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  1. Germany in the Dock @ICJ The Hague

    World Court to hold preliminary hearing on Monday 8th April, with Nicaragua seeking to halt Berlin’s military aid to Israel; Germany rejects accusations it is in breach of Genocide Convention


    Preliminary hearings at the United Nations’ top court in a case that seeks an end of German military and other aid to Israel, based on claims that Berlin is “facilitating” acts of genocide and breaches of international law in the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

    While the case brought by Nicaragua centers on Germany, it indirectly takes aim at Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

    “We are calm and we will set out our legal position in court,” German Foreign Ministry spokesperson Sebastian Fischer said ahead of the hearings. “We reject Nicaragua’s accusations.”

    Germany Took the Side of Israel @ICJ January Oral Hearings on Gaza Genocide

    The German state is taking extraordinary measures to clamp down on pro-Palestinian activism, including arresting activists in their homes in the middle of the night.

    Namibia too had an opinion on Germany taking sides with Israel on Gaza Genocide

  2. Wow! this takes us backwards, will surely will if not outlawed (if that is possible) to a might-makes-right world, worse that what we thought we left ( or strove for) after WW2 and the creation of the UN and then the M.A.D.( mutually assured destruction) of nuclear warfare. The future is now. Is this worse because those that have and use A. I. warfare survive? Or will everyone want it for a form of M.A.D. to threaten,
    Regarding Israel, I think they have gone way beyond the normal need to survive having tested world understanding and having been granted exception because of recent history. Israel is becoming a real menace on the world stage (along with some others)….. at least as currently configured. Not a force for peace. Sorry to say this.

  3. So here’s the tea on why the UK is livid over the death of 3 of its people under the pretext of aid workers for the #WorldCentralKitchen . Simply because they were on a spying mission!

    1 – James Henderson, aged 33 years, served for 6 years in the British Navy, and during these years he succeeded in becoming a member of the British Navy’s Special Combat Forces.

    2 – John Chapman, aged 57 years, served a long time in the British Army, and was a member of the elite forces.

    3 – James Kirby, 47 years old, served a long time in the British Army. The British Special Forces classified him as a skilled sniper and missile expert. He had previously served in areas of “armed conflict,” such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then in Afghanistan. .

    All 3 work for the well-known British security company (Solas Global), a company closely linked to the British intelligence, Scotland Yard, and most of those who work in it are former military personnel, to benefit from their experience.

    What emerged was that these three were British intelligence agents, and they were on a spy mission against the Palestinian resistance, and to search for Israeli prisoners, and they were infiltrated into the ranks of a humanitarian relief organization.

    All three had previously served in the Special Forces (SAS and others).

    Britain has used this tactic many times before, which is to insert its agents into the ranks of humanitarian, relief, and medical organizations.

    This is why the Israeli ambassador was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in an unusual manner. Britain declared what it had not declared against Israel before: Israel’s crimes.

    The truth is that the bombing occurred by mistake, resulting in the “major scandal” that Britain did not want to reveal, in addition to the loss of three of its most important spies and agents in Gaza.

    The information that reached the Mossad and Shin Bet was that the car contained foreigners working with an international relief organization. So #Israel quickly bombed them, only to discover later that they were British spies.

    1. @ Greta Berlin: This is an unsubstantiated claim circulated on social media platforms. Every aid group has security personnel to protect their workers wherever they do their work. The fact that former special forces personnel would provide security for such groups is not unusual.

      There is absolutely no substantive concrete proof of this claim. If there is, I’d like to see it. Not circumstantial “evidence” which is little more than concocted claims & rumors.

  4. Lavendar is very effective when there is no consideration for “collateral losses” such as non-combatants. It works very well because of course, you scatter-bomb an entire area, you WILL bag at least a few combatants. Scatter-bomb Downtown Seattle and bag at least 2-6 criminals. Too bad about the few hundred innocents!

    Israel’s states policy has been that there are no uninvolved Palestinians. As far as the brainwashed Israelis are concerned, there are terrorists (men), future terrorists (babies) and terrorist production factories (women). In a very perverse way, thank God for the WCK victims because their deaths have moved the West to TRY (not actually though) and contain Israel.

  5. Not Apartheid?

    Israel’s Security Wall Breached by 700,000 Zionist Settlers 2002-2023

    From military “outposts” to illegal settlements getting protection from military of the occupying power, complaining Israel is not secure? Hogwash. Perpetrating ugly genocide and murdering civilians by starvation … the hasbara crew can end its lies of victimhood and the holocaust. That only is just speaking the German language, certainly not Arabic.

    New crossing point on lands of As Sawahra As Sharqiy | 2004 |

  6. Dutch and Biased Pro-Israel Support

    GEN Eichelsheim proud his men provide food droppings for bombed-out Gazans


    Like Germany, the Dutch Too Should be in the Dock @ICJ in The Hague

    The Chief of Defence of the Netherlands Armed Forces, GEN Onno Eichelsheim, landed in Israel last night as the official guest of IDF Chief of the General Staff LTG Herzi Halevi.


    Horrendous for me to witness these atrocities … 😢

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