abandoned their posts while the entire sophisticated alarm security system was deliberately turned off so the Israelis were never warned during the attack when about 1,200 people in southern Israel were killed and so many taken as hostages. There are still questions related to the credibility related to the alleged beheaded and burned babies that were earlier reported.
    Because America supported the atrocities committed by the IDF with military materiel and ordnance, we must correct our moral compass if it even still exists. Unfortunately, instead of the U.S. continuing to provide military support to Ukraine, it decided to provide support for the IDF atrocities that resulted in a massive genocide of mainly children and women.
    Will Washington continue with its financial support for Israel while believing the myth they are providing “intelligence” for us while exchanging it with Moscow and Beijing. Israel’s Marxist government has deceived Evangelical Christians for so many decades. Although I have been a strong supporter of the Jewish people as well as all Israelis, for me to support Netanyahu and his gang of terror would not be helping in the long run.
    It seems as if few people recall when Netanyahu sent many “suitcases of cash” to Hamas leaders in Gaza. Now he is still trying to remove all the Palestinians from Gaza with deaths of so many IDF soldiers. How is it going to be possible for the children in Gaza to become friends with those in Israel? Unfortunately, so few are able to look into such a dismal future without any winners.

    1. Interesting observations … there are certainly readers who can respond on the Israeli anomaly. No, the Netanyahu government is not “Marxist” and has no “friends,” only clients for sharing tools of suppression, hacking and sophisticated instruments of war. The UAE as foremost example. Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Russia all share roots of Soviet era totalitarianism. Democracy is an alien concept. In times of uncertainty and threats, the leaders revert to what they know best. None of the Eastern European states have made the transition to full-fledged democracy. Western Europe founded the EEC, grew into the EU, but were forced by America under pressure from the NATO alliance, to speed-up expansion to the East. The result the EU and Western Europe are today less democratic, more right-wing populism and the racist undertone of colonialism has a revival. See FEAR Inc. and the propaganda promoting Islamophobia. As far as corporate media taken root in the US and Western Europe, the CIA and Operation Mockingbird is very much alive today. Repression and censorship … so much easier with Big Tech.

  6. Small point of contention Richard in that you seem to be using the lowest estimate of the strength of the Qassam Brigades in general. Which is fine, but Qassam themselves claim to have 40k regulars plus trained reserves, so their real numbers could be upwards of 50k.

    I only say this to drive home the point as to how badly the IDF has failed here– if we consider that Qassam brigades have more fighters than what’s generally accepted to be the lowest estimate of their manpower.

    1. @ Mr. Frog: Yes, there are different estimates of the numbers of Hamas fighters. I was going by 30,000 since this was an estimate I heard fr a well-informed source. But there are other published estimates in the range you mentioned.

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